Tuning the right strings: Bring out your love for music with a music course in Singapore

Choosing a career path is hard enough, but it becomes even harder once you realize your calling falls in the category of fine arts, such as music. Only the truly passionate souls can make it through such a nuanced education, but it is still confusing even if you are willing and able to push through, right?

Many colleges offer comprehensive music education, along with considerable industry exposure, practical experience, and your choice of specialization.

Now the next question is —what courses can I opt for? Well, here we introduce some of the music schools in Singapore. The list is not extensive, but it will give you a clear idea of what music education in Singapore is all about and how it will help you spearhead your music career.

The Songwriter Music College (TSMC)

TSMC offers a good variety of courses for every aspiring musician and/or songwriter. The courses focus on songwriting and developing a sound understanding of harmonies, vocal and instrumental techniques as well as stage presence.

Those who would like to take a peek into the world of music before committing to a full-fledged diploma can try their 12-hour certificate course in Contemporary Music Fundamentals. For those who want to pursue a diploma, options range from the Diploma in Songwriting and Music Production to a Diploma in Sound Engineering and Digital Media. The college also offers full and partial scholarships based on merit. At TSMC, you’ll additionally get to shine in school events that host various collaborators, getting you all the industry exposure you may need!

Singapore Raffles Music College (SRMC)

Offering certificate courses, as well as degrees and diplomas on the A to Z of music, SRMC is a great choice for all of you who have made up your minds that music is the right path for you. SRMC has many options such as the Bachelor of Arts in Music Management, Foundation Degree in Music Performance, Diploma in Music, Advanced Diploma in Pop Vocals Performance, Master of Music in Performance, and more. There is also a pretty unique Postgraduate certificate in Music Pedagogy and Research, Mandarin if you want to do something different. They have all the requisite info on their website, inclusive of a student prospectus and all you need to know to apply!

School of Music and the Arts (SOMA)

SOMA is a school that stands out among many others because it not only offers certificate and diploma courses in music, but performance labs are also available for both classical and contemporary music, as well as dance. Their classes are led by well-trained and highly erudite instructors specializing in fields such as music production and engineering, songwriting and production, as well as music business.

SOMA has certificate courses for those of you interested in English or Mandarin lyric writing. The institute also offers diplomas in music performance, songwriting, music production, instrumental training in piano, violin, drums, ukulele, guitar, and much more!

Lasalle College of the Arts

While Lasalle offers programs in all kinds of arts from film and animation, design communication to fine arts, they are particularly known for their School of Contemporary Music. Through their flagship courses such as the Bachelor of Arts in Music, Diploma in Audio Production and the Diploma in Music, you can polish your musical abilities and fine-tune your prowess in whichever specialization you choose, under world-class tutelage!

Lasalle is also an excellent platform for young musicians hoping to venture into collaborations over the industry on a global scale. Do apply if you really want to make your mark in the musical world!

Singapore Polytechnic

Singapore Polytechnic is not an exclusive school for music and arts, but it is Singapore’s first and oldest polytechnic. It does a pretty good job with all the courses offered, including their Diploma in Music and Audio Technology.

A full-time course that spans three years, do know that this diploma course is rather specific in its offerings and may not be for all music enthusiasts. For those looking specifically for an education in this specialization, though, here you have it!

Higher education and a possible career in music are becoming increasingly popular choices for Singaporean students these days. This makes sense, given that general music is mandatory for school students aged seven to fourteen in Singapore. That, combined with changing attitudes to career choices, as well as proliferation of talented musicians and instructors in Singapore are making it a hub for prospective students like you to pursue a musical career.

Which school would you like to attend for music, and what would your specialization be?


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