My experience taking diploma studies in Kaplan

This is a write-up submitted in response to a public statement made by an anonymous individual on All Singapore Stuff.

Yes, Kaplan is a school that is making huge profits from students as they are a private education institution and a for-profit organization.

But I would like to share my overall experience with Kaplan.

When I was enquiring about my course, Finance & Banking through Kaplan’s front counter, they directed me to a friendly sale consultant, let’s name him Mr. K.

Mr K greeted me with a smile and answered all my questions regarding the school and course promptly. I learnt that the diploma course that Kaplan provides is conducted at a rather fast pace as compared to Singapore’s local polytechnic. Mr K also told me that there are many student activities such as basketball club, community service club and so on. Kaplan student committee also plans monthly activities for the students to take some time off studying to enjoy.

Once I started my classes with Kaplan, I knew that I have to work very hard for the next 8 months as the pace is very fast. We had to complete 8 module in 8 months, and that is 2 module for every 2 months. My first term with Kaplan, I was greeted with 2 awesome lecturers for my Accounting for managers (AFM) and Introduction to management (ITM)modules. They have their own unique style of teaching and made the class very interesting to listen to.

Today I am at my final term of my Diploma, my overall experience at Kaplan has been a wonderful one. The lecturers are always there to help each and every student pass. No lecturers in Kaplan wants their own students to fail. The lecturer made sure we understand every topic and if in doubt they are always easy to approach via email. They always make the extra effort to ensure that we understand everything on the topic.

So Dear Students of Kaplan, if you had put in the extra effort to study hard and listen to what the lecturers teach in class, there is no way they would fail you. The lecturers are there to teach and guide you. Keeping in mind that if you work hard and focus, you will not have to pay to repeat a module.

1. Why are the lecturers good ? How did they make the class interesting ? What support did they provide ?

The lecturers at Kaplan are very patient in teaching the module and making sure each and every student understand what they are teaching,  as some students may be fast learner while others just need abit more time. Each lecturer has their own unique way of teaching. For my Quantitative Analysis module my lecturer even made a song to teach us about the formula.

2. How easy is it to pass ?did u pass everything ?

It is very easy to pass all your module if you stay focused and yes, I have passed all my modules.


3. How is the rigor of the curriculum ? .i.e. how many hours of classes per week ?

The classes in Kaplan is 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. On certain days there may be 2 classes a day which goes up to 6 hours. There are 3 different session timings for full-time students in Kaplan and its 8:30AM to 11:30AM, 12PM to 3PM or 3:15PM to 6:15PM

4. What is the teaching and assessment format ?

In Kaplan the assessment format is either 2 quizzes followed by exam or 1 quiz 1 assignment followed by exam. Every time before a quiz or exam, lecturer would give us some key points to study.

5. How is social life there ?

I am a shy person, I do not engage in conversation unless someone started it first.

During my 2nd module which is Introduction to Management, I was sitting alone and not talking to anyone. I guess my lecturer found out that I am not interacting with the rest of the students and he made us do a group project with strangers, just to get to know each other. Today I am good friends with 4 of my classmates and I even attended one of their wedding!

6. What course should I take in Kaplan ?

Follow your interest. Humans tend to focus more when we are interested in the stuff we are doing.

7. Any negative thing you experience being a student in PEI ?

Something bad about being in a private school is that we students have to pay adult fares when we travel via public transport. As a private student at Kaplan doing diploma studies, we are not entitled to the use of  concession card. Because of this, the monthly expenses could be rather high. But if you are a full time student studying a degree in Kaplan, you qualify for the concession scheme. So whoever is looking into getting a degree with Kaplan as a full time student, do keep in mind that you are eligible for a concession card.

Lastly, I would like to thank all Kaplan Staffs and Lecturer for the wonderful learning experience. I would definitely continue my degree with Kaplan.

To my fellow classmates in intake 29, let’s work hard for our last term. Fighting!! J

Thank you for reading.


About the author

Hi, my name is Eugene Teo.
I am currently studying my full-time diploma with Kaplan. I hope my article would help all the students out there to know more about Kaplan.


    • yup its already 2021 many things have changed now some jobs do not really care so much on the school they care more towards ur grades and experiences
      I’m studying in Kaplan and many of my alumni already gotten themselves jobs.
      and still even tho kAPLAN is private it is still one of the recognizes private cert in Singapore

  1. Thanks for making this post I am currently in my final year of its and want to pursue banking and finance and I know I must attend foundation year first but after reading your post i finally have a clear understanding of how things work etc like school hours and stuff thank you so much


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