NTU Piano Ensemble

NTU Piano Ensemble

NTU Piano Ensemble was founded in 2002. Since the formation, it has engaged many piano enthusiasts in NTU. Members have the chance not only to play solo pieces, but also duets and two-piano works from different eras: baroque, classical, romantic, and contemporary.

Piano ensemble has performed in numerous concerts in NTU, Jubilee Concert Hall, and Esplanade Recital Studio. The Esplanade concert has received warm welcome from the audience ever since the first debut in 2005. Master Class is one of our many activities, which held regularly on the weekly basis with aim to further refine the playing of members.

Our activities are also directed towards the community. We embrace the spirit of serving the community as an ensemble. We performed at numerous occasions, which include NTU Alumni Nights, NTU Lunchtime concert and Alexandra Hospital; where our pianists are expose to more performing experience, at the same time cultivate a heart towards the community.

In Piano Ensemble, we have a vision to bring piano music to a greater height and promote piano appreciation to students in NTU.

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