6 types of Open House/Day visitors

Open house events are the highlight for many a university applicant, and we love to soak in the vibrant atmosphere every time we visit one. Truth be told, it makes us feel young again!

Do you know what type of Open House event visitor you’ll be? Read on to find out.

1) The Shy One


The friendly-looking seniors and faculty are waiting to say hello, but a mysterious invisible force stops you when you try to step closer.

Instead, you hover nearby and listen in as others eagerly converse about the institution’s facilities and available scholarships. It may take you a little time and courage to take a brochure and ask your burning question(s) but remember: no question is a dumb one! Everyone is happy to help, so try to have fun while getting all the information you need.

2) The ‘Why Am I Here’ One

Your friends or family members wanted to go to this open house, and you got dragged along for the ride. Perhaps your parents hinted that your internet connection was on the line, or you had no heart to let your excited friend down.

Here’s the secret: you might find the open house event more interesting than you expected.

Sitting in on a course consultation may debunk misconceptions you have about a specific discipline. You may learn more about yourself and uncover potential career trajectories.  Since you’ve already made the trip, so why not make the most of things and explore the school grounds too? You may discover a really cool classroom!

3) The FOMO One


You’re geared up and ready to attend every major event on the open house schedule. Campus tour? Check. Course previews? Face-to-face consultations? Check.

That’s a great attitude to have, but don’t overtax yourself. It won’t do you any good to attend all the open houses and rush to everything. If you’re tired and unable to concentrate, important insights could slip you by.

Worry less about what you’ve missed and focus on being in the present moment! Swing by activities that interest you most and replace the ‘F’ in FOMO for a ‘J’. That stands for ‘Joy Of Missing Out’, if you’re wondering!

4) The Enthusiastic One


You’re the person who looks forward to attending all the open houses, and the go-to morale booster amongst your friends. Everything is interesting and new! You can totally imagine yourself studying here and being a rockstar student.

We can imagine that, too! Be eager and excited, but also a little careful. Make sure that a course really suits you by asking the university representative about the tough parts. Discuss schools with trusted friends and family, if need be, and do more research after the open house event ends.  

5) The Couple


You and your partner find it fun to create memories together, and open houses are another way to share each others’ lives and imagine studying in the same school! You’ll likely spot like-minded pairs thronging the campus grounds*, too.

Ah, to be young again!

Jokes aside, it’s great to have your partner around; they may offer a different perspective while keeping you company.  If the both of you intend to apply for the same school, you can exchange notes and help each other identify a course’s draws and drawbacks.  

*dependent on safe-distancing measures

6) The Clique


You’re a lot more comfortable in the presence of these friends, and who can blame you when they’re so fun and share similar interests? You can see yourself pursuing the same electives and being members of the same student clubs, hanging out after classes, and sharing notes.

Have fun during the open house with them, but don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for course offerings that seem different or unexciting at first glance!

Did you know?

JCU is one of only four universities and business schools in Singapore to be accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Currently, less than six per cent of the world’s tertiary institutions have earned this accreditation.

Which visitor are you?

Find out during JCU Singapore’s Admissions Day event this February! During their Admissions Day on the 26th of February, you’ll be able to visit their campus for:

  • Face-to-face consultations

  • A physical campus tour

  • Information on available scholarships

  • Insights into admissions and application processes

Safe Management Measures: All vaccinated^: Group sizes of up to 5 persons including our university representative per consultation room.

Parents are welcome, and the event is registration-only*. Register and secure your slots early to prevent disappointment!

Happy Admissions Day visiting—we can’t wait for you to experience university life!


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