75 Truths Only People Who Are In University Can Understand

Years into university and you realise that you still haven’t sat on a patch of grass, smiling with your multicultural group of friends.

  1. School just started but the professor keeps you the whole time the first day…
  2. Not only that, you just can’t get your brain to work in the first week of school.


  1. You will wonder why morning lessons exist.

3 3b

  1. So the next time you register for classes, the requirement for all your classes will be the same.


  1. Electives without finals are gold.


  1. When the add/drop period is over, many will realise that the first 2 weeks have been a lie and that the elective is not that as easy as it seemed.


  1. As the semester passes by, you will come to the realisation that there are always many readings to read. Always.


  1. E-learning lessons are the best because ‘learning’ is flexible.
  2. You will simultaneously love and hate open book exams.
  3. Every mark counts since it’s so competitive but look at what you have to study for 1 mark…


11. There will always be classes where you feel helpless and start to question for existence in this universe (or why the hell am I in university?) because you don’t understand the content.


  1. You will think that the devil is the one who set the negative marking system.

(Negative marking means your marks will get deducted for each wrong answer.)

  1. You know that it is close to finals when the libraries and study tables are all filled.


  1. You will always wonder whether the people who left really early from the exam halls are geniuses who finished everything or people who just decided to give up since they don’t know how to do most of the questions.
  1. You don’t know what Hell Week is until you have tons of assignments, presentations and tests all in the same week.


  1. You will realise that nothing is impossible after surviving hell week.
  2. You will meet a writer’s block when it comes to writing university essays.


  1. Sometimes you will wonder if the hints that the professors give are helpful…

Hint hinthint… Isn’t that everything?!

How can everything be hints?!?!

  1. University professors can make university life interesting sometimes…

Pre Uni Teachers: I’m not going to share my political beliefs, its unprofessional.

Uni Profs: What is the square root of the Trump crisis?

And sometimes…


  1. It is common to have lectures whereby you can’t comprehend what the professor is saying.


  1. You realise that professors cannot be totally trusted.


  1. Professor why you do this???



  1. You realise that that is no right or wrong answers for the Arts.


24. People seem to get sick pretty frequently, especially closer to the exam dates.


  1. Multiple alarms and having a squad to morning call you should be set on days where you have morning tests.
  2. Project meetings can be frustrating at times. Project sometimes means doing it alone.

26 26b

27.In university, FYP has two meanings.

Final year project (faɪnljɪə ˈprɒʤɛkt) noun.

1. The academic project taken up at the perultimate year.

2. Finding Your Partner.The project to get attached before one graduates.

28. You start doubting yourself, when an assignment turns out to be too easy.

Is it time to pray to the bell-curve god?


  1. Grades are a sensitive topic.

29  29b

  1. The story of the average student’s University life goes like this…

Friend: “How’s your life in uni going?”

Me: “They’re good.”

Narrator: “Things were not good.”

  1. In University, everyone has a second major. A second major in stress.
  2. You will need to believe in the motto “Sleep is for the weak”.
  3. You will eventually become a pro in lying to yourself.


  1. You put the “pro” in procrastinate. Lies you tell yourself:


  1. You will start to feel the pangs of regret after procrastinating and resort to desperate measures to cram all the information that you need for the next day.

35 35b 35c

  1. But all that last minute cramming didn’t really work…


  1. Haish and your brain just doesn’t get along well with exams.


  1. Even in the exam hall, you will pray hard that your results will meet or exceed your expectations.


  1. Thank you Google, Wikipedia and Coffee for making University Life possible.
  2. In university, there will always be people who can’t remember their way to their classrooms even in Week 10.
  1. It’s unsurprising if one still gets lost in the campus even in Year 4.
  2. The few times that you are on time for lecture is when there is a lecture test.
  3. Once you pon lecture, you can never stop.
  4. The lecture hall seats will get more and more empty as the semester passes.
  5. You will always have a seat that you will mentally book for yourself in the room.
  6. Making friends with people who work in the food places like Starbucks comes in handy.
  7. Most of your money will be spent on food.


  1. Your 3 meals a day consists of Lunch, Dinner and Supper instead of Breakfast.
  2. When in doubt, have a Indomie or Maggie Mee party for supper (or if you’re feeling extra hungry, the MacDonald’s delivery :D).
  3. Quitting supper isn’t easy.
  4. Your welfare is more important than the financial situation of wallet.
  5. After eating you will be really tempted to take a power nap and live dangerously by embracing the Z monster via constant snoozing of your power nap alarms.
  6. Wearing sloppy clothing to your classes can be a slippery slope.
  7. Just because you can stay up all night, doesn’t mean that is necessarily right for you.
  8. Leh Paking isn’t just slacking – it’s a state of recuperation.


  1. When it comes to FYP surveys or canvassing time, everyone are suddenly “good friends”.

56 56b

  1. You look around and see couples almost everywhere.


  1. Don’t feel pressured into getting attached. Ever.


  1. Time flies more and more quickly as you progress through university life.
  2. Haish, quarter-life crisis happens every other day.
  3. NEVER trust the school shuttle buses. Especially if it’s raining.

Why the bus take so long? Because bus is long car is short. So bus need wait long long.

 – Bus Uncle (Bus Arrival Chatbot)

  1. Recess week is actually a lie. There are plenty of assignments to do and remember those webcasts that you have to catch up for the midterms the next week?


  1. For certain courses like business, public holidays aren’t boons as that means additional lessons are required to replace the lessons that were missed.
  2. Weekends are not for relaxing.
  3. School event attendance isn’t always as perfect as it’s supposed to be. When in doubt, just have free buffet for the people.

66.The equivalent of Pokemon Go in university is ‘Getting all the Exam Welfare Packs’.

  1. No matter what you do be prepared to hear a “BOJIO” from someone.

67 67b

  1. Even though almost everyone is in their 20s, you will keep hearing quotes related to age. “Aiyah old already”, “I’m young at heart ok!”.
  2. In hall, you can’t run away to avoid your problems, they might follow you all the way to room.
  3. Shifting out of the hall room is awful. Always.
  4. When among your group of friends, you have the neatest room to yourself, you’ll always be the one hosting.
  5. When nobody takes out your clothing from your washing machine or dryer.


  1. You realise that it is actually hard to find an internship that is relevant to your major.



  1. You think that you will figure out what job you will want to work as at Year 4, but unfortunately that’s not the case most of the time.


75.Even though you may suffer some ups and downs during University, University life is a unbelievable process – enjoy it while you still can.



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