16 Brutally Honest Comics Reveal What Happens When You Study For Your Exams Last Minute

We know studying for finals is tough. Sometimes, it’s manageable with copious amounts of red bull/energy drinks/poison of your choice and even more looks skyward.

If you’re one of those with an eidetic memory then this post isn’t for you.

Kidding. If you are a mere mortal, like us, coasting along finals week through sheer grit and junk food, we think you’d relate with these 16 comic (strips) that we’ve scoured the internet for and put in order!

(All credit goes to the respective creators and owners)

# 1: Optimism and determination

# 2: It’s way too early, man. Finals, what are finals?

# 3: Finals is lurking…right behind you. Nowhere is safe!

# 4: I spent good money on this textbook (to use as an uncomfortable pillow)

#5: We’ve heard reports that students suffer 2x more injuries during finals week…

#6: Hello from the other side (I must’ve called a thousand times)

#7: Calling for reinforcements (and maybe some chicken essence)

#8: Going to hide under the covers and away from reality in 3…2…

#9: But I can remember the song lyrics to This is America, does that count??

#10: All hail the bell-curve god

#11: Study till you drop (can you do it? Yes you can!)

#12: Many a brave student have faltered in their quests (to get to the right exam halls)

#13: Fluffing, Prof I’m really doing my best (why is your paper so hard?)

#14: Freedom is an ever elusive dream (and so is winter in small SG)

#15: I have left the battle zone (with my hopes and dreams abandoned to die)

#16: Did I do okay? I’m sure I did but maybe I didn’t I don’t know let me live in denial

Which stage are you at?

We hope this has helped you de-stress a little! All the best for finals/midterms, freedom is right around the corner! Or is it?


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