16 digital marketing courses in Singapore to help you break into the hottest industry of the decade

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What’s with the hype surrounding digital marketing courses in Singapore in recent years? And everywhere else, for that matter?

As digital transformation accelerates in Singapore, the need for digital skills will only continue to grow.

Curious how much digital marketing professionals earn? Based on The 2022 Hays Asia Salary Guide[ii], digital marketers in Singapore command the following*:


Salary Range:

Digital/Online Marketing Manager

80 – 120k

Digital Communication/ Content Manager

80 – 120k

Digital Acquisition/ Performance

80 – 130k

Head of Digital

140 – 200k

Head of eCommerce

140 – 200k

*These figures are not conclusive and should only be taken as a guide

If you’re looking to start your stable of digital skills with digital marketing, here’s a starter course list with the information you need to begin your search. Do note that some information, such as fees, may change yearly and are updated regularly! All information is up to date as of October 2022.

[i] https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/salesforceresearch/viz/DigitalSkillsIndex/CountryDB

[ii] https://www.hays.com.sg/salary-guide

How to choose a digital marketing course?

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Short courses

1. Ice Cube Marketing – Rainmaker digital marketing course

Specialising in performance marketing for the Google and Facebook platforms, Ice Cube Marketing's Rainmaker Digital Marketing course is taught by active Digital Marketing practitioners! Its curriculum was created in-house and is based off the agency's own strategies and insights after 7 years of experience in the Singapore and SEA market. 

Programme Duration: 2-day digital marketing course 

Accreditation: NA 

Curriculum: The Rainmaker course covers plenty of ground, beginning from an introduction to digital marketing to individualised feedback, with hands-on sections to enhance learning and retention. Gain a fundamental overview of the digital marketing conversion optimisation process. 

Course Fees: SGD 399-439 

Prospects: Ice Cube Marketing's trainers and curriculum developers are industry practitioners well-versed in digital marketing. Rest assured you’ll be acquiring digital marketing skills and obtaining digital marketing knowledge that’s transferable and applicable to the workplace.

View other short courses list:

2. Singapore Institute of Retail Studies – Introduction to Digital Marketing

The Singapore Institute of Retail Studies has over 16 years of experience training retails professionals and those keen on careers in retail. The Introduction to Digital Marketing course is available as an online or face-to-face programme — do check back with the Institute for the exact dates.

Programme duration: 1 day, with break in-between (9am–12pm, 2–6pm)

Accreditation: Singapore Institute of Retail Studies is Singapore’s first Continuing Education and Training (CET) Institute, and the anchor training provider for the Retail industry (as appointed by SkillsFuture Singapore).

Curriculum: Covers a basic overview of digital marketing, why it is important, types of digital marketing, and the basics of SEO and SEM

Course Fees: SGD 25.41–67.41 for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents with relevant funding. The full course fee is SGD 224.70. This course is SkillsFuture Credit claimable, and self-sponsored individuals can also tap on the NTUC UTAP programme.

3. Singapore Management University – Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing

Known for its American-style, project-based education, SMU focuses on business and administration studies. Established in 2000, with a campus located in downtown Singapore, the university comprises seven schools (College of Integrative Studies’, as well as the Schools of Social Sciences, Law, Business Administration, Accountancy, Computing & Information Systems, and Economics) offering a wide range of undergrad and postgraduate programmes. The Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing is taught by industry practitioners.

Programme duration: 6 modules, each conducted over 2 consecutive evenings and 1 full day

Curriculum: Modules are 1) Social Media Marketing, 2) Search Engine Marketing, 3) Creating and Curating Display Content In Your Digital Strategy, 4) Creating and Curating Video Content In Your Digital Strategy, 5) Persuasive Copywriting In Your Digital Strategy and 6) Building A WordPress Site For Conversion.

Course fees: SGD 10,272. Students under/eligible for various SSG funding schemes may be able to subsidize up to 95% of course fees.

Prospects: You will acquire skills on how to use digital marketing tools that aid you in your SEM and Social Media Marketing, and learn how to craft compelling content that engages and sells. This Professional Certificate is also part of the Professional Certificate in E-Commerce.

4. Marketing Institute of Singapore – Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies

The Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies workshop is taught by an industry practitioner with over two decades of marketing and consulting experience. It is an intermediate-level program that will explore digital marketing from a local and regional lens, and the issues and challenges digital marketers will face. This workshop is for marketing managers, marketing directors, CMOs, account directors, planners, and anyone keen on digital marketing.

This course also offers the virtual learning option. 

Programme duration: 2 days (9am–5pm)

Accreditation: MIS is a not-for-profit organisation that was founded in 1973. It is also Singapore’s National Body for Sales and Marketing.

Curriculum: The course will provide an introduction to the digital marketing landscape, insights to the consumer journey and consumer behaviour, digital marketing channels, campaign tracking and optimisation, programmatic media buying, click fraud, media planning and more.

Course Fees: SGD 805.00 (MIS members enjoy 10% off). The course is SkillsFuture Credit, eligible and students get to enjoy a 10% discount when at least 8 participants register together.

Prospects: A better understanding of the digital marketing landscape.


1. Lithan Academy – Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

Lithan Academy is an accredited training organization endorsed by various government agencies under Singapore’s ministry of education who have served over 50,000 learners and 2000 enterprises with an above 90% completion rate.

- Microsoft Global Learning Partner of the Year Award (Top 3) in 2018
- Asia’s Pearson’s College of the Year (Bronze) Award in 2019
- APAC CIO’s Top 10 Edutech Solution Provider Award in 2020.

Edutrust certified by Committee for Private Education (CPE) Singapore
- Appointed as CET Centre (Continuous Education) by SkillsFuture Singapore
- Accredited international training centers for Pearson UK.

Programme Duration: Part-time (9 months), Full-time (3 months)

Curriculum: Students will, in this diploma, learn the fundamentals of marketing tools such as Google Analytics and AdWords, and various other digital marketing concepts. By the end, you can expect to be able to set up and run Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns in AdWords and Facebook campaigns (amongst other skills)!

Course Fees: SGD 1,573.00-4,173.00 excluding misc. fees; the course is eligible for SSG funding . Do note that you must be aged 21 and above to enrol in this course.

Job Placement Assistance :  Help 500 locals (Singaporeans & PRs) found their dream careers every year.

Prospects: Working with more than 50 hiring employers at any point in time, Lithan Academy will connect you with the right employer to secure your first digital marketing job. You can anticipate interviews with prospective employers as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

View other diploma courses list:

The Diploma in Business Practice (Digital Marketing and Branding) aims to help students understand the changes that’ve taken place in the consumer decision-making process, acquire audio-visual content creation knowledge, learn how to analyse various kinds of data that will help in their digital marketing campaigns, and more.

Accreditation: NA

Programme duration: 2.5 years, with classes held online thrice weekly in the evenings. There will also be some in-person sessions.

Curriculum: The diploma comprises 5 modular certificates in Digital Marketing, Digital Communication and Engagement, Visual Storytelling for Production and Design, Business Operations, and Digital Business

Course Fees: SGD 1,693.80–2,503.80 for Singaporeans, SGD 1,693.80–6,741.00 for Permanent Residents, SGD 16,756.20 for other students. Course fees can be offset with SkillsFuture Credit.

Prospects: Graduates will be able to take on executive roles in the fields or functions of sales and marketing, digital marketing, branding, e-commerce, and social media. 

3. Temasek PolytechnicSpecialist Diploma in Digital Marketing & Communication Management

This Specialist Diploma, jointly awarded by Temasek Polytechnic and SMU Academy (the professional training arm of Singapore Management University), aims to impart skill sets transferable across numerous industries. Upon completion, students will be able to devise digital marketing and communication strategies as well as content, execute campaigns, manage mobile commerce activities and more.

Accreditation: NA

Programme duration: Part-time (1 year). The latest run commenced during October 2022.

Curriculum: Comprises the PDC in Digital Marketing & Communication taught by Temasek Polytechnic, and another PDC taught by SMU Academy. 3 modules are covered in TP’s PDC (Customer Engagement, Digital Content Management, as well as an Integrated Project), and 4 modules under SMU’s PDC (Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Foundations of Brand Storytelling, as well as Business Storytelling Studio).

Course fees: For Temasek Polytechnic’s PDC, students will have to pay SGD 436.56 for Singaporeans aged 40 and below, and SGD 295.32 for Singaporeans above 40. Permanent residents will pay SGD 1,155.60. Those under relevant schemes pay a reduced fee of as low as SGD 304.56. The PDC is SkillsFuture Credit claimable.

Prospects: Course finishers can look forward to expanded job scopes, and increasing their mastery through higher-level Digital Marketing related programmes.

4. Singapore University of Social Sciences – Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

Delivered by faculty and industry experts, the Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing is for mid-career marketing professionals, business executives, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in digital marketing. The programme takes in students twice yearly during January and July respectively.

Interested applicants should have an undergraduate degree or equivalent from a recognised institution. The Graduate Diploma is a credit-bearing stackable programme; course finishers can proceed to take the Master of Digital Marketing if they desire.

Accreditation: NA

Programme duration: Part-time, 1 year (lessons are held on weekends or on weekdays, from 7pm-10pm)

Curriculum: Each module is worth either 5 credit units (cu) or 2.5 credit units, and students are expected to complete 30cu of coursework. The modules available are Digital Branding, Digital Marketing Analytics, Platform Strategy, Marketing Engineering, Search Engine Optimization, Consumer Insights with Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing in Practice,  Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Search Engine Marketing as well as Smartphone Filmmaking and Visual Storytelling.

Course fees: SGD 14,124 for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents, SGD 16,948.80 for other Singapore-based students. The programme is currently not open to International students.

Prospects: Diploma graduates can expect to take up roles in e-commerce and digital marketing, or progress to managerial positions.

5. Singapore Polytechnic – Specialist Diploma in Digital Marketing & Analytics

Singapore Polytechnic is Singapore’s oldest polytechnic, and its Specialist Diploma in Digital Marketing & Analytics is open to working adults with a relevant Diploma or/and Degree qualification. The course harnesses the combined expertise of three of its schools—the School of Business, the School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology (DMIT), and the School of Communication, Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) — to offer a comprehensive curriculum.

Programme duration: Part-time basis, 1 year

Accreditation: NA

Curriculum: This Specialist Diploma comprises 6 modules contained within the Digital Marketing Strategies & Analytics Post Diploma Certificate (PDC) and the Social Media Marketing & Analytics PDC. They are:

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Digital Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Content Development
  • Social Media Analytics

Course fees: SGD $1,112.27 for Singapore citizens below 40 and SGD $ 741.51 for those aged 40 and above. The course is eligible for the Workforce Training Support (WTS) Scheme and Enhanced Training Support for SME Scheme (ETSS). The course is also SkillsFuture credit eligible.

Prospects: Graduates of this specialist diploma will gain skills in areas such as B2B and B2C marketing, digital media buying and social media crisis management, putting them in good stead for roles in Digital Marketing, Content Strategy and more.

6. PSB Academy – Diploma in Business Administration (Digital Marketing)

PSB Academy’s Diploma in Business Administration (Digital Marketing) is taught at their Marina Square campus, which is conveniently accessible by public transport. The course covers content ranging from paid search engine advertising to social media marketing, and students will also graduate with the Google Analytics certificate.

Programme duration: Full-time and part-time (12 months, with a maximum candidature of 24 months)

Accreditation: PSB Academy is registered with CPE

Curriculum: 9 modules, consisting of Business Decision Making, Digital Marketing Strategy, Digital Engagement and Loyalty, Digital Analytics and more

Course fees: S$6,762.40 (full-time, local admissions), S$5,820.80 (part-time, local admissions), S$11,812.80 (full-time, international admissions). Excludes misc. fees

Prospects: Completion of this diploma will equip you with the skills needed to take up roles such as Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, and so on. You will also find these skills transferable across various business functions.


1. Singapore Institute of Technology – Bachelor of Science with Honours in Digital Communications and Integrated Media

SIT’s degree focuses on three core areas: Digital Web Analytics, Integrated Media

Management, and Digital Media Production. The program’s industry advisory committee includes industry veterans who have worked in HBO, SPH, and more, with highlight modules covering topics such as Social Media Analytics, and Digital Advertising, Branding, & Campaigning. It culminates in an eight-week Integrated Work-Study Programme that helps you apply what you’ve learnt. Do note that you will be required to submit a media portfolio as part of your application. 

Programme duration: 3 years (full-time)

Accreditation: NA

Curriculum: Modules such as Marketing Communications in the Digital World, Digital Innovations for Integrated Media, Web Metrics with Analytics Platform, Predictive Analytics, Project Management for Creative Industries, and more

Course Fees: SGD 22,500 for Singaporeans, SGD 47,160 for Permanent Residents, SGD 63,558.00 for International students


How to choose a digital marketing course?

Download this free PDF, 5 steps to choosing a Digital Marketing Course from an industry insider's perspective.

Online Courses

1. London Business School – Mastering Digital Marketing: SEM, SEO, Social Media and Beyond programme

The London Business School was founded in 1964. A constituent college of the federal University of London, it ranks second in the Financial Times European Business School Rankings 2021 and has achieved the AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA accreditations. Their Digital Marketing Programme caters to everyone ranging from non-marketing professionals looking to enter the industry, to traditional marketers. Classes will be taught via a blend of video lectures and live teaching sessions, case studies, peer learning, as well as weekly marketing simulations.

Programme Duration: 3 months, online (6-8 hours/week)

Accreditation: You will graduate with a London Business School certificate of completion.

Curriculum: The programme has a total of 10 modules, covering content marketing, SEO, organic and paid search marketing, mobile app marketing, social media marketing, personalisation marketing as well as omnichannel marketing and strategies.

Course Fees: £2,250 (approx SGD 3,957), with early registration fees available. GST will be charged.

Prospects: Course takers will also be able to meet course mates from around the world and build their peer networks. They can also go on to take 3 other short courses (2 must be taken on campus) to be awarded the Certificate of Management.

View other online courses list:

2. SIM Global Education – Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing

SIM GE’s Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing is a 100%-online course. There are 6 intakes yearly and candidates must hold a degree from a recognised university; alternatively, SIM GE also welcomes diploma holders (or those with equivalent qualifications) aged 30 and above with at least 8 years of working experience to apply. During their studies, students can avail of one-to-one support provided.

Programme duration: 24 weeks (8 months part-time)

Accreditation: SIM GE is EduTrust certified

Curriculum: 4 modules, each 6 weeks long. Each module will comprises 6 scheduled learning sessions, with each session consisting an hour of scheduled online teaching and 4 hours of online group and individual activities.

Course Fees: Please enquire directly with SIM GE

ProspectsGraduates will acquire strategic and data-driven understanding to thrive in a digital marketing landscape.

3. Monash University – Digital Marketing Boot Camp

Monash University is a member of the Australian Group of Eight network. The University offers the Digital Marketing Boot Camp online, which covers the fundamental concepts of digital marketing in the areas of marketing strategy, campaign and website optimisation as well as advertising and data automation.

Programme duration: 18 weeks (classes held thrice weekly)

Accreditation: NA

Curriculum: The course covers topics such as lead generation, WordPress, Display Advertising, Customer Relationship Management and more

Course Fees: Please enquire directly with Monash

Prospects: This course also counts towards academic credit for individuals accepted into Monash University’s online Master of Marketing and Digital Communications, or the on-campus Master of Business.

4. RMIT Online – Content and Social Media Marketing

RMIT Online’s courses are offered by RMIT University, one of Australia’s top public universities (ranked =190 and 301–350 in the QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education University Rankings for 2023 respectively). The Content and Social Media Marketing course aims to help entrepreneurs, small to medium business owners, and junior marketers upskill and graduate knowing how to create a comprehensive content and social media marketing plan and calendar. 

Programme duration: 6 weeks (8 –10 hours weekly)

Accreditation: NA

Curriculum: 6 modules, including an introductory module and a final year project. Module topics include content Ideation, email and web content distribution, and social content distribution

Course Fees: AUD 1,200 (approx. SGD 1074.98)

Prospects: You will earn an RMIT credential. Students will also have access to a learning support team providing 1:1 feedback from industry mentors who hail from organisations such as HubSpot and Merkle.

5. Smartcademy – Intro to Digital Marketing

Smartcademy is a training provider offering courses in in-demand fields, with the goal of growing Singapore’s tech talent. All courses are beginner-friendly and 100% online (live webinars). The Intro to Digital Marketing course offers an extensive overview into the different elements of digital marketing, and is taught by industry practitioners. It will culminate in a capstone project that helps you reinforce your learnings.

Accreditation: NA

Programme duration: 8 lessons, each 3 hours long

Curriculum: The course covers the following topics: the Fundamentals, the Digital Channel Landscape, Organic & Paid Social Media, SEO, Content Marketing, SEM, Analytics and Measurement, CRM & Retention, App and Mobile Growth.

Course Fees: SGD 6,206 (full fee), up to 90% of course can be subsidised under the IBF Standards Training Scheme for eligible individuals. This course is SkillsFuture credit claimable.

Prospects: Smartcademy has industry placement assistance for its alumni, who also will gain access to alumni-only free webinars.

Bonus: Free videos

Started by the team behind Digital Senior, our youtube channel provides you with free education on digital marketing. What’s more, you get to learn the latest tried-and-tested stuff from real digital marketing practitioners. Check out our youtube channel here: Digital Marketing Channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to get updates for more videos!

*As of Oct 2022

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Overwhelmed by the sheer number of digital marketing courses and not sure how to choose one? Check out our course selection tool and simply answer 3 simple questions!

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