NUS Science Club

NUS Science Club

Since 1980, the NUS Students' Science Club strives to not only to promote the welfare of Science students, but also aspires to increase student vibrancy in the Faculty, creating memorable experiences for all students of the Faculty.
As a constituent club under NUSSU, NUS Students' Science also serves as a representative platform to provide an active voice for the student population. In accordance with the motto, Unity Through Participation, NUS Students' Science Club aims to cultivate a sense of familial belonging among the various stakeholders in the Faculty of Science through the quality events that offer avenues for participation and interaction. This is accomplished by a team of 17 passionate student leaders, of which 15 are management committee members and 2 project directors. They are joined by their sub-committees which broadly falls under either the Freshmen Orientation Projects Committees or the Standing Committees. In addition, NUS Students' Science Club also works hand in hand with the various academic societies in the Faculty of Science through Academic Discipline Coordinating Committee (ADCC) which seeks to improve and to protect the interest and the well-being of the students.

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