Job hunting and unsure who to call? A recruitment agency! Check out 6 of them here

Hey there! Are you looking for temp jobs to earn some extra cash to fund your grad trip? Or are you leaving school soon and trawling job portals to search for your dream job (posting)?

If the search has made you feel like flipping a table out of frustration, whether it be due to slow/few responses or having to hop between 1001 job portals, Digital Senior suggests that you complement your search (not replace) with an often-overlooked avenue:


Recruitment Agencies!!

A common misconception, which deters users from engaging the services of recruitment agencies, is the need to pay commission. Totally off the mark, here!

Most recruitment agencies do not charge jobseekers at all, as the hiring company usually pays for everything. Therefore, they do not take money out of your salary for their services. Instead, they salary match based on industry standards, your qualifications, and the hiring company’s salary cap. What’s more, some companies, particularly big ones, manage (or outsource) their hiring processes to recruitment agencies for efficiency and convenience, so there might be exclusive job postings you will miss out on if you skip this avenue. That would be a big pity!

In fact, recruitment agencies can contribute greatly to a job searcher beyond their initial job search!

In an article for AsiaOne, the Regional Strategic Business Solutions Director of ScienTec Consulting Pte Ltd, Cecilia Sim, shares how, “[after] having an understanding of the candidates’ career aspirations and motivations, the recruiter will offer useful feedback and advice, as well as provide them with invaluable information-regarding the role, remuneration, organisational culture, possible career pathways as well as the hiring manager’s expectations”.

Therefore, you not only get information that might not be able to be found off the internet, but also come away with a clearer picture of your career journey or directions going forward.

So, why not give recruitment agencies a try? To help you get started, we’ve listed a few right below*!

List of Recruitment Agencies

*Note: This is only a list and not an endorsement of the agencies listed, so please do adequate research of your own before choosing! Bear in mind that recruitment agencies  have strengths in different industries, and as such might not necessarily specialise in the area you’re keen in.

  • Agency name: Kelly Services (Singapore)

A company under PERSOLKELLY, one of the largest recruitment companies in the Asia Pacific, Kelly Services has worked with MNCs, local government agencies, and local companies to find placements of around 8000 per year. The recruitment agency has good resources on its site, such as salary guides and articles, that you can consult if you need a helping hand.

Types of jobs/services on offer: Temporary, contract and permanent, in fields ranging from healthcare and life sciences to exhibitions and promotions.

Fee: Free for jobseekers

Contact links: Website|Facebook|

  • Agency name: BGC Group

You’ve probably came across BGC Group many times while hunting for jobs on job portals! With regional offices in Singapore and Hong Kong, with Singapore being its headquarters, the group promises a thorough knowledge of the local markets, and its needs and demands. FYI: the group currently has an ongoing referral program (for jobs spanning less than 3 months, perfect for uni students hunting for part-time work!). Simply refer at least 5 friends to receive 5$ for every successful referral.

Types of jobs/services on offer: Temporary, contract and permanent, refer here or drop your resume with them

Fee: do check directly with BGC

Contact links: Website|Facebook

  • Agency name: Recruit Plus

Established in 2004, RecruitPlus lauds itself as a one-stop, award winning service provider offering executive search and recruitment services. Services they offer when you engage them, aside from the job lookout, include pay and contract negotiations. Leave your resume with them here.

Types of jobs/services on offer: See here

Fee: Will charge, but fee will be waived if certain conditions are met

Contact links: Website|Facebook

  • Agency name: Randstad Singapore

Part of a global leader in HR services (Randstad Holding), Randstad Singapore’s areas of expertise lie in the fields of  1) accounting and finance, 2) banking and financial services, 3) construction, 4) property and engineering, 5) corporate and secretarial support, 6) human resources, 7) information technology, 8) life science, 9) sales, and 10) marketing and communications. They won

Like BGC Group, Randstad also has a referral program (for both contract and permanent jobs). Refer here for criteria.

Types of jobs/services on offer: Temporary, contract, contingent (freelance, consultants, etc.) and permanent jobs on offer. Check here or drop your resume with them here.

Fee, if any: Do enquire directly with Randstad

Contact links: Website|Facebook

  • Agency name: Ace Recruiters

Established since 1995, Ace Recruiters clients include statutory boards and Government bodies. They specialise in placements for locals, and believe in building long term relationships with their clients (both employers and employees alike).

Types of jobs/services on offer: Temporary, contract and permanent jobs on offer. Email the agency with your CV and candidate application form.

Fee, if any: Free for job seekers

Contact links: Website|Facebook

  • Agency name: TEMP-TEAM Singapore

A small agency belonging to the Juhlergroup (with branches in 5 other countries around the world), TEMP-TEAM Singapore accompanies placement seekers throughout the job search process. From registering your CV to signing the job, TEMP-TEAM promises to be present. The organisation, as a whole, has managed over 230 000 candidates to date.

Types of jobs/services on offer: Temporary, Contract, and Permanent Positions on offer. Check here for positions available, or email your resume to the agency.

Fee, if any: Free for jobseekers

Contact links: Website

Job hunting can be extremely tiring and exhausting, so why not take all the help that you can get? We wish you the best in your job searches! If you’ve found a job through an agency and would like to share more about your experience, do drop us a comment or reach out to us via email, so we can better help our juniors/fellow readers!

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