7 Things to Know About Murdoch University at Kaplan

Are you having a headache over which Private Education Institution (PEI) to pursue your degree programme in? Not sure if the PEI suits your education needs? Well, just last year, I was also struggling with deciding which PEI to go to.

attending preview sessions

But after doing lots of research and attending preview sessions, I have decided to pursue my Human Resource Management and Marketing degree programme from Murdoch university at Kaplan. Want to know why? Well here are some gems that I gathered from my personal experience and research on Kaplan:

#1 Excellent ratings and reliability

First of all, check out the awesome accreditation and deals that Murdoch University has!

Top 100 universities in the world under 50 years of age?

List of Ministry of Manpower acceptable institutions?

One of the best money and time savers?

Since Kaplan Singapore has the same courses as the on-campus in Australia, no money and time is needed to spend to travel all the way to Australia.So, that means less cost while gaining a more competitive advantage! How great is that?

no money and time is needed to spend

#2 Extensive course range

What’s more, there are over 60 majors for you to choose from! The extensive course ranges from Business, Accounting, Tourism to Information Technology and more.

However, what if you are interested in more than one?

Well, the good news is…

Murdoch university offers numerous double major programmes!

Thankfully, Murdoch University offers the Human Resource Management and Marketing degree programme, so that I can study my area of interests without having to sacrifice any one of my interests.I’m sure that you will find a programme that suits your interest(s)!

#3 Easy enrollment process

Once you have decided on your ideal programme, you can start to enrol to Kaplan!

I know that sometimes the enrolment process for Private Educational Institutes can be very complex and tedious.

But with Kaplan’s strong emphasis on customer service, their friendly course consultants can be always counted upon to assist you.

From dealing with queries regarding Murdoch’s programmes to taking you through the enrolment process, Kaplan’s personal course consultants ensure that the on-boarding process to Kaplan is smooth and fuss free.

Whew thanks Kaplan!

#4 Exclusive teaching system

With such great service orientation, it is hard to believe that Kaplan could go any further. But Kaplan proves us wrong with its education rooted in student-centeredness.

As of the January 2017 intake, Murdoch university has introduced a new blended learning system to replace its traditional in-class lectures.

teaching kaplan

Instead of the conventional physical lectures, convenient online lectures are conducted instead.

For the tutorials, rather than the usual weekly 3 hour lessons, students are now required to attend biweekly 4 hours lessons, in which they have to attempt class activities prior to class.For me, it means more free time to complete my assignment and to catch up my studies. Wohoo!

But that also means a reduction in contact time with our tutor, leaving little time for clarification of doubts with the tutor.

Hmm… yay or nah?

#5 Grading system

Good grades always come with a lot of self-discipline, effort and hard-work.

In Murdoch university, the grading of modules come in the various forms of exams, assignments, class participation, online quizzes and tests. I would say that the Murdoch university programme is not an easy one to get through.

For my degree (Human Resource Management and Marketing), the coursework comprises of a mixture of individual and group assignments. The number of assignment varies for each module with the weight age of assignments for each module usually ranging from 60 to 70%.

So, put in the effort to score well in your assignments and tests and I’m sure you will be able to pass with flying colours!

#6 Student Clubs

Kaplan offers a variety of student clubs ranging from the tight-knit international student clubs to interesting interest groups and enrichment groups. With such a variety, it’s a slight pity that generally there isn’t much information nor awareness of them.

However, should you still want to take up other external activities, it is still possible!

I personally take up ballet classes at City Ballet Academy as my external activity and is still doing fine.

#7 Work while studying? Ok!

Even though Murdoch university at Kaplan does not offer internship, you can still work part-time while being in the full-time programme!

Currently, I’m taking up a part-time job as a freelance writer and used to work at a Marketing start-up company part-time when I started my course in January 2017.

If you want to work part-time like me, here are some useful tips!

Firstly, take up some jobs in the office or retail sector for a flexible work schedule and balanced time management. These flexible jobs will allow you to have sufficient time for project meetings and test preparations.

Not only that, always look out for any upcoming due dates for assignments and tests before planning your work schedule.I’m sure that none of us wants to prioritise our work more than our studies and perform poorly in exams right?

With that, I hope that this article will give you a better idea of the Murdoch university programmes in Kaplan. All the best for your future studies!


  1. Hi Joanna, I am so glad to come upon your article. I am currently finishing my final year in poly and now looking for degree courses to enroll in. After looking for several degrees, I find that most Singapore local universities don’t offer human resource management degree, that’s when I found that Murdoch offers the degree I want to enroll in. However, I have mixed feelings about it as I’m afraid it might not be as recognizable and most importantly not worth the money but after reading your article and researching about it more, I feel more confident in giving it a try. Thanks!


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