NUS Interfaith

NUS Interfaith

WHO are we?

-       NUS Interfaith has its humble beginning as an interest group in 2005 under the University Scholars Programme. Today, membership is open to the NUS community and we are part of the NUS Community Engagement Programme (CEP) Network.

-       We are a small gathering of individuals from various religious and non religious backgrounds who come together with the key intent of fostering understanding through inter-faith activities
-       Our members, both past & present, come diverse faith backgrounds, including Buddhists, Baha’is, Christians, Catholics, Hindus, Muslims and also free thinkers.

WHAT we do?
-       We have organized various talks and dialogues to engage the students about different religious beliefs and how religion plays a part in Singapore society. In 2013, we organized talks on ‘Jihad’, ‘Zoroastrianism’ and ‘Secular Humanism’.  More recently, in February, we had the privilege to host a sharing with the French Interfaith World Tour team on youth involvement in interfaith relations.

-       We also believe in collaborating with the faith & cultural societies on campus as well as the Office of Student Affairs to reach out to a wider audience. Our collaboration has been an encouraging and meaningful endeavour!

-       In our own capacity, members are encouraged to attend lectures and participate in conferences to educate ourselves about the wider interfaith scene. Some of us have also taken up the opportunity to organise interfaith event with external agencies.

WHY we do it?-       Different members have different personal reasons for joining group. However, we all share the same belief that there is a need for mutual understanding and respect among people of different faiths.

-       We believe that engagement and dialogue is the key to clarify any misconceptions & preconceptions and also essential to create a culture of understanding beyond tolerance.
-       Most importantly, we believe that the youth have an active stake in interfaith relations.

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