SMU Freshman Survival Guide

Congratulations to all prospective students of Singapore Management University (SMU). You had just received your acceptance letter from SMU and after much careful deliberation with your friends and family, you have finally set your mind on obtaining your degree level education from a “Different U”. Moreover, you have attended the open house as well as the tea parties from the various faculties that you had been enrolled in, boosting your understanding with regards to the education structure here in SMU.  So what now? You are really excited about the prospects of your degree education in SMU and you are currently searching across Singapore forums to gain more information on what are the to-do lists before you start school. Well fret not because I, as a current student, who had just completed my first year of study here in SMU, was in the exact situation that you are probably in now and I am going to share with you some key enrolment procedures.

1) Matriculation

Upon your indication of your preferred university and course on the Joint Acceptance Portal, you should have received a Matriculation email from SMU a few days after the deadline of the acceptance portal. In this particular email, it will state what are the dates for you to do your online matriculation and also ways to pay for the matriculation enrolment, which costs 203SGD. Moreover, take into account of the different dates and timings of the verification of the required documents listed, which will be conducted in SMU for you to receive your matriculation card.

Upon completion of your online matriculation, you should receive an email to notify you of the available school camps that you can participate in before you embark your 4-year education journey in SMU.
journey in SMU

At this point of time, you should be able to have access to your school email and OASIS. Information about the options available to pay for your respective school fees will be emailed to your school email. Key updates about your academic matters such as camps enrolment and bidding activities will also be notified to you through your school email. Do remember to check it regularly so that you will not miss out on any important dates. For academic matters such as bidding dates and respective module requirements, you can head to OASIS, and select the “Study” option to get more information.
financing your education

2) Freshmen Orientation Camps (FOC)

It is compulsory for SMU students to attend the Freshmen Orientation Camps, consisting of 3 runs that are held on different periods to cater to the different needs of the prospective students.  Prior to the camp, there will be an email sent by the organising committee of the Freshmen Orientation Camps to notify which run you are allocated in. If you are unable to make it for your allocated run of the Freshmen Orientation Camp, follow the link provided in the email and indicate your availability accordingly. Through this camp, you will be able to get to know your batch mates from various faculties and increase your social circle.

freshmen orientation

3) Freshmen experience

In addition to your FOC, you can choose to sign up for various camps ranging from different faculties to even sports camps, that are ongoing in the summer, before you officially kick start your academic journey in August. On this day, incoming freshmen can head down to SMU to make the necessary payment so as to secure your slot in the various camps. Get ready to make memorable experiences with your newly made friends that may stay as important characters in your life throughout your SMU journey.

4) Sign up for Community Service  Project (CSP) Camps

In order to graduate officially from SMU, all SMU students have to fulfil a requirement of at least 80 hours in community service participation. I would strongly recommend for all freshmen to take part in community service camps such as “StarringSMU”, “Kidleidoscope” and “Inspirar” during your orientation period to give you an edge over your peers in your quest to fulfil the 80 years of community service participation.

In these community service camps, you will get the chance to contribute effectively to the community by engaging in meaningful activities such as the StarringCarWash and tie-dyed silkscreened T-shirts fashion so as to foster interaction between students and the community and also to increase awareness of the respective participating beneficiaries.  Do remember to sign up for a compulsory CSP briefing by C4SR in SMU before these CSP camps are held to ensure that the hours clocked in these camps are recorded officially.
starring SMU



5) SMU Convocation

A week before the school academic year begins, incoming freshmen will need to attend this iconic event at Suntec Convention Centre. What is this all about? SMU convocation will be a platform for various faculty and student leaders to officially welcome the incoming freshmen into the SMU family, together with spectacular performances by SMU’s numerous performing arts groups to celebrate the night. Furthermore, parents of the incoming freshmen will also be invited to witness this defining moment. Be sure to dress in your smartest formal attire for this iconic event.

6) Bidding

I am sure many of you have heard about the bidding system adopted here in SMU. During your freshmen year, you will be pre-assigned with numerous university-core modules and also some of the faculty core modules, to facilitate you in managing your modules for each respective semester. To check on which modules you were pre-assigned with, head on to OASIS. (Note: Pre-assigned modules are different for different faculties.)

For each term, students are given e-dollars to bid for their preferred professor and timeslot, giving them the luxury to manage their own timetable. Not sure on how much e-dollars to bid for a particular module? Head on to OASIS>Boss Bidding>Quick links>Overall Boss Results to find out what is the minimum and maximum bid value for each particular module and professor for the previous terms. (For more information, click here to know more about bidding) It is recommendable to use your assigned e-dollars wisely because the cost for each respective modules fluctuate from year to year.
boss - SMU
boss - SMU1

boss - SMU2

7) Freshmen Bash

Celebrate your friendship with your newly made SMU friends by heading to Zouk for the yearly SMU Freshmen Bash.  Be one of the few to be notified first hand on who are the Mr and Mrs SMU for the respective Freshmen Bash. Come on down to support your friends if they are one of the contestants for the Mr and Mrs SMU crown. They will need it! Be prepared for a blast in Zouk on the very night of Freshmen Bash.

freshmen bash

With all these information at your fingertips, I am affirmed that it will give you an edge over your fellow peers in preparing you for your 4 years journey in SMU. As the saying goes “a road well begun is the battle half won”, I wish you all the very best as you embark on your life in a “Different U”


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