8 Entrepreneurship Courses for the Adventurous Opportunity Takers

You want to do great work that makes a direct impact on society. You see an opportunity to build something special. You’re gung-ho and determined, resilient and persistent.

You sound like an entrepreneur in the making! If you have the gumption but don’t know a single thing about starting a business, don’t be discouraged. Everyone has to start from somewhere, and we’ve assembled a list of courses that can help you gain some of the know-how you’ll need. Some of these are for individuals further along their entrepreneurship journey but are worth aspiring towards!

Without further ado, here’s a starter list of courses:

*All course fees are accurate as of Jan 2020 and are subject to changes depending on the school/centre. All fees are in SGD unless otherwise stated. This is neither a non-exhaustive list nor an endorsement of the courses listed; please do conduct sufficient research to make sure a course fits your needs!

Short Courses

If you’ve dreamed of launching your own brand and joining the ranks of Ong Shunmugam and Beyond The Vines, this course could be a good fit for you. The Fashion Business: Entrepreneurship course will guide students along the trajectory of fashion startups. Key highlights include real fashion business case studies and lectures by fashion industry experts.

Curriculum: Please enquire directly with LASALLE College of the Arts.

Fees: $700. This course is SkillsFuture credit claimable. It is also available at $372.90 for those with the National Silver Academy (NSA) subsidy.

Duration: 8 classes long (held every Tuesday and Thursday, from 7pm-10pm)

Online Courses

Geared towards students, aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as emerging entrepreneurs, Harvard Business Online’s Entrepreneurship Essentials course is taught by William Sahlman, an entrepreneur and Professor Emeritus at Harvard Business School. It delivers 25-30 hours of material, covering the entrepreneurial journey from finding an idea to raising capital. Key features of the course include real-world, case-based learning, as well as the teaching of the ‘People, Opportunity, Context, and Deal’ framework.

Curriculum: 4 modules, namely Ideas and Opportunities, Building a Business, Financing a Business, as well as Sources of Investment respectively

Fees: USD $1,050 (approx. SGD $1,417). Harvard Business Online’s courses are SkillsFuture Claimable.

Duration: 4 weeks

Part of Stanford University, the Stanford Center for Professional Development offers a range of free and paid entrepreneurship courses that you can check out! Course topics range from The Spirit of Entrepreneurship to The Power of Stories to Fuel Innovation, with this module being an introduction to the fundamentals of innovation and entrepreneurship. Course content will be presented by Stanford faculty and top Silicon Valley leaders via lectures, interviews, and talks. You’ll finish the course having a better understanding on how to grow your customer base, lead innovative teams, and more.

Curriculum: Topics include Entrepreneurship, Sources of Innovation, Leadership fundamentals for innovation, Strategy as simple rules, Demand creation, as well as The role of marketing in your business

Fees: NA

Duration: 60 days or 1 year (access). Those who choose the latter will be awarded a digital certificate of completion after completing the course evaluation and passing the final exam.


Amity Global Institute is part of the Amity Education Group, which has over 20 years of experience in the Their Diploma in Entrepreneurship is taught via lectures, tutorials, seminars, case-studies analysis, simulations, business games, research journal reading as well as discussions. There will be a project. Both students and mature applicants are welcome. ­

Curriculum: Topics covered include Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Key Issues in Business: People, Markets, & Money, Learning & Skills Development in Management, Business Statistics, Entrepreneurial Marketing, and Building the Entrepreneurial Organisation

Fees: $7500 for local students and $10500 for international students (excluding GST and misc. fees)

Duration: 1 year (full-time and part-time available)

Awarded by Raffles Singapore, the Advanced Diploma in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Operation aims to prepare students to facilitate, lead, and implement entrepreneurial projects and run a small business operation. Course finishers can anticipate career opportunities as business analysts, relationship managers, amongst others.

Curriculum: Modules covered include Advertising & Public Relations, Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Market Research, Entrepreneurship & Business Plan, as well as Strategic Planning

Fees: $16,500 (excluding GST and misc. fees)

Duration:  12 months (full-time)


This is a Certificate/Minor in Entrepreneurship jointly offered by SUSS and Alibaba Cloud that is open to both students and members of the public who have fulfilled CET admission eligibility criteria. Students will receive an introduction to Cloud computing by Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba Cloud Credit for the duration of the programme, and mentorship from Alibaba Cloud, startup advisors and C-level industry experts. You can apply for admission as an individual or as a group, and must have at least a running prototype.

Curriculum: Includes topics like Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, Cloud Computing, and Start-Up Funding

Fees: NA (there is an application fee)

Duration: 2.5 years if taking it as a Certificate in Entrepreneurship

The SUTD Technology Entrepreneurship Programme is an integrated programme that will see students graduate with both a Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science, along with a Master of Science in Technology Entrepreneurship. Students will get to spend terms in the University of California and a Chinese University, plus go through an work immersion experience in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Curriculum: Entrepreneurship and business modules, work immersion, studies abroad

Fees: $67,100 for Singaporeans, $98,300 for Permanent Residents, $163,950 for International students (subsidized fees)

Duration: 4.5 years (full-time)

Postgraduate Courses

Offered by the School of Continuing and Lifelong Education, the Master of Science in Venture Creation is supported by NUS Entreprise. It has a strong focus on experiential learning, offering a summer program, internship, as well as a practicum, and offers students access to modules across six academic departments ranging from the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine to NUS Business School.

Curriculum: Core modules include a Summer Programme in Entrepreneurship, an Experiential Entrepreneurship Internship, a Lean Startup Practicum, as well as New Venture Creation. Options for elective modules are varied and include Network Security, Sustainability Marketing, Managerial Economics, as well as Applied Data Mining

Fees: $45,000 (excluding GST and misc. fees)

Duration: 1 year (full-time)

Entrepreneurship is a tough journey. We hope you’re ready for what it takes and learn from the ones who’ve been on the journey before you. We wish you all the best!

(Know a school or organisation with great entrepreneurship courses we’ve yet to mention? Do get in touch!)


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