What You Need to Know as a Part Time Student with Full Time Work in UniSIM

Time Management

Life as a working adult is not that easy.  I have to finish my work on time and leave office by 6pm. This is called time management.  It was quite bad initially when I just started my module. But after a while, I got used to it.  Usually I will take a light dinner and I will have supper later.  I would advise my junior not to attend class with an empty stomach.  I can’t think well if I am hungry.  The lecturers are usually kind enough to give us a break in between.  Usually, this is the best time to buy some finger food.

Relevant Course Materials

SIM University has a good library where we can borrow books and print our notes at affordable rates.  As most of us are working adults, we rarely have time to visit the library to use its facilities& materials. Thankfully, lecture notes provided by course instructors more than suffices in helping us pass our exams. This saves alot of time for part time students like us.  Do take note to attend the last lesson whereby the instructors will provide a revision and slip in a tip or two for the upcoming exams. Usually there is no need to buy textbooks as SIM University will provide free textbooks for most of our modules for our degree program.

IT Refresher Course

Technology is always changing.  In fact, most of our modules is a mix of online lessons and classroom lectures.  IT is not really my forte, especially when they changed from blackboard to canvas recently.  It took me at least a month to get used to it.  I would advise my juniors to go for a refresher course if they want to get themselves more familiar with canvas.

Meeting Assignment Deadline

Lastly, we must remember to submit our assignment on time as it is not worth getting a big fat zero for forgetting. I remember an incident when I did just that. I wrote to the course coordinator and was given a chance to retake, lucky for me. She helped reset the online test or assignment but I had to finish it within a few working days. So dear Juniors, if you are as forgetful as me, don’t hesitate to write to the program director or course coordinator. The course coordinator is very helpful.  However, you will only be given one chance to retake the online course.  I suggest you put down all deadlines in your calendar as soon as you are informed of it.


 Examination Leave

Some company you are working for may have study leave apart from the annual leave.  However, we would still have to produce our timetable in order to get our reporting officers to approve our study leaves. However, it can only be taken on the actual day of the exams.  Do sleep well before your exams. And if you are facing difficulties sitting for your exams, you can always write to your course coordinator (again) who will be able to re-schedule a date for you to take your exams. However, it is case-by-case basis and subjected to approval.

How many modules should I take per semester?

The juniors will usually ask me how many modules he or she should take per semester.    Based on my experience, it is best to take 3 to 4 modules per semester.  This number is a safe estimate for most given that we still have to focus on our work, family and other commitments to have a balanced life. (unless you are superman, of course)

Asking lecturers and Forming Study Groups

Always ask the lecturers or seek clarifications if you are unsure about the assignment or  concept  immediately after the face-to-face sessions rather than having to wait until exams are round the corner.  Peer-learning is also useful.


You may have classmates who would like to form study groups with you, and the decision to do so lies with your understanding of yourself.    Can you imagine how much time is wasted if you end up with a group who is very different from your working style or have different opinion (s) from you?  Be selective with who you choose to form the study. In the event that the course does not have many sessions, I do not see the point in forming a study group which is not very productive.

All the best in your studies !


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