Differences and Similarities Between Polytechnic and University Life


Try watching a movie on fast forward mode.

Are you serious ? How am I going to catch the important parts of the movie ? The answer is: you will, once you get used to it. Studying in university is akin to watching a movie on fast forward mode. Time passes by in a flash and before you know it, the semester is over. This phenomenon is inexplicable, but many students attest to it, especially those from polytechnic. We reckon that it is because you are so overwhelmed with the workload that you are not aware that the clock is ticking. Polytechnic students have a lot of difficulty adjusting to the pace because we are used to taking a stroll in the park. Typically, you will be hoping for time extensions, more leeway and some breathing space in the course of a semester. Don’t panic when that happens to you.

Polytechnic and University Life

Well, this is understandable since they are cramming a lot of content into about 4 months of education(the length of one semester) and will have to go rapidly in order to finish covering the syllabus. The rationale of this is to heighten the stress level to simulate the work environment where your boss will not slow down for your sake.  Therefore, you can expect to have to do some revision after each lesson in order to fully digest what was taught in the lectures, as it is nearly impossible to absorb all the content thrown at you on the spot.


People gambling, snoring and gaming while lecturers are speaking in lecture theatres are common sights in polytechnic. You are also probably one of those culprits guilty of these acts but its okay. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. In that case, be prepared to open your eyes as wide as that of an owl all the time when sitting in lectures in universities. It is a different ball game over here. While you will be one of the outliers if you pay attention to lectures in polytechnic, the reverse is true in universities. As if listening to lecture is not enough, people scribble notes incessantly while the lecturer is speaking, making you wonder if they are machines. Don’t forget, you are now accompanied by insanely studious students from JC and top scorers from neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia , China, India and many more geniuses. Your competition has been internationalized and intensified.


You may or may not have been introduced to the bell curve system, in any case, it is going to be your good friend for the next 3 or 4 years. Your classmates have raised the bar so high that you have to follow their pace, or you find yourself playing catch-up halfway in the semester. The faster you realize this fact, the easier it is for you to run alongside your peers. Not to mention that the difficulty level is also much higher than that in polytechnic. If you liken a polytechnic exam to a game of paintball, a university exam is a real war.  Therefore, do not carry over your “polytechnic mentality” to university, thinking that everyone is taking it slowly or you will pay for it with your grades. Getting mentally prepared for university and being vigilant from day one will help you a long way in adjusting to the rigorous university life.


Ok, before you get a panic attack and start reading the encyclopedia, here’s the good news. There are many similarities between polytechnic and university life that will give you an edge over your peers in university. Firstly, both these institutions treat you like an adult. As you have realized by now, no lecturers call you up to ask you if you have finished your homework, and no one will contact your parents if you flunk your exams. And similarly, no one will bother if you miss a class or two. This is the same case in university. You are expected to take charge of your own learning by printing your own notes, doing your own revision and seeking the prof for consultation proactively. The professors’ job is just to teach and not nanny you. This is where you have a significant advantage, as you have already gotten over the hardest part which pertains to lifestyle adjustment. Chances are, if you managed to get into university, you are an independent learner with the essential self-discipline required to thrive in the university environment. You don’t need to have a cheerleader by your side in order to sit down on a Saturday afternoon to do your work, and this will help greatly in acing your university life. You just need to step up your game by being prepared to spend more Saturday afternoons on studying, instead of waiting till the exam period is here before doing so.


Next, you already have a strong domain knowledge which gives you a head start in university. While most of your JC counterparts are still learning about general knowledge such as how tornadoes are formed or who is the 1st president of Singapore (which we don’t know how it will come to use in the future) , you are already building up knowledge pertaining to your career. By the time you join university, you are already pretty well-versed in your domain, while others start from ground zero. Therefore, there is no excuse for you not to flourish !


Finally, we would like to congratulate you for making it to university! Yes, some of your polytechnic classmates may have chosen to go into the workforce and start earning money to buy some Gucci wallets, but fret not, the experience here is worth your sacrifice in being a pauper.

Learning experience

Firstly, the lecturers here are generally way more qualified than those from your polytechnics (we know we are stereotyping here) and they will provide you a much stronger learning experience. Most of them have industrial know-how and their curriculum as a result, has an industrial orientation, which makes it more practical and useful. Also, there are a wide myriad of programs available in university that you can take part in to maximize your learning beyond just your course.


You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with. While this statement is not statistically proven, it is true if you look at most people around. One of the biggest advantages of coming to university is that you get to hang out with elites and some of the brightest people in the nation. Their potential earning power is limitless and you get to form a new network by coming to university. Who knows how you can benefit from this friendship in the future.

 Those of us who went from polytechnic to university are all thankful for the extremely valuable experience we spent here. The practical and hands-on training we receive in polytechnic coupled with the academic rigor we go through in university transforms us from being a caterpillar to a butterfly ready to soar in the corporate jungle. Not to mention that being in the world’s top universities avails us of tremendous opportunities such as overseas experience in Ivy league universities, access to fortune 500 employers and wonderful student leadership experiences. We can’t wait to witness your success !