A sneak peak into the Future Academy : the most insta-worthy campus of today

You must have heard the news about Singapore transforming into a smart nation. By 2025, theoretically,our lives would be drastically improved by technology.

With new technologies such as driverless car, virtual reality & holography, it is hard to ignore the fact that the world is really changing.

Scenes from movies such as Terminator or Mission Impossible that we thought were impossible(no pun intended) may not be so far fetched at all.

Have you wondered if your education can keep up with all the changes in the environment fast enough to prepare you for the workplace of the future ?

In this report by Forbes in 2013, it is said that the failure to incorporate technology has rendered most education systems obsolete.


Education evolves with economical demands. Singapore was once a manufacturing hub(or fishing village if you really want to delve into history).

Today it is a world class financial centre, a bustling trading capital and a soon-to-be breeding ground for top-notch technology.

Can the conventional classroom prepare you for the high-tech world of Singapore ?

PSB Academy has answered that question with a whopping $15 million investment into a new campus, aka the ‘Future Academy’

You may have seen the news in Straits Times and elsewhere in 2016 and suppose that  future academy is not happening anytime soon.

The future is here

Being a reader of Digital Senior, you are in for a real treat.

Future Academy, after a long time in the making, is being unveiled for the 1st time to the public. With limited backstage passes available, trust me,you will want to grab your tickets fast.

Some interesting facts about this campus

It is located in Marina square shopping centre taking up 100,000 sq ft (≈ 84 5-room flats) across 2 floors. Never knew there is such a space in Marina ? Now’s your chance to see.

Check out design features inspired by natural landscapes reminiscent of trekking trails, cliff faces and caverns, plus automated dynamic lighting to simulate outdoor experience. All that in a city campus.

How can the technology be missing from future academy? With frontless classroom, writing walls, acoustically-treated facilities and more educational innovations, be prepared to drop your jaws

The open house

Visitors at the open house will have the exclusive chance to view PSB’s freshly revamped, Insta-worthy campus. (Do note that the campus will be fully opened only in May 2017. Think of this event as a VIP backstage preview before the full launch.)

You’ll also get to experience how this futuristic-looking campus is not only gorgeous, but packed with cutting-edge learning equipment. In addition to the usual talks and tours, PSB will be rolling out virtual reality activities and workshops for you to get hands-on with their style of learning. Whether or not you’re already set on going to PSB (careful, the campus might just steal your heart!), going for their open house will definitely be a fun, enriching way to spend your Saturday afternoon.

Here’s a handy sum-up of some highlights you can look forward to:

Virtual reality activities

In terms of smart learning, PSB’s high-tech campus is definitely leading the way in Singapore. The School of Engineering and Technology and the School of Life and Physical Sciences will showcase their groundbreaking use of virtual reality technology in teaching, and visitors will have the chance to test out the kind of Smart Nation experience that the new batch of students will get.

Free workshops and public lectures

In addition to a course preview of all programs, PSB has lined up a whole bunch of talks and workshops by experts that give you a glimpse of what your chosen industry is all about. These talks are a must-see because they’re where you can get a good sense of the kinds of content and skillsets you’ll learn – those interested in business, for example, can attend the workshop “Writing a Winning Proposal” by a PSB lecturer.

More importantly, this is also your chance to explore the vibrant diversity of learning options that all good universities should offer. You can learn how to calculate your body fat percentage through skinfold measurement at the “YMCA Step Test and Skinfold Test” workshop, then head over to the School of Postgraduate Studies to muse about productivity in the future economy.

For a full list of workshops and lectures available, take a look at PSB’s programme schedule.


Rebates for sign-ups to programmes

Everyone loves a steal, and that’s just what PSB is offering at their open house (no, I’m not just talking about the goodie bags). Students who sign up at the open house will be able to get amazing rebates to many of their programmes, including business, engineering and computer science – this means less financial worry and less student loans to pay off in future! What’s more, this event also marks a special day for PSBA where representatives from SINDA, Eurasion Association and MENDAKI will be present to kick off an initiative handing out 2.7million worth of scholarship to students !


Okay now for the best part. As Singaporeans, I promise you will love this. The backstage pass is FREE. However, the marina campus is not a football stadium and cannot take the whole Singapore. Be sure to sign up to secure your pass for 14th January , Saturday.

Secure your ticket now !

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