NTU Guitar Ensemble

NTU Guitar Ensemble

The beginnings were humble. They always are. A handful of students, sharing the same passion for music, for guitar, came together. It wasn't a fairy tale. It never is. Through the ensuing trials and tribulations, they persevered. We persevered.

That was, as of 2008, twenty-three years ago, when Nanyang Technological University's one and only Guitar Ensemble was born as a sister club of the Cultural Activities Club. Throughout the years, the Ensemble has made many public appearances, most notably the Guitar Festival organised by our conductor, Mr. Thomas, and the annual concert, The Nocturne a showcase of both our achievements, and an outreach to fellow guitar enthusiasts in the audience.

As an Orchestra of Guitars, a wide array of guitars are used to achieve the full orchestral range (or close to it) of pitch and tone. Soprano and Alto guitars, with their smaller size, deliver a higher pitch range whilst Prime guitars, guitars that which you will be most accustomed to seeing, produce the full body of music. The Bass Guitars; Guitarron and Contrabass form the firm foundations of our music with its low but warm and resounding tone. This range of guitars originates from the guitar-orchestra music of Hiroki Niibori. Armed with this, the NTU Guitar Ensemble strives to gain exposure in all facets of music from Classical to Contemporary; Latin to Jazz, and even Chinese and English pop music.

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