3 Places to Study at in NTU

Before I start, I would like to wish everyone reading a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! With the new year, it means we would be returning to campus, and going back into the groove of studying. I know that there are a few places to study, but I am here to recommend some new places to study within the NTU campus.

I haven’t been in NTU long, and I would say I haven’t found my permanent study spot yet, but I have compiled a list of places to study at and why I enjoy them.

Location 1: Experimental Medicine Building 

Firstly, I would recommend Level 3 of the Experimental Medicine Building, where June’s Breathe Café is. The café itself offers a bunch of yummy foods to eat or snack on whilst studying. Furthermore, it has a very calm and peaceful ambience with a great view.

It was a new find for me after going there to class for my Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core (ICC) modules. It has a great view too! It was definitely easy for me to become productive and do my work. The downside is that there are not many seats or plugs, and it may get crowded after classes end for the ICC modules, and during lunchtime.

Location 2: S4 Reading Room

Secondly, I really enjoyed the S4 Reading Room. It has more plugs, and some tables even have a screen to project your computer on in case you want to discuss any group projects. However, it is a very popular study spot amongst students. I have had instances where I was unable to find a seat because of how crowded it was.

Location 3: CoHASS

Thirdly, if you don’t mind not having aircon, another choice would be the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (CoHASS) Basement. Beside the seminar rooms, there are multiple benches with plugs available. I like the vibes here because it’s near nature, and quite secluded, so I am able to have quiet and productive sessions whenever I am there. The only problem is if it rains or if it’s particularly too hot during the day, which makes you uncomfortable.

Luckily, there is a computer room nearby in the basement of CoHASS as well, which my friends have recommended highly as a studying spot. Usually, I don’t see many people in the computer room, but apparently, it provides a conducive environment to study, just that it apparently gets too cold sometimes! (So, remember to bring a jacket if you do go there)

I have heard of one new unconventional place to study from a friend, but before that revelation, I would like to go through the typical study spots for students.

Some typical study spots would be the libraries at NBS, and the Hive. Furthermore, there is also the Student Hub at the Arc, which also hosts Productivity Rooms for groups to practice their presentations or study together. The Student Hub used to be one of my favourite spots to study — there were tables meant for one student, plugs, and it is so quiet. I was also surrounded by so many students who also wanted to study, which motivated me. The problem is that it does get very crowded and closes at night.

For those who love to pull all-nighters, like me, the popular choices on campus are the TRs at both the Hive and the ARC. However, if you plan to study there overnight, remember to keep the door open because it will lock the minute it closes. So, if you forget to leave it open when you go for a toilet break, you would need to wait until the next morning to retrieve your stuff.

Some other popular places are the benches at the South Spine basement, and the benches outside the LTs. I have studied there before, but usually, it will be out of convenience because I have a class nearby or a friend that invited me to study there. It’s an okay study spot, but personally, it gets too stuffy for me sometimes and has quite a few distractions because of all the people walking past.

Now, onto the unconventional study spot. I am not sure how many students know of this, but the first floor of the Chinese Heritage Centre at Yunnan Gardens is actually a place meant for students to study. I heard from a friend that it houses benches and plugs for students to use when studying. While I haven’t visited myself yet, I might take a peek if I am on campus this upcoming semester.

For my fellow students, I hope this list somewhat helped you find a new spot to study, and good luck for semester 2! 😊


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