NTU Chinese Society

NTU Chinese Society

Nanyang Technological University Chinese Society (NTUCS) is one of the tier-1 student organizations in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. It has about 7000 registered members every year, which mainly consist of undergraduates from NTU. The predecessor of NTUCS was established in 1984, which at that time was known as Nanyang Technological Institute (NTI) Chinese Society. Later in 1991, NTI was merged with National Institute of Education (NIE) to form the present-day Nanyang Technological University. Since then, it is formally known as Nanyang Technological University Chinese Society.With over 30 years of contribution and experience, the organization of NTUCS has expanded largely today. There are currently 8 supporting groups under NTUCS, who support and maintain the executive functions of the organization, as well as 7 cultural groups that are responsible for promoting Chinese culture to the members.In addition to that, NTUCS has been organizing a lot of activities and events. Every year, there are around 15 special events organized throughout the year, which include some national competitions such as Singapore Tertiary Chinese Literature Awards (STCLA), Music Express and National Chinese Calligraphy Competition (NCCC). Whereas, international competition includes Asia Pacific Chinese Debate Open Tournament.We hope that we, as part of the Chinese community, can play our significant role in getting more and more people to expose to the 5000 years of deep-rooted Chinese culture.

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