The Best Food Discount Apps to Make Eating Out More Affordable

Food isn’t just a necessity for us to survive—it’s also a huge part of our social lives. After all, eating a meal together is one of the quickest and most natural ways to bond with someone you’ve just met. Whether you’re someone who eats to live or lives to eat, you can’t deny that food is a big part of our lives!

Thankfully, we have food discount apps that help make dining out more affordable for all of us. I’ll be introducing them to you so that we can all benefit from these money-saving deals!

For Vouchers & Cashback

1. ShopBack

ShopBack is an app that gives you cashback on your shopping and meals. This means you can get back a small percentage of the cash you’ve spent, making it a nice way to save some money! You can also buy cash vouchers to purchase the food for less than its usual cost.

ShopBack also offers cashback for online shopping platforms such as Shopee and food delivery platforms such as foodpanda and Deliveroo.

However, for article, we will be focusing on Shopback GO, which is the app feature that lets you save money when you dine out.

As seen above, you can search for food deals according to your location and the type of food or cuisine you’re craving for. You can filter search results according to popular food deals, new deals that have just been listed and cash voucher deals, among others.

ShopBack also provides vouchers which you can buy and then use to earn a discount on your meals. For example, in the screenshot above, you can buy a $50 Cash Voucher at Eighteen Chefs for $45, essentially saving $5 on your meal when you eat there. Cash vouchers are an excellent way to save money if you know exactly where you’ll be dining or if you consistently visit the same spots!

I would give this app a 9/10 for its UI since it has clear-cut categories and a great filtering system, making it convenient to use even when searching for deals on the go. There’s also a ton of variety in the food deals, with many of them being for major food chains such as Subway, 7-Eleven, etc. Thus, I would give it 9/10 for the food variety. As for the discounts, I would rate the app 7/10. Most of the deals allow you to save close to a dollar or more. I consider this rather little, but at least it would add up the more you use the app.

Final Score:
UI: 9/10
Food Variety: 9/10
Discounts: 7/10

For Restaurant Reservations

2. Eatigo

Eatigo is a restaurant booking app that gives you huge discounts when you book reservations with it. However, discounts vary from place to place and from time to time. Some food places offer higher discounts for eating at non-peak periods (e.g., in between lunch and dinner hours).

When you scroll, the app displays several headers such as brands, locations, and cuisines. While I’m not the biggest fan of this UI as you have to scroll all the way down to see the deals, you may find it useful if you’re searching for a particular brand or cuisine.

Food deals vary from place to place. While Sing Heng Cuisine may offer a 50% discount on all their reservations throughout the day, Food Barn may give larger discounts during non-peak periods and smaller discounts during peak periods.

I would personally give Eatigo a 7/10 for their UI as I find it makes you scroll too much which is inconvenient. Their food variety would get a 7/10 from me as it doesn’t offer as many kinds of cuisines as ShopBack and has a rather limited selection. Lastly, I would rate the discounts a 10/10 as they are really quite steep with many shops offering 50% off. Considering that these are all restaurants, it makes it quite the steal!

Final Score:
UI: 7/10
Food Variety: 7/10
Discounts: 10/10

For Huge Discounts

3. Fave

By using FavePay, you can gain cashback on meals! All you have to do is link your debit card or credit card to the app and then scan the merchant’s QR code. Other than this feature, Fave also provides many cash vouchers that you can buy for that steep discount when dining out.

As seen above, you can search for deals according to your location, and it has a similar filtering system according to cuisine like ShopBack, just presented differently. You can also see different deal collections such as weekly deals and group deals.

Upon clicking on the “See more” button at the side of “Trending deals”, we get to see deals that have been personalized for me according to the location I have set (Bugis). These are cash vouchers you can buy and exchange for the food item(s), making it cheaper than if you simply bought the food. As you can see, some have requirements such as needing you to be a card holder of a specific bank.

I would rate it 9/10 for the UI as it is pleasing, and deals are easily found in just a few taps. As for the food variety, I would give it 10/10 as it has deals for all kinds of cuisines from Peranakan restaurants to Shabu Shabu and includes both low-budget and high-end food. Lastly, I would rate the app 9/10 for the discounts as they can be quite generous.

Final Score:
UI: 9/10
Food Variety: 10/10
Discounts: 9/10


These food discount apps are convenient to set up, only requiring that you link your payment method. Just like that, you can save on every meal, making eating out so much more affordable. Let your friends know about these apps, too, so that you can save together when you go on food adventures! Have fun and bon appétit!


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