Digital Supply Chain – a degree for the future?

Imagine a world where products are shipped before the customer places an order. Where the supply chain can be bought as a service, and paid based on its usage. Where performance management systems can identify risks and change supply chain parameters – without human involvement.
This isn’t the premise of an Arthur C. Clarke science-fiction novel, but an ecosystem that is gradually taking shape, propelled by numerous emerging technologies. Also known as Supply Chain 4.0, this paradigm shift will transform supply chain management and consumer expectations – and dramatically change the careers of our future.

Welcome to the next normal.

With the COVID-19 pandemic exposing inherent vulnerabilities in global supply chains, the pace of digital transformation has only accelerated. This has led to the creation of intelligent supply chains that are nimble, elastic and transparent.

Harnessing new technologies such as blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital supply chains have the potential to completely automate digital operations and customer solutions.

But the reimagining of supply chains call for new competences within the workforce. This is the perfect time for you to grasp pivotal concepts, so as to bridge skills gaps of the future.

A course that readies you for the digital future.

With an eye on the challenges ahead, the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) recently launched a new degree programme: The Bachelor of Science with Honours in Digital Supply Chain (DSC).

As a 3-year direct honours programme, it focuses on imparting interdisciplinary knowledge in Infocomm Technology (ICT), Engineering and Supply Chain Management. This is in response to the digital transformation driven by Industry 4.0, and national digitalisation initiatives.

“Our modules are carefully designed to equip students with cutting-edge skill sets”, says programme leader Assistant Professor David Lin.

As digitalisation transforms existing jobs and creates new ones, emerging technologies will enable the next wave of opportunities. With the creation of disruptive supply chain business and operational models, the right talents will be needed to unlock the full potential of the industry.

Industry tours are another integral part of the programme, so as to further immerse students’ authentic environments and observe the sector’s changing needs. This allows undergraduates to better grasp the entirety of supply chains and logistics processes, work on real-world problems, and come up with innovative solutions.

For graduates, the programme is a gateway to multiple career paths. For instance, they could take up the role of supply chain manager at a manufacturing or logistics company, or procurement manager with an e-commerce or retail business.

Notably, the programme’s forward-looking curriculum will go beyond imparting domain-specific technical skills. One of the key objectives is to equip undergraduates with the means for career enhancement, critical and creative thinking – while cultivating a growth mindset for lifelong learning.

But the journey doesn’t necessarily end with a Bachelor’s degree. After graduation, students can also choose to pursue a postgraduate Master’s degree or PhD, in affiliated fields such as supply chain management, business analytics, operations management, software engineering, infocomm technology, engineering management, and so on.

The degree’s focus on the operations and management of logistics and supply chain could also appeal to Gen Z-ers who are keen to know more about e-commerce or even start their own online business.

“You’ll be motivated to nurture an innovative spirit”, adds Asst. Professor Lin. To ensure that the curriculum stays relevant to industry demands, reviews with industry experts are conducted periodically.

Find your place at the next business frontier.

Tomorrow’s business environment requires a new crop of supply chain talents. SIT’s Bachelor of Science with Honours in Digital Supply Chain (DSC) has the answer.

If you truly want to have a hand in our digital future, don’t miss this opportunity. Find out more about SITs new programme and admissions today.


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