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Short course

Equinet Academy

2 days

SkillsFuture Singapore under the WSQ Skills Framework ICT-SNM-5006-1.1 Integrated Marketing

Conducted by the only school in Singapore specializing in digital marketing education, this course is backed by a comprehensive curriculum, taught by a real practitioner, combining the best of both worlds between practicality and academic rigour. Also well accredited by SSG and relatively compact in teachings. What’s not to like?

From $37 after 95% subsidies


Lithan Academy

Part-time (9 months), Full-time (3 months)

Lithan is registered with CPE, and is recognized as an SSG National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF)* Continuous Education and Training Centre (CETC).

Lithan Academy is part of Lithan Education, which has 6 campuses spanning Asia. The institute specializes in Infocomm and Technology (ICT) courses, offering them across various mastery levels, and uses blended learning and innovative pedagogies to impart knowledge to their students.

SGD 923.00-4,173.00 excluding misc. Eligible for SSG funding.

Online course

Squared Online

5 months (6-8 hours weekly)

The course was developed in conjunction with Google. Do note that it is an advanced level course.

What else can we say, Google is the giant in the online world and beyond. If Google puts its name on a course, you have to bet that it is good. IMDA also has a hand in this course, under the TechSkills Accelerator initiative.

SGD 3,895