NTU Snooker & Pool


NTUSPC is a sub-club under NTU Sports Club. As its name suggests, NTUSPC brings pool and snooker enthusiasts under one roof. On top of weekly trainings for its competitive players, NTUSPC also holds fortnightly sessions for its recreational players. Competitive players are sent to participate in inter-varsity tournaments, whilst recreational players are encouraged to participate in the events organized by the club. These events serve to further facilitate the interaction amongst cue sports enthusiasts in NTU, and they include competitive ones such as the NTU Snooker Championship and the NTU Pool Open, as well as non-competitive activities like Snooker and Pool Clinics and NTU Pool Outing. In the following academic year, NTUSPC is proud to bring to NTU these following events, in which we hope to have the student population's greatest support.


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