Which Degree Should You Get in Singapore? – A Comparison of Graduate Incomes and Employment Rate

Let me be straight with you. In my opinion, income isn’t everything you should look at when choosing your degree course or even a job. Paving your future ahead of you based on money is most certainly not the way to go. Passion and interest should play a crucial role in your decision on what to study in university. Finding a job with meaning will fuel you so much more than finding one that earns you the most money.

However, to say that income doesn’t matter at all is an outright lie. Employability and income is most definitely important to the average Singaporean who wishes to survive in this urban metropolis amidst rising living costs. So if you are curious as to which degrees will get you from rags to riches, here’s the top degrees with the highest mean incomes and employability.


GES 2014 Infographic

*All data shown is derived from the MOE Graduate Employment Survey 2014 (Published in 2015).


It would be wise to bear in mind that these numbers do not reflect pay-per-hour, so it would be wise to note that some jobs which may pay a lot of money, require you to work extraordinarily hard and devote countless hours into studying and working in order to perfect your craft. To put it simply, you reap what you sow. There isn’t a way to success and riches without hard work.

It is worthwhile to note that most of these top-earning degrees require extremely good A level grades. So I hope the greatest takeaway from this article isn’t the $$$ but the notion to work hard for your future.

Last but not least, I have to reiterate that choosing your profession should be influenced, but not determined by your pay grade. Most definitely, don’t choose to become a doctor just to get rich, please save the few limited spots of this noble profession to those who truly want to do good. For a detailed breakdown of the GES of all courses in all universities, check out GES 2015.




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