12 websites for tennis lessons in Singapore to clinch those aces

Ever consider playing tennis before?

Think about the classic racket sports. Table tennis is literally played at a table. In that sense, you don’t really have to move around all that much. Meanwhile, badminton requires movement around the court. Still, the shuttlecock is light and can easily be manipulated by a flick of the wrist.

Tennis, though, is a whole different ball game. You see, in tennis, the ball has weight. You have to use your entire arm to capture the weight of the ball and propel it forward. Being more physical, it challenges your entire body, and is in the same way also potentially more exhilarating.

For the very same reason, tennis also has a higher barrier of entry. It might take a bit of guidance to get the body mechanics down, such as rotating your waist while swinging the racket, following through with the ball etcetera…

Access to tennis courts is also a factor. If you want to book public sports facilities, you need only search on the ActiveSg app. There, a sharp contrast can be found. While there are dozens of badminton courts available for booking, you’ll see only ten public tennis courts!! That limits you from playing unless you happen to live in a condominium with such a facility.

But never fear! Isn’t ten still a pretty great number? These courts are also located all over Singapore! Meanwhile, you can also take some introductory, foundational courses to get you started.

This article introduces where you can look to take tennis lessons.

1: Banana Tennis Academy

For adults, Banana Tennis Academy offers both private lessons (max 2 pax) and group lessons (max 4 pax). Even if you don’t have any friends to play tennis with, it’s perfectly fine. There is the option of joining the ongoing group classes too. Many new friendships have been forged in the process.

The Academy seems to allow for classes at any of the locations with public tennis courts around Singapore while also catering to those with a condo/private court. Hence, this seems like an effective way to find fellow tennis lovers living around the same area for the long term.

The website is fairly streamlined and provides a lot of useful information on tennis that you can refer to as well as reviews. Booking takes a mere 2 minutes and follow up to enquiries is apparently very fast, according to reviews on the site.

Website: https://www.tennissg.com

Price: $480/4 hours for private, $180/4 hours for group

2: Jun Tennis Academy

Jun Tennis Academy offers tennis lessons for all levels and ages, focusing on the 3 core fundamentals of footwork, technique and strategy. Their brand seeks to deliver the highest quality tennis lessons in Singapore. Both individual and group lessons (ideally 2 to 4 people) are available. However, you’ll have to find your own friends to form the group.

Their tennis coaches will travel to any tennis court in Singapore. Thus, one need not worry about having to travel to some fixed, faraway location just to have their lesson. However, the court fees are not included in the lessons fees as students will have to book it themselves.

Many glowing reviews can be found on their website. Apparently, on top of being punctual, the coaches are skilled at identifying the inefficiencies and bad habits in the strokes of the players and helping to correct them.

Website: https://www.junboytennis.com

Price: $85 – $120/ hour for individual, $105 – $145/ lesson for (entirety of) group

3: Future Sports Academies

Future Sports Academies offers both private and group classes for adults (up to 6 people), catering to those of the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The group classes allow one to meet and train with fellow tennis lovers. There’s also an option to start a private group class with your friends.

While also catering to those who would like to train at their own condominium court, Future Sports Academies conducts most of their tennis programmes under a roof at CCs all around Singapore. Their objective after all is for everyone to have access to tennis within 2km of their residence.

The website is fairly easy to navigate and explore, providing useful information about tennis as well as reviews. There is a no-brainer enquiry form on the home page which can be filled up in a flash to indicate your preferences.

Website: https://futuresportsacademies.com

Price: $90 – $120/hour for individual (+ court fee), $30 – $50/hour/pax for group


SITA offers private lessons ranging from 1-4 pax. While there are technically some adult sessions available where you might get to meet and play with others, these happen at fixed weekday timings. A good number of them are on mornings too.

SITA’s venues are limited and may require a bit more travel time depending. They include the Tanglin area, the Keppel area and some Harbourfront condominiums. Therefore, people may prefer finding alternatives with more flexible locations.

Website: https://www.sitatennis.com/

Price (per hour): $105 – $125 for 1 pax, $120 – $140 for 2 pax, $135 – $ 150 for 3 pax, $140 – $160 for 4 pax

5: Sophiaansgtennis

Sophiaansgtennis offers private individual and group lessons which come cheaper together in a package. They are flexible locationwise as it is also public court slash condominium. By the way, Sophiaan is (or was) ranked 15 on the national rankings and has lofty ambitions.

Website: https://www.sophiaansgtennis.com/

Price: $800 1 pax 10 lessons, $850 2 pax 10 lessons (+ $100 per additional pax), 1 lesson = 1 hour

6: Modern Tennis Singapore

Modern Tennis Singapore offers private lessons ranging from 1-4 pax at public courts or condominiums. Their pricing is based on 10 lessons (1 hour per lesson) plus they will refund fully if you are dissatisfied with the 1st trial lesson. They have a convenient enquiry form and many coaches.

Website: https://www.moderntennis.sg/

Price: $90 for 1 pax, $50/pax for 2 pax, $30 – $35/pax for 3-4 pax

7: BTennis

BTennis offers both private and group lessons. However, if you wish to join the latter, which can accommodate up to 6 people, you probably should enquire with them to find out more about it. The website mentions that the most popular group lessons are held at Farrer Park/St Wilfred. Yet, it’s unknown if there are other up-and-running groups around Singapore or if they’re actually all around that area.

As for the private lessons, depending on the timeslot, BTennis, which consists of 2 foreign coaches, may go over to where you are. Some other timeslots would mean lessons at Farrer Park, a condominium in Novena or Suntec City.

Website: https://btennis.sg/

Price: For 1-2 pax, $100 – $120 (1 hour), $150 – $180 (1.5 hours)  For group, $35 – $40 (per pax 1 hour), $55 (per pax 1.5 hour), $70 (per pax 2 hours)

8: Shazam Tennis Academy/ 9: Play Tennis

Shazam Tennis Academy offers private (individual) classes, pair classes and group classes. Still, while the group classes may allow you to meet new friends, they’re only held in Orchard and Bedok. Ah, and Farrer Park and Suntec City too. Five people are assigned to one coach max and they have 6 different modules you can book.

Meanwhile, you may choose to hold your own classes at either your own condominium, Bedok, Farrer Park, Kallang, Yio Chu Kang, Paris Ris or Bendemeer. Well, that’s like a death knell for the Westies already, isn’t it.

As far as I can tell, these two websites offer the exact same thing. Like, why do they even have two different websites then? I literally have no idea. Well, just use either.

Website: https://www.tenniscoach.sg/, https://www.playtennis.sg

Price (four 1 hour lessons): $400 for individuals, $240/pax for pairs, $188/pax for group

10: Tennis Champs Co

Tennis Champs Co is a one-man show by a Japanese coach named Nakamura Kazuki. He was a former national player for Singapore who participated in many different tennis competitions, even winning some of these. He has seven years of coaching experience. Many positive reviews can be found at the bottom of the website.

Coach Kazuki can accommodate busy schedules and travel to different locations for the lesson. He can provide a court at the East side of Singapore. His fees exclude public court booking.

Website: https://tennischampsco.com/

Price ($5-10 cheaper if 6-10 lessons): $100/hour for Private (Individual), $60/hour/pax for Pair, $45/hour/pax for group (3 or more pax)

11: Arrow Tennis

At Arrow Tennis, adults begin at Learn To Play Tennis (LTPT) Level 3 and eventually graduate to Level 4. Afterwards, they can progress to a different programme called Learn To Compete Tennis. Based on a single 1 hour lesson per week, they estimate that LTPT Levels 3 and 4 will each take around 6-12 months to pass. Of course, if you’ve learnt tennis before, you can apply for an assessment and skip grades.

There are both LTPT group lessons and LTPT private lessons available. They all require a 1-time registration fee of $30/student. For both group and private lessons, the maximum is 4 students per class. The tennis classes are available all across Singapore, meaning that one may be lucky enough to find a location near their home to attend classes at. This also means potentially meeting like-minded people as a result.

Website: https://www.tennislessons.sg/

Price: For group, $35/lesson, $120/4 lessons (1 month), $330/12 lessons (3 months) For private, up to $100/1 hour lesson (depending on coach) + $10/additional pax, packages with discounts also available

12: Tag International Tennis Academy

Tag International Tennis Academy has private tennis lessons as its platinum standard. Also, they seek to only hire the best players turned coaches from the region. As such, these coaches have decades of instructional and professional competitive experience worldwide. They conduct tennis lessons anywhere in Singapore, the ActiveSg centres, 2 HometeamNS locations and 4 Safra locations included. The website has the full list.

Website: https://tagtennis.org/

Price (anywhere in Singapore, inclusive of court hire): $900 for 10 hour package, $2125 for 25 hour package, $4000 for 50 hour package, ad hoc $95/hour)


And there you have it! A list of places where you can learn tennis in Singapore, for which the prices are readily available online. Some have many coaches while others have one or two. Some will allow you to make new friends while others do not provide such an opportunity. It really all depends on what you want. Do check out Google Reviews as well as ascertain if the booking fee for the court is included in the lesson fees!

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for tennis partners around your area, do check out the Rovo app! It conveniently helps to match you with enthusiasts of not just tennis but other sports too. In addition, it allows you and others to rate your skills so that you can play with those of a similar skill level. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Alright, see you on the tennis courts!


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