9 places to get your golf skills right down to a tee

Bored with basketball? Need a break off soccer? Or not too into the idea of tennis and badminton?

If you’re at a loss for an alternative, why not look to golf?

More than just a game for old people or connection building, golf’s benefits include patience-building, better strength and balance, and a sharper mind! In today’s fast-paced society, golf is appreciated for giving its players the chance to slow down and relax.

Looking to pick the sport up? We’ve put together a carefully curated list of newbie-friendly places that you can check out*!

*As always, we’d like to emphasise that this list is not an endorsement of the courses and places within. Do conduct your own research, too, to make sure you pick a course and school that’s a right fit for you!

1. Phil Brew Golf Academy

Phil Brew Golf Academy has been teaching golf in Singapore since 2007, and their academy philosophy is to make the learning of golf fun! Their coaches comprise members of the Australian PGA and golf coaches with years of coaching experience. Their main base is located at NSRCC Changi, which uses an exclusive 3D golf swing analysis system that helps learners fine-tune their swings!

Of particular interest: Beginners Program, 10 hours long (9 lessons long)

Fees: Please enquire directly with Phil Brew Golf Academy

2. GolfTEC Singapore

GolfTEC was established in Denver, Colorado, in 1995. They combine coaching with patented motion measurement technology to provide amateur and newbie golfers’ fact-based instruction and feedback for continuous improvement. Training sessions are conducted one-on-one in their 500 sq-ft premises at Republic Plaza II. According to GolfTEC, their students see a 7 strokes improvement in their game on average.

Of particular interest: GolfTEC offers ‘Game Plans’ of different durations, comprising sequential lessons, video-based practice as well as club fitting.

Fees: Please enquire directly with GolfTEC. A 3-month game plan (comprising 10-half hour sessions with a coach, 20 hours of video practice time, and the club-fitting session) is estimated to cost around SGD 1,600.

3. Golfer.sg

The Mandai Executive Golf Course is a one-stop Golf Hub. Its offers golfers the use of a driving range, a golf course, handicap maintenance, corporate event organizing, as well as golf lessons for various levels of mastery. The golf course’s coaches are all members of the Singapore Professional Golfer’s Association, and include winners of several professional golfing tournaments both local and abroad.

Of particular interest: The Tee to Green Programme, a course for beginners that culminates with the Golf Proficiency Certification.

Fees: Starting at SGD 480 nett/pax for a group of 4, to SGD 850 for 1-1 lessons.


Expert golf coach Garry J. Doolan has a good number of achievements under his belt: he is an AA Platinum Member of the Australian PGA and played the Australian tour for a decade, winning the Queensland Open in 1981. Before setting up DOOLSGOLF Doolan also managed and taught as a head professional in 8 different venues. The coach, who has 15 years of full-time coaching experience, welcomes golf enthusiasts across all levels of mastery and teaches at Champions Golf Driving Range (located at Bukit Timah).

Of particular interest: 45 minutes introductory lesson

Fees: SGD 60

5. HappyGolf

Technology is a wondrous enabler; thanks to tech we can now access all sorts of golf courses within the comfort of an air-conditioned space. Located at Westway Mall, HappyGolf offers indoor screen golf, an alternative to traditional golf that is hugely popular in Korea. HappyGolf welcomes golfers both experienced and new, and offers golf coaching for the latter. Their goal is, to, well, bring happy to golf, so learn in a relaxed and welcoming environment! There’s no dress code and golf clubs are free to loan.

Of particular interest: 5 session golf coaching package for non-golfers

Fees: SGD 388, with unlimited practices for 4 weeks

6. Jonas Academy of Golf

The Jonas Academy of Golf was established by Jonas Tan, and focuses on providing golf lessons that build up a beginner’s foundations! Jonas’s credentials include membership in the Singapore Pro Golfers’ Association and certification from the American Golf Teachers’ Federation (AMGTF), as well as accreditation from the National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP). Past and current students have lauded his passion for teaching the sport, so you’ll be in good hands.

Of particular interest: Their beginners program promotion (10 lessons total)

Fees: SGD 250/pax for a group of 5-8, SGD 350/pax for a group of 4

7. Heartland Golf Schools

Heartland Golf Schools Singapore started out in Jurong Country Club in 2006 and is currently located at Sembawang Country Club. Their instructors are PGA-certified (Australia, Canada, UK), and learning curriculums (coaching plans) are focused around what students desire to learn or improve on. The school also uses Trackman, S2M Force Plates, and Swing Catalyst Video Analysis to offer numerical and visual support.

Of particular interest: Their 10-hour group classes

Fees: Ranges from SGD 350/pax for a group of 5 to SGD 670/pax for a group of 2.

8. Lip Golf 

With over 30 years of experience in golf coaching, Lip Ooi’s teaching credentials are solid. PGA certified and accredited by NCAP, Mr. Ooi has also served as a golf commentator for FoxSports Asia and SINAGolf China, and as a consultant/speaker at golf seminars and events. His teaching methodology is a holistic one, focusing not just on technical skills but also physio and nutrition: Mr Ooi works with sports psychologists and physiotherapists to incorporate mental skills and drills in his lessons, and to monitor the learner’s physical progress at all times.

Of particular interest: Their 10-hours program

Fees: Ranges from SGD 400/pax for a group of 5-6 to SGD 1000 for 1-1 classes.

9. Muru Golf Academy

Teaching at Warren Golf and Country Club, and Punggol East, Muru Golf Academy is the only academy to use Titleist NXT Tour range balls at the driving range. The head instructor, M.Murugiah, is the current president of the Singapore PGA and the first Singaporean to have played in a US Champions Tour event. All of Muru Golf Academy’s instructors are members of SPGA.

Of particular interest: Their 10-hours program

Fees: Please enquire directly with the Golf Academy

Excited to start? We sure hope you are and wish all of you a happy golf journey!


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