NUS Motoring Club

NUS Motoring Club

Founded in 1993, the NUS Motoring Club believes in promoting a sustainable and popular youth motorsports and motoring culture in Singapore through the ideals of education, exposure and responsibility.We specialise in creating exposure of motorsports and automotive events for the NUS community and the youth at large. We believe that everyone should be exposed to safe and responsible motoring and motorsports at a young age as this will allow them to be confident and mature drivers and adults in the future.The Club is a strong advocate of heritage and history of Singapore and Malaysia and is keenly involved in organising road trips that attempt to share these two ideals with all participants regardless of nationality.As an affiliate of the Singapore Motor Sports Association (SMSA), the Club acts as a key platform for the planning and management of programmes related to youth motorsports, and the operations of such programmes through our extensive experience in youth motorsports initiatives.The Club works closely with the SMSA on various operational areas and regularly assists in SMSA-sanctioned motorsports events in Singapore.

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