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Welcome to the Digital Senior Family!

What is Digital Senior?

A secret repository of intelligence maintained by spies (seniors and alumni) across all universities, with the aim of creating transparency around university and life after graduation.

The first of its kind in the local education space, our repository has been in operation since 2013. Currently, we receive >72,000 users and >120,000 consults monthly*. Our goal is to help even more juniors and knowledge-seekers. Will you join us in our mission? Become a spy!

*on average as of Feb 2021

Words from our Chief Spy

Coming from polytechnic, Ricky and I had it hard in university. I almost went nuts during my first semester in NTU. No one told me that the lecturer would cover 3 chapters in one lecture. I continued with my polytechnic strategy of hugging the buddha leg at eleventh hour and suffered badly. it was a mad rush when exams came. Then I heard about the exchange, the internship, the business competitions and the electives, amongst other things. It was overwhelming having to maintain my grades while trying to build a shiny resume, and so I gathered a few friends to talk about our university experiences on the internet. Many of our articles went viral, leading me to believe that many more people share the same problems. Hence, Digital Senior was born!

Today, Digital Senior is a home for anyone pursuing higher education and lifelong learning in Singapore, a place where all can express themselves. Through this project, we hope to create a ‘digital senior’ in which you and I can learn from to better navigate university life—or just life in general.

Our Missions

  • Spreading happiness in a stressful studying environment.
  • Creating a more selfless culture
  • Uniting all university students in Singapore
  • Encouraging a spirit of lifelong learning

Ted Chong

Ted was an NTU Scholar who got into the deans list. He had the privilege of studying at 3 universities during his undergraduate stint, namely: SMU (Singapore Management University), NTU(Nanyang Technological University) and SDSU(San Diego State University) in the US, and had an unforgettable university experience. He currently runs Ice Cube Marketing, a digital marketing agency in Singapore. A self professed introvert, Ted spends most of his free time buried in books.(any type of books but textbooks).

Ricky Tay

Passionate about sports, Ricky was in NTU’s track & field IVP team as well as his hall’s soccer team. In 2011, he took a minor in Entrepreneurship and remarkably commercialized the project in the final module. He and his group mates successfully launched the first entrepreneur-oriented café in NTU, known as PitchStop , which is currently in operation. After finishing his Final Year Project with A*STAR, he went to Germany for Global Summer Study (GSS) Programme. Juggling all his commitments with aplomb, he managed to secure Specialist Manpower Programmer (SMP) scholarship which is sponsored by EDB & Panasonic and graduated with 2nd upper class honors degree in EEE from NTU.

Genevieve Ng

Leave me at a bookstore or library and I’ll never come out.

Peggy Chen


Peggy takes “having the best of both worlds” to another level by pursuing the arts as a Computer Science student. She plays video games and watches slasher movies in her free time. After exams, she can be found eating and chilling in cafés with her friends.

Velda Wong


Deeply passionate in using media as a tool for positive social change, Velda aims to write stories that touch her readers’ hearts and minds – with a strong focus on content relating to social causes, humanitarian work and world affairs.

Liu JunHao


Junhao is a year 3 economics student in NTU. He is not entirely a rational being like many economists often assume humans to be, though he is indeed more contemplative than talkative. But he would become very talkative when he meets a nerd, someone who shares similar passion in leadership training and finance.

Le Hoang Anh


Hoang Anh an incoming freshman majoring in Accountancy at Nanyang Technological University. She is enjoying her last summer before school begins and curious about university life too!

Nasir Ahdab


Nasir is a 2nd year student in NTU majoring in Electrical and Electronic Engineering but with a greater love for Philosophy. He believes that the marriage of vastly differing schools of thought might lead him to a greater insight on how the world works. He loves both writing and reading poetry. He wastes his time by reading fiction, philosophy and watching anime. An avid fan of all of Haruki Murakami’s books and most of the Marvel comics, he reads for fun and for serious contemplations. He abuses his NLB membership on a weekly basis to read free copies of The Economist, New Scientist and anything on the shelf that might give him an intellectual hard-on. On top of everything is his obsession to eat cheap, good food. He decries the pretentious café scene in Singapore and would rather spend on oily hawker food and seafood instead. An aspiring polymath, for he has love for all fields of study, and lacks the decisiveness of picking just one.

Seah Yi


Seah Yi is a graduate from Raffles Junior College, Class of ’14. His subject combination was Biology, Math, Chemistry and Economics (4 H2s) and of course General Paper and Project Work (H1). Studying was never an easy thing for Seah. He doesn’t consider himself to be a smart kid and he doesn’t credit his grades to his intellect either. The greatest asset Seah has is hard work and the knowledge on how to work smart and hence his motto, “Never Maximal, Never Minimal, Always Optimal”.

Ali Au Tsi Ying


“I don’t write half of what I want to write half as much as I should write, and I write less than half of what I write half as well as I could.”

Coen Tan


Coen is an award-winning speaker, high-impact trainer and coach specializing in the area of presentation and communication skills. Over the past 7 years, he has helped over 29,000 individuals and professionals to communicate with confidence and effectiveness so that they can succeed effortlessly in career and in life.



Haseena is a first year undergraduate pursuing English Literature in the National University of Singapore. She is deeply passionate about humanities and the arts (especially music!), and enjoys reading and making new friends. She has also been told that she is excessively enthusiastic for a university student… but then again, she is usually excited about most things in life :)

Ronnie Kor


Ronnie is a Member of Technical Staff at DSO National Laboratories. He graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in 2011. In the short 3.5 years under the Accelerated Bachelor Programme (ABP), he obtained a degree in Aerospace Engineering, a Minor in Business, picked up 2 new languages and enjoyed a semester exchange at Georgia Institute of Technology. In his free time, he likes to read books on stock trading and personal investments, cycle around the park, and plan for his next overseas holiday.

Christina Ho


Christina Ho is a sophomore at Yale-NUS College. She is considering pursuing Environmental Science as her major.

An avid fan of sports, she has set her sights on learning squash, wake boarding and mixed-martial arts. In addition, she is also heading the Basketball club in Yale-NUS.

Passionate about public speaking, leadership and education, she has conducted numerous workshops in junior colleges such as Hwa Chong Junior College and National Junior College. She is also serving as the Vice-President of Public Relations at Tampines Changkat Toastmasters Club, a public speaking club, and is seeking to charter a Toastmasters Club in Singapore.

Teresa Widodo


Teresa is a final year undergraduate in NUS majoring in Applied Chemistry. If you can’t find her in the lab assembling some batteries for her final year project, she is probably curling somewhere with a book in her hand. Her all-time favourite book is The Little Prince. She is also a big fan of classical novels, Neil Gaiman’s and Paulo Coelho’s. Besides reading, her favourite pastime activity is binge-watching American and British TV shows. On top of it, she revels in writing. She started out writing short stories published in several magazines in Indonesia. One of them was crowned as the best three in Kawanku Short Story Coaching in 2010. In 2013, she joined NUANSA 2013 Musical as the script-writer head and fell in love with scriptwriting ever since. Besides creative writing, she has written for various magazines in both English and Indonesian. In 2013, she served as the Chief Editor of NUSSU The Ridge where she finally realized her newfound passion in leadership.

Andrew Toh


As an undergraduate in Environmental Studies in National University of Singapore (NUS), Andrew is passionate about our natural environments and believes in sustainable development. He also enjoys writing and actively looks for ways to better communicate with his target audience. To him, every writing assignment is an opportunity to sharpen his skills. In his free time, he reads up on environmental issues and swims regularly to keep fit.

Germaine Tan


Germaine is a third year student in NTU’s Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP) and University Scholars Programme (USP) with a specialisation in Civil and Environmental Engineering. She is spending her third year in California on a year-long exchange at Berkeley. Passionate about everything music, she has done singing, dancing and theatre. Following her love for music, she joined an A Capella group in Berkeley and continues to make music with like-minded people, aka nerds. Because everyone likes to travel, she is under plans for a busking-backpacking trip where she would busk while travelling different parts of the world.

Rohit Mukherjee


Rohit is a final year student of computer engineering at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He has also spent some time in ETH Zurich studying graduate courses in computer science. When he’s not working you’ll probably find him playing Piano, Ukulele or reading. He loves travelling, blogging and jazz music.

Anthony Yoong


Anthony is a fourth year student from NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, majoring in political science and minoring in philosophy. He is interested in discussing social and philosophical issues, religion, the influence of pop culture and music, and global affairs. He has written articles for the NUS magazine The Ridge, and likes to engage in stimulating discussions on theoretical issues affecting everyday life. He also appreciates the meaningful expression of life stories in pop music, film, television, and comic books.



Elizabeth is a Third Year Political Science and Corporate Communication student at Singapore Management University. She is passionateabout the arts, and her journalism experience covers the arts, fashion and beauty. She has volunteered for a non-profit Arts Academy, where children from disadvantaged backgrounds had their arts education sponsored. She is very active in SMU’s Arts & Cultural Scene. A member of SMU Broadcast & Entertainment, she is an emcee trained by Fly Entertainment, and an actor in SMU StageIT. The former intern for Harper’s Bazaar Singapore wishes to share her passion for the arts on Digital Senior!

Karen Foo


Karen is actively involved in speaking at various conferences, seminars, expos, workshops and publicly-held events in Singapore and Malaysia. She has co-authored a book, “Turning Ideas into Profit” with 10 other Asia’s experts and professional speakers. Karen is also a contributing author of an investment book titled “Your Cash Moves”, foreword by Adam Khoo. She enjoys reading books on trading and swimming in her free time. Visit here at http://www.karen-foo.com

Shi Man Ong


Ong Shi Man, or as her friends like to call her, Smong, is currently majoring in Communication Studies in NTU. Writing gives her a voice and it is highly rewarding that the simple act of sharing can resonate and help many others. It was only the first semester of her freshmen year when she was given the opportunity to try public speaking to her course mates during lecture, where she gave a heartfelt motivational speech titled 5 Things I want to tell my friends right now. You can watch it by clicking on ‘v’ below!


All the information here represents opinion based on our own experiences and research. You are advised to exercise your own judgment and discretion in assimilating the content.