NTU RSP Intellectually Disabled

NTU RSP Intellectually Disabled

Regular Service Project for the Intellectually Disabled (RSPID) was formed in 1985 and was the first RSP of NTU Welfare Services Club. RSPID is currently working together with West End, one of the project groups under MINDS MYG, to conduct weekly sessions for our beneficiaries, who are People with Intellectually Disablity (PWIDs).

RSPID’s session comprise of different segments which are planned and executed by our dedicated volunteers. Through enriching activities and fun-filled outings, we aims to impart useful social skills and proper ethnics to the beneficiaries and develop their potential to the fullest. RSPID also serves as an avenue for undergraduates from Nanyang Technological University to give direct service to the beneficiaries.


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