Top 5 Comebacks For People Who Question My Choice in Life

Summer has always been here arrived! For many of us, the University acceptance period will soon draw to a close. Cue the outpour of emotions good and bad, and as people in our lives start questioning what we are going to do with our lives (and why not something better), conversations can easily turn into fiery discussions. But, given the charm we are all born with, here are some easy tricks to turn down the heat this summer!

#1 The “Nice” Comeback

It goes something along the lines of …

“Don’t worry I will do my best to do you proud. If you love me, then believe in me.”

Works well on: Grandparents, parents, teachers and anyone you respect who genuinely cares for you. Especially effective if they are have a soft spot deep down (somewhere) for you.

Seal of approval

Why it works:  This comeback offers several perks. Firstly, it is a display of our maturity by acknowledging that the other party has well intentions. Also, it works wonders in resolving tension with some mushy family love. Ultimately, no one really wants to be the bad guy, they just want to be seen at their best in our eyes. In fact, that has been their goal in life since the day we were born. Besides, this is a powerful motivation for us to succeed now that a promise has been made to someone important. Win-win situation indeed.

#2 The “I Did My Research And You Can’t Question THAT” Comeback

If manipulating their love for you doesn’t work, we can always go by the book and win them over with facts. Here are some classic lines of argument, feel free to use them in any combination accordingly to fit your needs…

According to  research/the news/experts/ any respectable magazine,website or person,

(a) The most promising fields/careers to pursue in the next   5/10/20   years will be *insert your life decision here*,
(b) This school has risen by  an impressive number of  places OR is in the top  10/20/50  world ranking of     some cool list. 
(c)   Someone successful or famous or rich  also did *insert your life decision here*
(d)  *Insert your life decision here will be the highest    paying/most sought after/ most valuable/most versatile    degree in the next   5/10/20  years.
(e)  *Insert your life decision here*   is rising in   Asia/China/India/EU/US/Middle East/any part of the world.


Works well on: Older siblings who baby you less and did not fall for #1. Generally, this should work on cold-blooded rational, no-nonsense, highly-informed people.
Why it works:  Because.

The Truth


#3 The Comeback that is so “Deep and Admirable, I’m Lost For Words …”

Try saying something like..

“We never know what will happen in the future. Anything can happen. I choose to follow my heart.”

Works well on: Peers and easily impressed people.


How to impress haters

Why it works: Because y’know, chasing dreams is like. so. cool. yo. It instantly elevates your cool factor to where North Pole is.

#4 The “Kickass” Comeback

If playing nice ain’t working, give ‘em some spice…

“Things were different so many years ago. Times are different now.”

Works well on: Aunti— I meant mature adults in general who are very conscious of time and reality.
Why it works: A friendly and timely reminder of their age may be sadistic — but very,very effective. It buys you some time. That minute of silence is crucial for the win.

#5 The “Badass” Comeback

When all else fails, there’s nothing left but to capitalize on our inborn assets…

“Please, you’re talking about me leh. Me? Failure? I M P O S S I B L E. I am too awesome for that. ”

Finish it off with a flip of your hair. Flash a wink, smirk, or whip out that cool signature move that I know you have.

Works well on: People who will roll their eyes upon hearing that and just walk away from you. Peace at last.

Why it works: It’s badass. It is empowering. Believing in dreams takes courage. Some say it’s egotistical, others say it’s shameless, I call it …truth. So, if such bold statements (of truth) can come out of your mouth, then you’re probably halfway there.

Hope this helps everyone in getting many more triumphs this summer!:) Be proud of what you want and put your charms to good use this holiday. Have a good break everyone!

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Ong Shi Man
Ong Shi Man, or as her friends like to call her, Smong, is currently majoring in Communication Studies in NTU. Writing gives her a voice and it is highly rewarding that the simple act of sharing can resonate and help many others. It was only the first semester of her freshmen year when she was given the opportunity to try public speaking to her course mates during lecture, where she gave a heartfelt motivational speech titled 5 Things I want to tell my friends right now. You can watch it by clicking on 'v' below!


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