18 Signs you’re GG this Semester

dog tired and sick this semester

We are coming to the final few weeks before exams. Sometimes, you don’t have to go all the way to the end for you to know that it is ‘Good game lo ‘ ! The symptoms tell.  Read on to find out if the symptoms below apply to you:

* P.S. GG stands for’ Good Game’ which means you are finished/gone/screwed. It originated from the gaming fraternity.


1. Wake up & snooze for another hour (who cares about the morning lecture, SKIP IT!!).



2. 9 out of 10 times, you wake up feeling hungry & awkward as this is neither the time for breakfast nor lunch.

giphy 2


3. Lectures are spent sleeping with mouth opened and playing pranks on one another.

giphy 3


4.  You are freaking confused how to do your tutorial, especially when you heard your tutor said: “By using Mass-energy equivalence equation we learned at week 2 ….” (What the…)

giphy 4


5. Then you asked help from your classmate, but he is just….another YOU!

giphy 5


6. The quiz result is OUT! As expected, it FAILED!

giphy 6


7. And as expected, you try to hide it from your friends!

giphy 7


8. Exams are coming and you still have projects not submitted by your groupmates.

giphy 8


9. The phrase “assigned reading” is the funniest joke you’ve ever heard. 



10. Lecture recording is not working and you go crazy .

giphy 10


11. You have so much to do, so many deadlines and projects to handle that you just decide to eat it all off..     So you can think  better.

giphy 11


12. Assignment due tomorrow ? Exams next week?  My roommate’s name ?  You feel Apathy towards school.

giphy harry


13. This interests you more.



14. In week 10, you start going for your first ever tutorial but you cant tell if you are in the wrong class… “Shit…No one in the  classroom I know… Even the tutor.”

giphy 12


15. You go to GuanYinMiao and pray to pass your exam!

giphy 13


16. You fervently calculate all your grades to find out how much you need to score for finals.

giphy typo


17. When people brag about not having finals especially exchange students, you want to bash them.

giphy 15


18. You are still shouting  GG in the middle of the night  ! GG!

giphy 18

Gif credits to: http://giphy.com/

Out of the 18 symptoms here, how many do you have ?

According to experts, if you have 15 out of 18 symptoms here, you are GG! You really need a consulation with your prof. Or else your academic report at the end of the semester will be cancerous. But hey, miracles happened. Just pray harder .   I really believe it will happen for you.




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