10 places to fly to for your ultimate graduation trip

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After completing 36 modules over the span of 4 years in university, you are finally weeks away from your long awaited commencement before you officially transit into the workforce. However, before this transition to the next phase of your adult life, you feel that you need a well-deserved overseas trip to reward yourself for all the hard work and sleepless nights you had sacrificed for this degree scroll. Friends all around you are discussing about their potential trips to various exotic countries and asking you to join them for a fun-filled adventure. Nonetheless, you are keeping your options open because you desire for a memorable experience to celebrate a key milestone in your life.

One fine day, while surfing Facebook, you chanced upon a video, which recounts your friend, Zack’s solo backpacking experience in South Korea. As daunting as a solo backpacking experience may sound, you are hugely inspired by his actual encounters where he is able to ‘change’ his identity temporarily into a local there and indulge fully into the Korean culture. You thought about this matter and slept over it for the next few days. Finally after much deliberation, you came to a conclusion to follow his footstep and embark on a new adventure that will be etched in your memory for years to come.

Craving for a holistic experience but not sure where to go for your virgin backpacking experience? Fret not, just grab your bag and camera and head on to the 10 recommended exotic destinations for your one and only ultimate graduation trip.

1) South Korea- Seoul

Getting around different parts of South Korea had never been much easier due to the advancement of the metro and railway trains. In addition, South Korea is a tourist friendly country as English labels are readily available in almost all of the train and bus stations for easy navigation around the bustling city.

Embrace the Hallyu wave and be prepared for non-stop eating and shopping in the streets of Myeongdong, South Korea’s primary shopping and eating paradise.

streets of Myeongdong

Moreover, if you are a huge fan of the famous Korean drama, Gu Family Book, featuring Lee Seung-gi and Miss A’s Suzy, you can indulge yourself into the traditional Korean culture by heading to tourists hotspots like the Bukchon Hanok Village and Gyeongbokgung palace.

Bukchon Hanok Village- Gyeongbokgung palace

Take a selfie with a rented hanbok costume and share the moment with your friends on social media. You will be surprised on the level of elegancy that the costume portrays.

costume portrays

2) South Korea- Busan

Busan is a seafood paradise renowned for serving top-notch fresh seafood and therefore for all seafood lovers around the world, Busan is a definite must visit destination for all of you. Besides whenever I tell my friends about my visit to Busan, the first question that popped up would be enquiring me if I managed to try their signature live octopus.

Busan is a seafood paradise

I am sure many of you have eaten octopus in your daily meals and it is nothing unusual. However, have you ever wonder how does it feel like to consume a live octopus down your stomach? As daunting as it may sound to be, it is really delicious and worth the hefty price tag. Thus, I would strongly encourage you all to try it for yourself because words alone cannot justify the satisfaction derived from my encounter with live octopus.

encounter with live octopus

3) South Korea-Jeju island

Are you searching for a destination to heal your exhausted bodies after sacrificing countless sleepless nights for your academics? Look no more because Jeju island is the ideal place for you. Famous for its detoxification and rejuvenation treatment in natural splendour via means of spas and hot springs, a trip to Jeju island is bound to restore your exhausted bodies with fresh brand of energy, preparing you for the future hectic working life spiritually and physically.

Moreover, there is a rise in tourists heading to Jeju island for medical spa treatments where it combines spa treatments with certified doctors’ prescription. This particular combination of natural remedies and eastern medicine has proven to be an effective method in relieving stress and rejuvenation.

relieving stress and rejuvenation

4) New Zealand

Tired of travelling by automobiles? Why not take the opportunity to cycle your way around New Zealand? Calling all nature lovers from around the globe to book an air ticket to New Zealand this coming summer as most of the 18 New Zealand Cycle Trails are finally open to the public.

Get ready to hop on a holistic rejuvenation experience as the 2500 km of cycle trails are bound to take your breath away with the magnificent sceneries that you are about to encounter along the way. Moreover, based on your own level of physical fitness, you get to choose the particular route that you deemed suits you best and be prepared for an unforgettable experience.

This is definitely one of the key highlights that you do not want to miss during your time in New Zealand. So what are you waiting for? Grab your bike and come on down now to leave a personal trail here this coming summer. I can assure you that you are in for a jolly good ride.

5) China- Hangzhou

Hangzhou is definitely a good destination for tourists to take a step back from the bustling city life and be taken aback by the scenic natural beauty attractions that are available there.

The West Lake was nominated as one of the most popular hotspot to witness breathtaking sunset views that are bound to blow your mind away. One word of advice, according to past travellers, the best season for heading down to West Lake would be Spring due to the blossoming of flowers and weeping willow catkins, creating a pleasant atmosphere to be there.  The amazing scenery is one of a kind that you would not want to miss.

6) Philippines-Boracay

Are you looking for an affordable tranquil and beautiful beachside holiday? Well the good news is that the white beaches in Boracay, Philippines, are capable of achieving that particular objective.  Be prepared for a fun filled resort adventure in Boracay where you can engage in outdoor sea activities such as scuba diving and parasailing that are sure to create an enjoyable experience for you.

If you simply want to find a place to chill and empty your mind, fret not because you could just spend the entire day walking along the long beach front filled with white powdery sand and enjoy the magnificent scenery. Take a short escape from reality and let your worries blow off together with the breeze of wind.


3Nigi_Nu_Noos Boracay

7) Indonesia-Bali

If you are having a tight travelling budget yet you are hoping to live a life like a royalty, the decision to head to Bali will be the best for you because of the fact that the accommodations and food there are dirt cheap.

Furthermore, if you are interested in having more in-depth information or first hand experience about the Indonesian culture, you will be able to accomplish that in Bali. The exotic temples and palaces set against stunning natural backdrops that is sure to take your breath away and bring you closer to the Indonesian culture.

8) Vietnam- Ha Long Bay

Located in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is a hotspot for many tourists as it is a world heritage site, which features many unique limestone islands, rock formations and caves.

For all the scenery lovers out there, they will definitely enjoy this site because of the breathtaking backdrops that could not be found elsewhere. Moreover, to further enhance their experiences, they can choose to rent a kayak or junk boat to tour around the area and picture down the stunning sites that they came across.

9) Thailand Phuket

Another alternative to an affordable beachside holiday that you can consider is Thailand Phuket. With more than 30 beaches in Phuket to choose from, various beaches are popular amongst tourists depending on the type of activities they prefer to do.

For instance, if you like to party, you should probably consider staying in Patong beach due to its bustling nightlife where nightclubs and beer bars are just around the corner. Grab a six pack and get ready to party till dawn.

10) Nepal

With some of the most beautiful landscapes available in Nepal that are only accessible by foot, it makes trekking in Nepal one of the most remarkable yet meaningful experiences in Asia.

Moreover, there is no better way to celebrate a key milestone in your life by leaving your foot trail in a foreign country. Challenge yourself mentally and physically to climb some of the highest summits in the world and you get to witness some awe-inspiring backdrop in exchange, which is definitely worth the effort. Remember to bring extra batteries for your camera so as to capture some of the most stunning sceneries that could not be found elsewhere.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your passport and book your air ticket right now. Seat tight, buckle up and prepare for a memorable experience to celebrate your key milestone in life.


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