NTU Chinese Drums


NTU CAC Chinese Drum Club is constituted by a group of student who are passionate about 24 Seasons Drum, which is a performance art that originated from Malaysia. As the name of art suggests, the performance is usually done by 24 drummers that represent different seasons in farming context, play the drum with variation of actions and beats. So far, the club has a history of 10 years already with more than 10 major performances annually. All the drummers in the club train diligently every week and never fail to amaze the audience with their powerful performance at different event and ceremonies. We are proud to mention that our performance at the Singapore Chinese Scholars Association Chinese New Year Concert was highly commented in the local newspaper” Lian He Zao Bao”. This further motivates all the club members to work together to bring the club and our performances to an even higher level.


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