8 Management associate programmes for a kickstart into corporate life

When job or internship hunting, you’ve probably come across the following two terms: management associate programme and graduate development programme.

Or maybe you haven’t. Worry not, Digital Senior is here to help! We’ll explain what these mean, briefly explain what they entail, and cap off with a starter list of programmes that you could consider applying for. Let us begin!

What is a Management Associate Programme (MAP), exactly?

Basically, MAPs are programmes that groom and accelerate graduates that they see potential in, in the hopes that they will eventually assume leadership roles within a company or organization. They can also be called graduate development programmes, and can be found across a plethora of industries. Healthcare? Check. Engineering? For sure! Usually, these programmes accept a small number of people for each intake and are not easy to get into, which provide them an element of prestige.

(In fact, it’s mandatory to go through an MAP if you intend to apply for an entry-level position for some companies.)

People are also attracted to MAPs because of the increased amount of opportunities provided to trainees, some being the chance to interact with senior management, mentoring, as well as the ability to try out different job scopes (through rotations) before deployment.

Do note, however, that management associate trainees are typically expected to perform precisely because of the opportunities and chances provided to them! More often than not, trainees work longer hours due to things like inter-department or developmental projects. Additionally, trainees might end up being posted into roles and departments that aren’t their ideal due to the organization’s business needs. Should you be accepted or consider such a programme, do make sure that you do enough research and manage your expectations correctly.

Now that you know more about MAPs, let’s explore a sampling of what’s available to you!

Want to work in an industry that’s vibrant and constantly on the move? The diverse tourism industry, where exciting developments constantly happen all the time (like F1!), might be right up your alley! Singapore Tourism Board’s (STB) Management Associate Programme promises to give its trainees “exposure to tourism from an economic development perspective”, and opportunities to work in widely diverse fields ranging from resource development to marketing. For more information, check both their FAQ and a former management trainee’s sharing out!

Duration: 12 months, comprising of three rotations (one attachment to the Singapore Visitors Centre and two divisional deployments)

Eligibility: Fresh Singaporean/PR grads.

Application process: Candidates undergo three rounds of assessments: a preliminary interview, a one day assessment centre and lastly, a panel interview with senior management.

Apply by: STB accepts applications from Sept-Jan annually.

If you have the drive to excel and a passion for technology, Singtel wants you! The organisation’s Management Associate Program has two tracks: the Specialist Track for Engineers and Computing Professionals, and the Professional Track (for finance, HR, and so on). The programme will have experiential learning (on-the-job), along with mentorship and coaching, as well as formal training. Interesting things to look out for include international assignments and job shadowing! For more information, you can refer here.

Duration: 2 years, 3 rotations across different business areas

Eligibility: Fresh grads/young professionals with no more than 2 years of working experience are welcome to apply. Applicants must hold at least a Second Upper/Magna cum Laude/Degree with disctinction.

Application process: Online Interviews/Assessments, Assessment Centre, Panel Interview.

Apply by: 2019’s application cycle is from 23 August – 15 October 2018 (which is now!) Intakes happen during April and July.

Keen on bringing Singapore to greater heights through the planning and execution of industry development strategies? Desire to create sustainable economic growth? Are you sharp and analytical, with a head for critical thinking? You might find yourself at home at EDB, working at one of their 20 offices worldwide! The programme is fairly new, having been launched in 2017.

Duration: 1 year

Eligibility: Candidates with good Bachelor or Masters degrees in any Engineering, Science, Economics, Business or relevant discipline. Working professionals with less than 1 year of working experience are also welcome to apply. Things you’d do in the programme include the analysis of business trends, meeting stakeholders and senior executives across different industries, as well as mentorship. Upon completion of the programme, expect to be posted into one of EDB’s industry or planning and policy divisions as a Lead!

Application process: Panel Interview, Business case, Interview with senior management

Apply by:  EDB’s Associate Programme has 2 application cycles (early and normal) each intake, and two intakes in Feb and July/August early.

Singapore has always been a thriving maritime hub and with the Sea Transport Industry Transformation Map that was unveiled recently, is set to be transformed and grown even further. For those keen on being in the front wave for change (particularly in digitization and automation of processes), consider this MAP! It offers two career tracks, the first being business management and the second being the professional track (engineering, infocomm tech, human resource, finance). PSA Management Associates can anticipate structured rotational attachments, mentorship from senior leaders, leadership training, stretch assignments/projects, and even international exposure.

Duration: 3 years

Eligibility: Undergrads with 2nd Class Upper Honours degree/equivalent, any discipline (excluding healthcare related courses).

Application process: Applicants must first pass a Group Task-Based Assessment before they advance to 3 further rounds of interviews.

Apply by: Do check with PSA

The banking and finance industry is seeing rapid changes, due to disruption from constant technological advances and a shift in consumer needs. Home-grown DBS, however, is one bank at the forefront of this change, perhaps best evidenced by its recent crowning as the world’s best bank (an accolade awarded yearly) by Global Finance Magazine in 2018. Its Management Associate Programme will train you to be a leader that can embrace changing trends and provides opportunities for regional exposure, to further innovation and excellence.

Duration: 24 months, comprising of four rotations and foundation banking training

Eligibility: Bachelor degree holders and master degree holders with no more than 2 years of working experience

Application process: 6 stages, includes playing a game (DBS, we got to admit that we’re really curious!), online video interviews, as well as panel interviews with senior management and a MAckathon

Apply by: Check back at DBS’s page in August for details of the next round!

Keppel Corporation is home grown and this internship falls under their property arm. The program will have participants undergo two rotations in the first 6 months, in order to gain a better understanding of company operations from the customer, corporate, and functional perspective, before deployment for the next 18. Training and mentoring will also be included, with opportunities such as forums and cross-functional task forces being open to you.

Duration:  24 months

Eligibility: Applicants should have a minimum of 2nd Class Honours/ Cum laude degree in one of these disciplines from a good university: Business, Economics, Engineering, Project & Facilities Management, or Real Estate. They should also have less than 2 years of working experience.

Application process: Selection tests, group interviews (HR), panel interview with management

Apply by: The application window falls between January to March.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that healthcare comprises of not just medical professionals, but also ground staff and back-end executives that help ensure that hospitals and other healthcare facilities run smoothly so as to provide patients the best care. TTSH’s Healthcare Management Associate Programme  involves an orientation followed by 3 structured job attachments in different functional groups (patient operations, support operations and facilities, administration. Learning opportunities include professional development programmes, coaching/mentoring, developmental projects, and chances to engage with senior management.

Duration: 24 months

Eligibility: Graduates with a good honour’s degree from any discipline, with no more than 2 years of work experience.

Application process: Includes assessment centre and interview(s)

Apply by: Application window is open from December-March.

  • Visa – Graduate Development Program (Business Associate)

Visa is commonly called a credit card company, but this could be further from the truth! The payment technology company provides graduates mentorship, training and development within areas such as product strategy and development, sales and risk management. International rotation is possible, too.

Duration: 24 months, 4 six-month rotational assignments

Eligibility: Final year students graduating with Bachelor’s degree, all disciplines welcome.

Application Process: The application window is currently closed, please check back with Visa

This list barely touches the surface: in fact, you’ll find many more MAPs available if you do a search! We wish you all the best in your applications! If you’re a company/organization with an MAP and would like us to put you on our list, please do contact us! We’d also love to hear from individuals that have gone through MAPs. Share your experiences with us and help a junior out!


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