Parkway college radiography course: career prospects, curriculum and everything else

Conventional careers that involves sitting down in front of your computer all day may not be your cup of tea.

You are considering something stimulating and varied in its job scope, yet with a pay that is decent and secure.

Conventional careers

In choosing a course(and prospective career), one of the worst mistakes is to go into a sunset industry. For example, Singapore is no longer a manufacturing hub, for goodness sake.

So what’s hot these days? While everyone is focusing their attention on IT, its easy to overlook many trends, one being Singapore’s aging population. With increasing demand, healthcare industry is expected to grow by more than 10%, in a time of fledging economy. Pretty decent.

Ok relax, you don’t need all As on your report card. Healthcare is more than just being doctors (or nurses) as what we commonly know.

Have you heard of Allied health professionals? Read on if you haven’t. A word of warning first; if the idea of helping others and making a difference in peoples’ lives makes you cringe, healthcare is probably not for you. In this article, we explore allied health professionals in diagnostic radiography.

What is Allied Health and Diagnostic Radiography?

If you want the best of both worlds between operating high tech machines and interacting with other humans, this is one possible career path you can consider.

Diagnostic Radiographers are expert handlers of high-tech medical equipment which produces radiographic images of the human body. These Allied Health Professionals, including Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Diagnostic Radiographers and more, are part of the healthcare team along with doctors and nurses to provide care to patients.

3 facts about being a radiographer in Singapore

#1 do what ?

Facing people all day.i.e. customer service may be overwhelming for you. On the other hand, fronting machines all day sounds like it will turn you into a robot. Being a radiographer is a hybrid. It entails a combination of both. You work with the equipment as well as liaise with patients, nurses, doctors and so on. Therefore,you get to practice and develop your soft skills. On top of that, you also learn how to go about conducting image evaluation and interpretation which enhances critical thinking ability.Sounds fun? It might not be an easy job but one thing for sure,it’s not goingto be boring.

#2 I can’t find any roundabout way of saying this… but the pay and future prospects are really gooood

In the public healthcare sector, the annual starting salary for Allied Health Professionals is about $45,200 for degree holders.

According to the MOH in 2014, 20,000 doctors, nurses, pharmacists and allied health professionals will be needed in Singapore by 2020 to cope with our ageing population. This means you have to be really unlucky to not land a job after graduation. You have better chances striking lottery.

#3 What else can a radiographer do besides being a radiographer?

If you think that career ladder only exists in the office, you can’t be more wrong.

Healthcare providers in Singapore enjoy a steady career progression path as shown below. Our pro-healthcare government also offers ample opportunities for continuous education and personal upgrade.  Depending on your strengths & weaknesses, you climb up different ladders.

career development roadmap

Okay, tell me how can I become a radiographer?

NYP used to offer a diploma in Radiography which is open toA level graduates. A recent check with them found that the course has stopped running.

Does it mean that your only option is to go overseas?

Well, a UK university has collaborated with a local college to offer this course in Singapore!

Introducing Parkway College’s Bachelor of Science degree programme (with honours) Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging.

What is Parkway College ?

So the story goes; we went down on a recce to Parkway College to find out what’s the deal behind one of the largest private healthcare providers in Singapore. We dug out some insider news and juicy information that you definitely will not want to miss out!Here are 5facts :

1. Not an ABC degree

Startedin 2008, Parkway College of Nursing and Allied Health is the educationarmof Singapore’s largest private healthcare provider Parkway Pantai, which also manages Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital and Parkway East Hospital (How can you ever run out of clinical placements?)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging is awarded to students upon graduation by the University of Hertfordshire in UK. So this is an accelerated Honours programme (3 years) that is recognized globally.

2. Unconventional learning

Education system in Singapore has repeatedly been pointed out as being too theoretical. It is not uncommon to find graduates saying that there is disconnect between what was taught in school and what is required at work. Students learn theory in classroom and go for internship to use Photostat machines.

In the programme, we found that students spend a large amount of time on-the-job itself in hospitals/clinics. Studying is integrated with “internships” known as clinical attachments, interesting, uh? On average, it amounts to 16-21 weeks per year(almost half the time!). It is not surprising that 100% of past batches land a job within 6months after graduation.

Nuffield Radiographers

3. Highlights of the course

Lecturers shared with us that the seniors look forward to year 2 in Radiographic Practice and Image Evaluation 2 module, where students have a choice to do their clinical attachment at a hospital locally or overseas. Seniors have gushed about their experiences in countries such as Australia, UK, Taiwan and many more.

Parkway radiography student in Taiwan Hospital
Taiwan Hospital on-job training


4. Extra plus points studying here

Boys, the gender ratio is in your favour. Each batch is kept small at about 30 students, with an average of 4 to 6 males every year. However, the lecturers, all radiographers by training, noted that males are apt to become radiographers — especially those who feel a close affinity with technology, machines (and being surrounded by caring ladies)

5. Supply and Demand

Did I say that there is a high demand for radiographers and a lack of supply ?

So ?

It is time to apply what you learn in economics.

As most,if not all developed countries around the world are facing the problem of an aging population; radiographers are one of the professions in high demand globally due to increasing demand for radiological services.

This means that you can not only choose to work in Singapore in any one of the various fields that require imaging services eg. Healthcare institutes, specialized clinics, Dental clinics, equipment manufacturers etc, and you can also work overseas and expand your horizons.

If you are really good at what you do,financial incentives to study this course arealso available by various hospitals that have sponsored many students in all 6 batches.

Parkway radiography students
Previous batch of Radiography students

So what can I do now?

Don’t just take it from us… or others.  Find out more information from the horse’s mouth(sorry lecturers)

And here’s your chance:

On 10 June 2016,the University and Parkway College are holding a FREE preview session of their Bachelor course in Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging. Details as shown below:

Date:10 June 2016, Friday
Time:6.30pm to 8.30pm
Venue:Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre (Orchard)
Level 2 Seminar Room
3 Mount Elizabeth Singapore 228510

In Digital Senior, our golden advice to juniors is to go and get a feel of the people and the environment of the course before taking the big plunge. Reading can only provide you with so much intelligence. Stay open to options, as you never know what your interests truly are, until you have seen enough.  Who knows? The eye-opening session may give you more ideas on what you really want(which may or may not be radiography)!

So do head down on 10 June (free one leh)

Only 80 seats (only a few seats left!) are available so do register early in the form below


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    Written by: Shi Man and Ted


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