Graduate Employment Survey of NUS, NTU and SMU

Graduate Employmnet Survey

You don’t want to happily enroll in a degree program only to find out that it is doesn’t fulfill your financial aspirations. When it comes to an investment of 4 years of youth and tens of thousands of dollars, its important to scrutinize the numbers.

Do you know what are the top 5 most high-paying and employable degree programs in the 3 universities: NTU, SMU and NUS ? In some of the most popular courses out there such as engineering, business and arts, which university offers the best prospects ? What courses raise red flags in job search? We’ve created an infographic that puts each university side by side and answers those questions for you.

summary of graduate employment survey (ges) 2013



For GES of all the courses across 3 universities,  click here


Overall, with its vigorous marketing and unique curriculum, SMU is still leading the other universities in the employability of its graduates. Also, degree programs that are specialized and gear you up to become a professional such as law, accountancy, medicine and teaching are winners in their promises of job prospects.

It is straightforward if you are choosing based on the numbers, but we all know that life is much more complicated than this. While the potential financial payoff associated with a degree program is important, it is just one of the factors in the decision-making process. Don’t overemphasize it and forget about other considerations such as your proficiency, goals and personality in choosing a major and a university.

By taking into account all your priorities in choosing a university, you will be able to embark on a fulfilling university and subsequently , career life.



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