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For easy comparison between courses, the indicative grade profiles of polytechnic students entering all courses offered by the 3 local universities are as shown in the table below, along with the places taken up in previous year, 2021/22. Please use it as reference only as the scores and places offered vary each year.

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Indicative Grade Profile (IGP) Table of 3 Local Universities for Poly GPA AY21-22

S/NUniversityMajor10th Percentile90th PercentilePlaces taken up in AY 2021-2022
6NUSIndustrial Design*3.613.953
7NUSLandscape Architecture*3.413.828
8NUSProject & Facilities Management3.553.85116
9NUSReal Estate3.563.89127
10NUSBiomedical Engineering3.573.93185
11NUSChemical Engineering3.593.95197
12NUSCivil Engineering3.583.9494
13NUSElectrical Engineering3.593.93212
14NUSEngineering Science##41
15NUSEnvironmental Engineering##32
16NUSIndustrial and Systems Engineering3.773.9688
17NUSMaterials Science and Engineering3.623.9759
18NUSMechanical Engineering3.613.94270
19NUSBusiness Analytics3.843.97271
20NUSComputer Science3.863.99777
21NUSInformation Security3.793.9640
22NUSInformation Systems3.753.9981
23NUSComputer Engineering3.853.98197
24NUSData Science and EconomicsNANA47
25NUSEnvironmental Studies##45
26NUSFood Science and Technology##52
27NUSHumanities and Sciences3.793.972,100
28NUSPharmaceutical Science##59
30NUSPhilosophy, Politics, and Economics*##28
31NUSBusiness Administration3.73.96871
32NUSBusiness Administration (Accountancy)3.793.97231
34NTURenaissance Engineering*##37
35NTUAerospace Engineering3.823.96168
37NTUChemical & Biomolecular Engineering3.483.95193
38NTUCivil Engineering3.453.92130
39NTUComputer Engineering3.873.9896
40NTUComputer Science3.94478
41NTUData Science & Artificial Intelligence##87
42NTUElectrical & Electronic Engineering3.453.91647
44NTUEnvironmental Engineering3.53.8157
45NTUInformation Engineering & Media3.663.8991
46NTUMaritime Studies3.53.82112
47NTUMaterials Engineering3.393.82170
48NTUMechanical Engineering3.493.93492
49NTUDouble Major Programmes*3.563.97107
50NTUBiological Sciences*3.673.98219
51NTUChemistry & Biological Chemistry3.683.96180
52NTUEnvironmental Earth Systems Science*##31
53NTUMathematical Sciences##133
54NTUPhysics / Applied Physics3.413.8967
57NTUSOH Double Major Programmes*3.543.8851
58NTUSSS Double Major Programmes3.773.9736
59NTUArt, Design & Media*^3.363.87124
61NTUCommunication Studies*3.713.91176
63NTUEconomics and Data Science##13
66NTULinguistics & Multilingual Studies*3.463.7392
69NTUPublic Policy & Global Affairs3.643.9445
71NTUSport Science & Management3.553.9174
72NTUArts (Education)*##33
73NTUScience (Education)*##32
74SMUBachelor of Accountancy3.543.94348
75SMUBachelor of Business Management3.683.95894
76SMUBachelor of Laws##187
77SMUBachelor of Science (Economics)3.513.86257
78SMUBachelor of Science (Information Systems)3.73.94417
79SMUBachelor of Science (Computer Science)3.83.9793
80SMUBachelor of Science (Computing & Law)##25
81SMUBachelor of Social Science3.653.91237

[vc_message message_box_style=”3d” message_box_color=”alert-info” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-wpforms”]Notes
  • 10th percentile refers to the GPA which is higher than 10% of that of other poly students who entered the course. 90th percentile refers to the GPA which is higher than 90% of that of other poly students who entered the course.
  • Please note that the universities also take into consideration your O level grades when reviewing application. It is said that weightage of O level results is 20%.
* Additional assessments such as interviews, selection tests, and/or portfolios are required. # No representative GPA is shown as the sample size is small. ^ Number is an aggregation of all the courses in the same faculty .i.e. Science, Computing, Arts & social science.[/vc_message]

Source:  SMU, NTU and NUS Official Websites

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