10 Stereotypes of people you will see in Hall

In hall, where there is a bunch of people living together in close proximity, you can be sure to expect different characters in all fashions. From the ghost to the additional roomie, you are bound to have seen them around.

1. The Ghost

There are 2 types.

Firstly, the ones that you have never seen before. With all those hall events and door-to-door canvassing, you would have thought that you have seen most of the people before. But nope you are proven wrong when it comes to hall exam welfare pack day…

never seen before

Secondly, the pretty (scary) ones… These are the people that bother to take care of their skin but not for the hearts of others. They wear their white/black face masks wherever they go at night and accidentally give you (their floormate) a mini heart attack when they walk down the corridor.

wearing facemask

2. Always Jio For Meal

These people are the reason why you are slowly getting fat.

They are the ones who cannot eat alone.

You can always hear them asking: Want to eat supper? Dinner? Lunch? BREAKFAST?

If you don’t eat with them, hear their wrath in the form of “BOJIOOOO!?!?!”.

Bo Jioo

3. The talented ones

Hmmm… omg is that Indomie that I smell??

The Next-Gordon Ramsay. You wonder if their secret to their wonderful cooking is from watching all those Gordon Ramsay videos on Facebook. They are constantly in the pantry whipping up something delicious. They are the culprits for making your stomach growl in the wee hours of the morning.

The Voice. They are heard before they are seen. They often like to test the limits of their vocal cords by belting out those high notes which could either go really successfully or well rather downhill… Most commonly spotted in either their rooms or in the toilet singing while showering.


The Smarties. They are the rare pokemon. Somehow, they can get the perfect GPA despite being terribly busy with both their commitments and studies.

The Rocks. Being fit is their motto. They are always exercising together. Whether is it running, gyming or badminton, they are inseparable.

4. The Party All Night People

taylors room

These people know how to have fun.

The Clubbers: They got the movesss. They know the latest EDM songs and they like to “Awa Awa”. Every Wednesday night, they are the ones who are dressed to kill. Outfitted with their accessories, heels and nicely styled hair, they leave in their Uber rides for Clarke Quay at midnight.

“Half the day, I wonder if it’s too late for coffee. The other half, I wonder if it’s too early for alcohol.”

The Drinkers: Their room is well stocked with plenty of soft and hard liquor and they are often sprouting drinking philosophies.

The Gamblers: The most noticeable sound from their room is the clinging and clanging of mahjong tiles. They are the ones who are always jioing people to come to their room to play mahjong and card games like bridge.

But one thing in common is that when the next day comes, they all can’t be seen around because they are either too busy catching up with work or sleep.

5. The Gudetama

What’s that smell?? *faints*
What’s that smell?? *faints*

An unrecognisable smell lingers around the room…

Meet the Gudetamas.

These peaceful folks are pretty harmless.

They typically lack the energy to move and can be spotted le pak-ing all day every day.

The ‘Gudetamas’ rarely come out of their rooms once they entered them and they do not use the toilet until they really really have to.

Their room is the ultimate disaster zone. The floor is never clean, with hair all over the place. The bed is strewn with stuff everywhere with barely any space to sleep and the shoes… Shoes shoes everywhere on the common corridor.

shoes shoes

They are always reluctant to wash their clothes. They pile up piles and piles of clothes. Sometimes they might even wear their dirty clothes because there are no clean ones left.

When asked to clean up, they always have that one comeback.

Aiya so tired lehhh….

6. The Additional Roomie

everything was going fine

Even though your room is registered for 2, there are always 3 people in there.

You, your rommie and your roomie’s plus one aka boyfriend/girlfriend.

While their other half is nice and all, you just feel kinda awkward studying in there because you feel like you are the ‘lightbulb’ interfering in their personal time.

So you, the poor roommie is self-pressured to get‘exiled’ from the nice cozy room into the painfully far far away study room…

But hooray! You are not alone! After travelling the distance, you meet some fellow ‘exiles’ and has since then formed the exile gang to hang out and study together.

7. Wife/Husband Material

Eh I thought you heaty?! Why you still eating so much crackers and biscuits???
Eh I thought you heaty?! Why you still eating so much crackers and biscuits???

Your second mums and dads…

They are the caretakers.

They buy you liang teh. They take care of you when you are sick. Sometimes they even help you clean and cook.

They are your listening ears.

If there’s anything wrong, they are the first person you look for. They can be counted upon to give you the advice that you need.

But one thing is for sure is that they should not be taken for granted.

Just take a quick look around and you will recognise them for the lovely little gems they are.

8. Sleeping Beauty

sleeping beauty

These are the ones that are perpetually asleep. They are constantly napping and sleeping. It seems like the amount of time they spent awake is even lesser than the time they spent asleep.

Coincidentally, they are also the deep sleepers, making it difficult for anyone to wake them up.

Suppose to have room air con servicing at 1? Well look at what a surprise it will give to the pretty loud hall aunty…

“Please open your door, we need to do air con servicing!”
”HALLO HALLO ANYONE THERE? If not we opening the door already ah!”
*Opens the door*
“Ehh got someone inside leh?  He/She is still sleeping.”

Even if you try to call them via their cell phones or knock down their door, they will still be sleeping like a log.

9. Hall is life. Hall is me.

These people are the ones whose life revolve around hall.

Hall is their essence. They participate in many Hall activities and are down for virtually all the Hall events. They are also frequently supporting hall canvassing.

More than often they are also popz.  Just look at the number of slippers outside their room!

Sometimes they are like the loudhailers too. Even though you are at the 6th floor you can hear them from the 1st floor.


10. The Scare-dy Cats


They are the ones who just lose control of their limbs when they see those creepy crawlies and are often seen on the block whatsapp chat sos-ing for help from their hall mates to get rid of those undesirables. Or else their ending would be like that of this cartoon…


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