6 Digital Marketing Jobs to Explore

Exploring a career in Digital Marketing? This article is for you! We share about the different digital marketing jobs you’ll find in the field, so that you can better understand the industry and what skills you may need to hone.

Quick Facts About the Field

  • According to a report published by Research and Markets, the Southeast Asian Digital Advertising Market is slated to reach $58.63 billion in market value by 2031[1]
  • 63% of the world uses the internet, which is why digital marketing couldn’t be more important today
  • Advertising spend for digital channels made up the lion’s share of global ad spend in 2022 (55.5%), according to the latest dentsu Global Ad Spend Forecast report[2]

How much do Digital Marketing Professionals Earn?

Here are some figures for a rough gauge!

Role Monthly Salary (SGD)
Digital Marketing Executive2,600–4,700
Digital Marketing Specialist4,500–6,000
Digital Marketing Manager6,000–11,000

Source/credits: PERSOLKELLY 2022/2023 Singapore Salary Guide[3][4]

Digital Marketing Roles

If you’re new to the industry, have you decided how you’d like to begin your digital marketing career? You could begin at an advertising or media agency, which are creative companies that provide organisations marketing products and services. Famous examples of agencies include Ogilvy, and Saatchi & Saatchi.

You could also work for an in-house marketing team. Both routes offer pros and cons, and help you grow in different ways. Here are some of their differences in brief.

In-House MarketerAgency
– Opportunity to develop industry expertise
– Focus on specific product(s) or service(s)
– Greater exposure to how different functions/departments of a business operates
– Greater autonomy
– Clients may hail from a wide range of industries, giving you exposure
– More opportunities to work on different types of campaigns
– (Usually) fast-paced due to quicker turnarounds
– Improved client management skills


The next thing to decide is your field of interest, or to find out which role your skill sets match with! Do note that your job scope and title varies depending on the organisation: some may require you to do a bit of everything while some may require you to specialise. As such, do read any job listing carefully.

1) Social Media Marketer

What’s hot these days? As a social media marketer, this is something you must know! Your job is to manage and grow your client/company’s social media presence on platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube.

This is achieved through analysing social media trends and creating relevant shareable content, building a content pipeline, launching and monitoring campaigns, tracking campaign performance, communicating with followers and collaborators (such as influencers), monitoring industry and competitor’s social strategies and more.

2) Content Strategist

In digital marketing, content strategy often refers to content marketing strategy. Content marketing strategy involves the planning and creating of content that helps clients/an organisation connect with its current audience, and generate new leads — with the end goal of achieving chosen business objectives. This content can be for blogs, social media, videos, infographics, and anything else you can think of!

To do this, content strategists create and maintain editorial calendars, optimise their content to be SEO-friendly for different platforms, monitor content reception with analytics tools to determine their ROI, conduct research, develop content style and governance guidelines, and more. While used interchangeably with other job titles, content strategists are typically seniors or those leading a content marketing team.

3) PPC Executive

Short for pay per click (also known as cost per click), PPC executives work on paid advertising campaigns that direct audiences to a designated landing page. PPC encompasses Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

A PPC executive’s duties include trend analysis, keyword research, writing engaging ad copy, optimising campaigns based on data and client budget, account management, and generating client reports. PPC Executives are also known as Performance Marketing Specialists.

4) SEO Specialist

SEO specialists focus on improving a website’s traffic and search engine ranking through tests, changes and optimisation. This can involve link building, page optimisation, keyword optimisation for site content, improving website architecture, monitoring search engine algorithims and more. Often, their job scope crosses paths with, or is subsumed under other digital marketing roles, such as content marketing.

5) Copywriter

Digital copywriters write persuasive copy for online content, with the goal to persuade and sell. They could write for landing pages, blog articles, newsletters, ads, social media posts and more.

Apart from writing, copywriters also have to communicate with clients, proofread and edit their work, and conduct research to understand industry trends as well as target demographics. Most digital marketing roles require copywriting skills to some degree.

6) Account Executive

Account executives are usually a client’s main point of contact, and they are responsible for managing and building relationships with prospective and existing customers. Their client management work includes the managing of expectations, understanding the client’s needs and business objectives, and proposing suitable digital marketing solutions to drive sales. They also have to work closely with other teams to communicate their insights and offer clients the best service.

This is one of the more front-facing jobs in the digital marketing industry, so you will have to get comfortable interacting and speaking with people.

We hope our introduction has been helpful, and all the best as you embark on your digital marketing career! Here are some links you can check out if you’re looking for more information on the field:

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Best of luck!


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