3 simple tips for students aiming for a career in finance

Are you currently studying in university for a degree or masters with the intention of getting a career in finance? Well if you are doing so, why not take some steps to help prepare for your future career? Not only does these steps add to your CV, but they can also give you an edge over the other fresh graduates that are applying for the same jobs as you.

Get Some Work Experience

Regardless of whether you need to make some extra money while you are in university, doing some work over breaks or as a part time can boost your employability more than you think. Even the kind of event jobs that are usually available during the school terms can make a big difference, as you’ll be able to display skills that are necessary for a job, such as punctuality and customer service.

While things like bar work and retail work may not immediately appear to have anything to do with gaining a career in finance, people who have experience of being in a working environment and taking up the responsibilities of a job tend to have an advantage over graduates with no working experience at all. If casual work doesn’t appeal to you, an option that could be even better could be starting a small business in your spare time.

Read the Business Papers

As well as covering all the material on your course, business papers can help to immerse yourself in the world of finance further. Read as much as you can about current socioeconomic events around the world, and follow the business and stock market news. You may have not decided on the kind of financial sector you want to work in yet, but being conversant about economics, business and the markets will show that you are genuinely interested in money and finance and are already staying on top of the kind of developments that you’ll need to know about later in your career.

Start Trading

An excellent way to earn, gain some useful experience and apply some of the knowledge from your course, is to start doing some financial trading while you are still in university. Even though you may not have much capital to play with, it is of utmost importance to take your trades seriously by conducting the necessary research and analysis.


Choose the markets according to your interest – for instance, choose forex if you are more interested in the global economy and the interactions between countries and currencies. Likewise choose the stock market if you are interested in business, or else you can even choose the CFDs if you want to follow all the different markets and focus on looking for the trends. By choosing the markets, these can make following business and financial news more interesting, as you can apply your knowledge in practical ways, in addition to improving the analysis and testing out the strategies.

With that being said, should you be interested in online trading, it is actually easy to set up an online trading account, as you can trade using your phone applications.

As you can see, there are several ways where you can start preparing for your finance career while in university so that you can have an easier time when getting a financial job.


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