The perks of being a philosopher

5 years ago, I started my degree at NTU philosophy. It...


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How to prioritise your own emotional wellbeing and avoid burnout

Regardless of whether you are in your final year of university...


12 websites for tennis lessons in Singapore to clinch those aces

Ever consider playing tennis before? Think about the classic racket sports. Table...


How To Recruit More Students And Fill Up Classrooms, Even If Nobody Knows You.

Find out how many people are searching for your school and course on Digital Senior as well as on Google. Check out the demand before you embark on your online marketing journey. Find out how to get the best bang for your buck online.

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Why studying in China will get you set for life

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4 reasons to study abroad in South Korea and where

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How to prioritise your own emotional wellbeing and avoid burnout

Regardless of whether you are in your final year of university or are just beginning your studying journey in...

8 characteristics of the multipotentialite tribe which lives to the fullest

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Here’s why the metaverse could replace the mechanism of work and let everyone be happy

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Currently in university and realize that I am going through lots of unhappiness, woes, sorrows because I committed lots of errors like you. Thanks for getting me back on track, I’m going to have to learn to expect less of myself and stop trying to catch up with everyone else. Can’t express how grateful I am. =’)


ame across Digital Senior’s guide by chance. Thanks to the guide, I got the information I needed. Just felt an urge to say that Digital Senior is awesome!!! Thank you for publishing your honest and thorough reviews of almost all universities in Singapore. This has saved me so much time by allowing me to streamline the process of finding the best university suited to my needs. It is the best site that I have found for local Uni admissions. Keep up the good work!

Ryan Tan

Year 1 NUS Computer Science

Digital Senior has given me an invaluable glimpse into university life. As a freshman, I have massive respect for the seniors who have put in time and effort to create and maintain this great website. Fellow Uni students, please read Digital Senior to learn more from and support these seniors!

Le Hoang Anh

Nanyang Business School ’17

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