19 Data Science & Analytics Courses in Singapore that equip you with the hottest skills of 21st century

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‘Data Scientist’ has been named the sexiest job of the 21st century by Harvard Business Review. The same article tells us that “demand has raced ahead of supply” and that the lack of data scientists “is becoming a serious constraint in some sectors; in Singapore, there has been a noted shortage of tech talent as major tech companies establish a stronger presence here.

Today, the Data Scientist is one job that is on the rise in Singapore. With 2021 now upon us, it would probably be a good time to jump on to the data science bandwagon—education in Singapore certainly has! Here, we’ve aggregated the possible options to equip yourself with this skill in Singapore.

Competitive data science programmes should provide rigorous training in mathematics and statistics, as well as cutting-edge tools used in the industry. Most leading data scientists in the industry today come from solid statistics, mathematics, computer science & even economics backgrounds (at the graduate level or above) as these are fields where you’re likely to get a strong foundation in quantitative skills.

Learning through actual projects is one of the most effective ways to learn Data Science.

if your Python proficiency == True and you are interested in embarking on a data science project-based learning course, this exciting 4 – 6 week program might just be perfect for you.

However, a new set of specifically named data science programmes has been cropping up around the world. This is likely to keep pace with the growing industry demand, and perhaps to offer unique inter-disciplinary curriculums that ‘data science’ is defined by – it is a combination of computer science, statistics, operations research, engineering, business insights & strategy.

Programmes which offer a similar skill-set to data science, but with more emphasis on business, can usually be found under the title of ‘business analytics’ or just ‘analytics’. We’ve added these programmes to the list to give you another point of view. ‘Business intelligence’ is another keyword to look out for.

Without further ado, we give you a primer on data science offerings in Singapore:


1. National University of Singapore – B.Sc. Data Science & Analytics

  • 4-year honours degree
  • Collaboration between the Faculty of Science and the School of Computing
  • Within the Faculty of Science, jointly offered by the Department of Statistics and Applied Probability and Department of Mathematics
  • Brand-new programme; the first cohort started in AY2016/2017
  • First Data Science and Analytics Degree Programme in Singapore
  • Industry-driven capstone project
  • Modules in mathematics, statistics & computer science
  • Per Annum Tuition Fees (for AY2020/2021 only):
  • Citizens on MoE TG: S$8,200; PR on MoE TG: S$11,500
  • Int’l Students on MoE TG: S$17,550
  • Students not on MoE TG: S$38,200

2. National University of Singapore –B.Sc. Business Analytics

  • 4-year honours degree
  • Offered by NUS’ School of Computing
  • Additional participation from Business School, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • First two years: inter-disciplinary curriculum—mathematics, statistics, accounting, marketing, economics, decision science, industrial & systems engineering, computer science, information systems
  • Years3 & 4: Electives such as in logistics, retailing, healthcare,


  • Per Annum Tuition Fees (for AY2020/2021 only):
  • Citizens on MoE TG: S$8,200; PR on MoE TG: S$11,500
  • Int’l Students on MoE TG: S$17,550
  • Students not on MoE TG: S$38,200

3. NTU – Bachelor of Business, Business Analytics specialisation

  • 3-year honours degree
  • Nanyang Business School—one of Asia’s top business schools
  • Specialisation starts from Year 2 of the bachelor’s degree.
  • Curriculum: business insights, data modelling, data management focus in business operations, digital marketing, finance & accounting
  • Tuition Fees per annum (2020 rate):
  • Citizens on MoE TG: S$9,400; PR on MoE TG: S$13,200
  • Int’l Students on MoE TG: S$20,100
  • Students not on MoE TG: S$36,830
  • Admits 60 students each year
  • Career opportunities: management & technology consulting, consumer analytics & marketing, supply chain management, risk management and business forecasting across industries (retail, hospitality, healthcare, finance)

4. James Cook University – Bachelor of Business, Business Intelligence & Information Systems major

  • Full-time: 2 years
  • Curriculum: Fundamentals of Problem Solving and Programming, Web Design and Development, Information Processing and Management, Database Modelling, Collective Intelligence & Social Networks, e-Strategic Management, Data Mining, Information Security
  • Pre-requisites:
    • 12 years education OR JCU Singapore Foundation Programme
    • IELTS 6.0 OR TOEFL iBT 79 and above OR JCU ELP
  • Overall Tuition Fee (including GST, as of May 2020):
    • Citizens/PR: S$56,496
    • International: S$59,064
  • Intakes in March, July, November
  • Target Careers: business analyst, e-business manager, information systems consultant, project manager

5. *New* Amity Global Institute – Bachelor of Science Honours in Computer Science (Data Science)

  • Awarded by University of London
  • 3 years (Full time or part-time)
  • Curriculum: machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. Includes a final project.
  • Pre-requisites: Local polytechnic diploma in any field of study/2 H2 A-Levels passes and 1 H1 A-level pass with GP or KI/equivalent qualification. Mature students who are at least 30 years of age are also welcome and should have at least 8 years of working experience.
  • Fees: $78,000 (includes UOL university fees)

How to choose a

Data Science & Analytics course?

Download this free PDF, 5 steps to choosing a Data Science & Analytics Course from an industry insider’s perspective.


6. Lithan Academy – NICF Diploma in Business Analytics

  • EduTrust PEI – registered with CPE
  • 3 months full-time OR 9 months part-time
  • Postgraduate diploma with statements of attainment from SSG as well as Diploma Certificate from Lithan Academy
  • Curriculum: Azure Machine Learning, Transact-SQL, ggplot2 and more
  • 50% lectures, 50% hands-on tutorials
  • Full Programme Fee: S$1,278 – 5,778 depending on applicable grants and sponsorships
  • SSG funding for citizens/PR
  • Pre-requisites: 3 GCE A-Level passes or its equivalent + minimum 1-year experience in statistics or programming. Applicants should be 21 and above
  • Meant for existing IT professionals and non-IT professionals interested in Data Scientist careers
  • Target Job Role: Data Scientist

7. Lithan Academy – NICF Diploma in IT Services (Database Management)

  • EduTrust PEI – registered with CPE
  • 3 months full-time OR 9 months part-time
  • Postgraduate diploma with statements of attainment from SSG as well as Diploma Certificate from Lithan Academy
  • Known as ‘Professional Diploma in Business Intelligence’
  • Six Core Modules = Introduction to BI, BI Application, Data Modelling & Transformation, BI Queries & Reports, Strategic Use of BI, BI Project
  • Students who successfully finish this program receive SAP Alliance Certificate and are eligible to take the SAP BI Certification Exam.
  • Target Job Roles: Business Intelligence Analyst/Consultant
  • Programme Fee (before WDA subsidy): S$18,000
  • Pre-requisites: “A” level with 2 years of working experience in the relevant fields, 21 years old and above
  • Can upgrade to master’s level with further qualifications

8. Singapore Polytechnic – Specialist Diploma in Data Science

  • 1 year (part-time: 2 days a week, 3 hours each)
  • 2 certificates awarded: a Certificate in Fundamentals of Data Science and a Certificate in Data Analytics
  • Curriculum: 4 modules covering Statistics for Data Science, Programming for Data Science, Data Mining Techniques and Applied Statistical Methods
  • Geared towards working adults in sectors that require knowledge in Data Science, who possess a strong foundation in Math
  • Fees range from SGD 291.47-5,829.36 depending on age, citizenship and applicable support schemes.
  • Requirements for admission: An engineering Diploma from a polytechnic in Singapore, or any Diploma/Degree from a poly/uni in Singapore (with a minimum grade in Math). Those with relevant work experience are also welcome to apply.

9. Nanyang Polytechnic – Specialist Diploma in Business & Big Data Analytics

  • 300 hours, with the number of classes per week dependent on the choices of the Post-Diplomas (PDCs) offered (applicants to choose 2 out of 3)
  • Curriculum: Choose two out of 3 PDCs (Post-Diploma Certificate in Business Analytics/Post-Diploma Certificm ate in Big Data Analytics/Post-Diploma Certificate in Big Data Management)
  • Geared towards Business Intelligence (BI) practitioners and IT professionals
  • Fees start from 200+ and can go up to 7000+, depending on which PDCs are chosen and applicable support schemes/subsidies.
  • Requirements: A recognized bachelor degree (or higher), preferably in IT, Business, Engineering or Mathematics. Relevant polytechnic diploma graduates with at least 2 years’ related working experience, and working professionals with at least 5 years of relevant experience, would also be considered.


10. NTU – Master of Science in Analytics

  • One-year programme by coursework
  • Interdisciplinary: School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences (SPMS), School of Computer Engineering, and Nanyang Business School
  • Curriculum: statistics, optimization, and data analysis; exposure to software systems, practical applications, and case studies.
  • Meant for both fresh graduates and working adults with degrees in quantitative majors
  • Industry partners – PWC, Breadtalk, Charles & Keith, JR Group Holdings
  • Students will be attached to one of the partners as interns
  • Tuition Fees for AY2020/2021 (inclusive of GST):
    • Citizens: S$32,500
    • PR & International: S$52,500

How to choose a

Data Science & Analytics course?

Download this free PDF, 5 steps to choosing a Data Science & Analytics Course from an industry insider’s perspective.


  • Note: SPMS also offers a Business Analytics track in their B.Sc. (Hons) Mathematical Sciences programme

11. SMU – Master of IT in Business, Analytics track

  • Full-time 1-2 years; Part-time 2-4 years
  • By School of Information Systems
  • Meant for professionals with computer science, information systems, engineering or science background
  • Pre-requisites: GRE/GMAT; TOEFL/IELTS; bachelor’s degree in fields mentioned above; 2 or more years of relevant work experience preferred
  • Curriculum: Analytics Technology & Applications, IT & Project Management, General Management for Technology & Operations, Internship/Capstone Project
  • Strong industry links; industry seminar and networking once a month
  • Two intakes each year: January, August
  • Tuition Fees (Aug 2019 intake onwards): S$48,150

12. National University of Singapore – M.S. Business Analytics

  • Part-time (4 semesters or 2 years); Full-time (2 semesters or 1 year)
  • Collaboration between NUS Business School (3rd in Asia) and NUS School of Computing (1st in Asia)
  • Close industry links – e.g. IBM
  • Industry-linked capstone consulting project
  • Five essential modules: statistics, deterministic operations research, analytics in managerial economics, decision-making technologies, data management and warehousing
  • Pre-requisites: First-year calculus and linear algebra
  • Good GRE/GMAT Quants score (some exceptions)
  • 2 years’ industry experience
  • Overall Tuition Fee (2021/22 intake, pre GST)
  • Citizens & PR: S$53,000
  • International: S$58,000

13. PSB Academy – Master of Analytics

  • Awarded by Massey University, NZ
  • Full-time 12 months, Part-time 24 months
  • Consists of Finance Track and Marketing Track
  • Compulsory modules include Introduction to Analytics, Multivariate Analysis for Big Data, Practical Data Mining, and Applied Econometric Methods
  • Applied Analytics Final Project
  • Pre-requisites: Bachelors’ Degree with B+ average, an IELTS 6.5 score of no less than 6.0
  • Upon completion of this degree, you will receive the globally-recognised SAS certification.
  • Fees: S$27,071.00

Short courses

14. SUTD – Foundation of Data Science course 

  • 4 days, once a week
  • By SUTD Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD) dept
  • As the course title says, it is a basic course introducing data science, open to beginners with basic computer knowledge
  • Pre-requisites: none
  • Curriculum: Introduction to data science, data visualisation, Business statistics, quizzes and project design
  • Part of the Skillsfuture series of courses, 2021’s Feb intake is currently closed. There are course dates for their Introduction to Data Science course.
  • Fees:  S$4,815, S$544.50 – S$1444.50 depending on receivable grants

15: SUSS – Fundamentals of data mining

  • 36 hours (part-time)
  • The course gives a brief overview of data mining (methodologies, preparations and explorations), and then goes ahead to introduce how these can be applied to business analytics problems.
  • Pre-requisites: At least a polytechnic diploma
  • Curriculum: Topics include Process of data mining as well as Model evaluation
  • Skillsfuture claimable
  • Fees: S$1,378.00 (pre-grant)

16. Data Certification Pathway 

  • Co-created by Ngee Ann Polytechnic and OCBC
  • Part of the SkillsFuture Series, 12 modules in total
  • 2-3 years in total (can choose to take specific modules only)
  • Online and classroom lessons, project work and assignments
  • Registration through MySkillsFuture portal

17. General Assembly – Data Science Course: Singapore

  • Taught by data professionals from top companies like Atlassian, Capital One, and Deloitte
  • 60 hours of coursework and up to 25 hours of self-paced pre-work. Includes a capstone project.
  • 10 weeks online
  • Fees: s$5,350 without company sponsorship

18. *NEW* UpLevel – Data Science Project-Based Learning Course

  • 4 – 6 weeks of hands-on learning
  • Complete your very own data science project
  • Curriculum: hard skills and soft skills. Please enquire with them for more information
  • Paired you with like-minded individuals to see your project through
  • Pre-requisites: A basic level of proficiency in Python
  • Mentored by Jackie Tan (the ex-chief academic officer of UpCode Academy & featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia)
  • Fees: Circuit Breaker discount price of $275 (till 1st Jun 2020, U.P. $300)

19. Heicoders Academy – Artificial Intelligence Track

  • Curriculum is developed by a team of data science professionals who studied and worked in Silicon Valley. Their instructors are data science professionals currently working in large MNCs and tech companies.
  • Their artificial intelligence track comprises 2 courses:
  • Course duration:
    • 24 hours of class time (3 hours/week)
    • 15-24 hours spent on weekly take-home assignments and capstone projects (data visualisation project for AI100 and machine learning prediction competition for AI200)
  • Curriculum: Python programming, interactive data visualisation, geospatial visualisation, regression and classification models, ensemble learning, clustering models, feature engineering and recommender systems
  • Fees: Limited time offer of $600 per course (till 31st Dec 2021). Subsidies are available.

As always, choose a programme in alignment with your needs and situation. You could stay updated with the latest happenings in data science by following DataScience SG on Facebook or by attending their events. Be on the lookout for data science ‘boot camps’ as well as MOOC specializations, though these may not give you the adequate depth to start a career in this field.

Disclaimer: Programmes are listed in no particular order; fees and other data are accurate as of Jan 2021 unless otherwise reflected. This list is not an endorsement of the programmes within, always do adequate research to see if a programme is a good fit for you!

Learning through actual projects is one of the most effective ways to learn Data Science.

if your Python proficiency == True and you are interested in embarking on a data science project-based learning course, this exciting 4 – 6 week program might just be perfect for you.