9 schools to help you become a Korean Language pro

Want to learn Korean? Great news for you: there’re plenty of Korean language schools in Singapore for you to choose from! Here’s a list of schools you can check out.

What does MOE-certified mean?

Basically, these are schools that have applied for the certification and met MOE’s basic statutory requirements. These include things such as building and fire safety requirements. This certification is NOT an endorsement or accreditation of the schools by MOE; rather, it’s just something that might help you in your considerations!

*All fees are accurate as of July 2019 and are in SGD unless otherwise specified. Misc fees and course material fees excluded unless specified. This list is neither exhaustive nor an endorsement of the mentioned courses, so please do adequate research of your own to make sure a favoured course best suits your needs! 

1. Sejong Korean Language School 

Just one of the many videos Sejong Korean Language School has on their channel. Are you motivated to learn Korean yet?

Established by a native Korean teacher and staffed by English-fluent Korean teachers, Sejong Korean Language School teaches with a custom made syllabus closely aligned to the Test of Proficiency in Korea (TOPIK) examinations. The school offers lessons across various levels of mastery and their teachers are hired after scouting and numerous rounds of interviews, before being trained in-house. Currently, there are two branches in Tanjong Pagar and Jurong (classrooms only) respectively.

Class Duration:  1.5 hours weekly, 12 lessons each term

Fees: $360 per term (GST inclusive)

MOE-certified: Yes

SkillsFuture Claimable: Yes (from Beginners to Pre-advance levels)

2. GANADA Korean Language Centre

Located at Bugis, GANADA Korean Language Centre was established in 2011 and staffed by native Korean teachers who have completed the teaching program for Korean Language Teachers conducted by Seoul National University. Ganada Korean Language Centre offers both normal courses and TOPIK exam prep courses, and also holds interesting events regularly. Think bi-monthly Korean cooking lessons and New Year events where you’ll get to try traditional Korean attire, and you’ll be on the right track!

Ganada Korean Language Centre offers a free trial class for prospective students.

Class Duration: 2 hours weekly, 8-10 sessions each level. The centre also offers private lessons on weekdays at 60/hr.

Fees: Around 262-342 after discount

MOE-certified: Yes

SkillsFuture Claimable: Yes

3. Hanok Korean Language School

Located at Jurong East and Tanjong Pagar, Hanok Korean Language School was opened in 2010 by Miss Ong Wann—a Singaporean who graduated from Sogang University Korean Language Centre and Kyunghee University with a Masters degree in Korean Language and Literature. Staffed by Korean teachers, the centre uses their own customized curriculum for their Basic 1 and 2 classes.

Hanok Korean Language Centre offers a free trial class for prospective students. Online assessments are available on their site to help you determine which class you should start with.

Class Duration: 1.5 hours weekly, 12 lessons each level

Fees: $290 per level (excluding course materials)

MOE-certified: Yes

SkillsFuture Claimable: Yes, from Basic to Upper Immediate

4. Daehan Korean Language Centre

The first Korean language school to be opened by native Korean teachers in Singapore, as well as the largest, Daehan Korean Language Centre is located at Kembangan. The centre offers classes focused on oral expression & comprehension, reading, writing and listening. Apart from lessons, Daehan Korean Language Centre also organizes events for students to soak in the Korean culture: examples include an annual Korean Night festival and a 1-week immersion programme to Ehwa Womans University in Seoul.

The centre is supported by the KTO (Korea Tourism Organisation) and Korean Chamber of Commerce. It offers a free trial class for prospective students, plus free makeup classes for existing students.

Class Duration: 1.5 hours once or twice weekly, 10-12 lessons each level. The centre also offers individual lessons on weekdays or Saturday afternoons.

Fees: Please enquire with the centre

MOE-certified: Yes

SkillsFuture Claimable: Yes

5. ezSAM Korean Language Centre

ezSAM Korean Language Centre opened in  2012 and offers classes from beginner to advanced levels. Conveniently located in town (especially for anyone working in the CBD), class sizes are kept small at no more than 16 students. All teachers are native Koreans, and teach a curriculum designed by the Centre. ezSAM Korean Language Centre also offers study tours, cultural exchange programs, and cultural experience events (activities include watching K-movies and trying out Korean instruments).

ezSAM Korean Language Centre offers a free trial class for prospective students.

Class Duration: 2 hours weekly, 8-10 sessions per term

Fees:  $300 per term of 8 sessions and $380 per term of 10 sessions

MOE-certified: Yes

SkillsFuture Claimable: Yes, for basic to pre-intermediate levels

6. ONLYOU Korean Language School

ONLYOU Korean Language School was founded in Miss May Park, who has years of experience teaching Korean as a foreign language in both Korea and Singapore. All teachers hold a teaching license from the Korean government and are professionally trained. Class sizes are kept small at 5-9 students, and the school tries to give its students as many opportunities to practice using Korean as possible. One way it does this is through the creation of group chats for students to communicate with their teachers/peers and ask questions easily. They also do mini quizzes there, too!

Class Duration: 1.5 hours weekly, 8 lessons per term

Fees: $240 for 8 lessons. The centre also offers individual lessons at $50/hour.

MOE-certified: Not at the moment

SkillsFuture Claimable: Yes, for foundation classes and regular classes (beginner to advanced levels)

7. iSpeak Korean Language Centre

Established in 2014, all of iSpeak’s teachers are native Koreans with teaching certificates and years of professional teaching experience.  The centre offers standard courses ranging from Basic to Advanced level, as well as special courses for conversational Korean and TOPIK preparation. Located at North Bridge Road, the centre incorporates lively exercises and Korean culture for informative and entertaining lessons.

iSpeak Korean Language Centre offers a free trial class for prospective students.

Class Duration: 2 hours weekly, 8-10 lessons per term

Fees: $300-$360

MOE-certified: Not at the moment

SkillsFuture Claimable: Yes, for Basic and Pre-intermediate classes

8. NUS Centre for Language Studies (Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences)

Offered with busy working professionals in mind, the Korean Language Programme offered by the NUS Centre for Language Studies aims to take learners to Beginner proficiency. Each level culminates in an assessment to determine if students can proceed to the next level. Level 1 aims to help students hold basic conversations in Korean, level 2 aims to help students master tasks related to numbers, and level 3 focuses on the Korean culture and environment.

Class Duration: 3 hours weekly, 10 sessions per level
Fees: $642 each level
SkillsFuture Claimable: Yes

9. Singapore Polytechnic

While not a dedicated Korean language school, Singapore Polytechnic does offer a series of Korean language, culture, and etiquette lessons through the PACE Academy. Called Survival Korean, those interested in learning Korean in a non-academic way and setting will be taken through topics such as the Korean Alphabet, Greetings and Greeting Etiquette, Traditional Korean Games, and so on. Course takers will be issued a Certificate of Performance if they have met 75% of attendance and pass an assessment.

Class Duration: 2 hours twice weekly, for 15 sessions

Fees: $417.30

SkillsFuture Claimable: Yes


We hope this list has been a good starting point for you in your Korean language learning journey! Fighting!


  1. Your definition for MOE certification is correct but the part on qualified teachers does not extend to Korean language teachers as Korean language is not one of third languages offered by Singapore Cambridge!
    If you want to find a qualified Korean teacher, look for Certificate of Korean Language Teacher by KOREAN government. Notice there is no MOE institutions like NIE that trains Korean teachers in Sg

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for your input! We’ve approved your comment so that readers can see it, and will revise the definition accordingly.

      – The DS team


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