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Study Abroad in Malaysia

Are you interested in studying in Malaysia? It’s just a short trip across the Causeway to an exciting adventure!

Did you know that Malaysia is ranked 4th in Asia as a study abroad destination, coming in just behind Japan, China and South Korea?

Many international students go to Malaysia to network, make new friends and learn a new language. After all, Malay, which uses the same Latin alphabet as English, is one of the easiest languages out there to learn!

SagePaths Global Education Pte. Ltd. (SagePaths Global Education Pte. Ltd.) is a study abroad consulting service agency registered in Singapore and certified by the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of P.R. China.

We solved the problems of opaque information and unprofessional services in the study abroad industry. The team at SagePaths Global Education helps each family and international student customise the best study abroad program from a professional perspective. At the same time, it also provides a full range of international education consulting, college application, overseas landing and training counselling services.

Our Team

SagePaths Global Education (Singapore Study Abroad) is one of Singapore’s leading study abroad service agencies.

As a local study abroad institution in Singapore, SagePaths Global Education has team members who are graduates of local universities and colleges. With years of study abroad experience in Singapore, they can provide students with relevant study abroad advice. SagePath’s goal is to become Singapore’s premier study abroad service agency, providing honest and experienced consulting services to help students realise their educational goals and ambitions.

Since its establishment in 2006, SagePaths has helped more than 2,000 overseas students from Asia embark on a study tour in Singapore. Its brands include the “Singapore Study Abroad Network” educational information platform, “One-click Rental Housing” apps and other services to help international students start their study abroad life more smoothly.

SagePath’s Expertise

Study abroad agency

based in Singapore

Grasp the latest study abroad policy and admission information, and guarantee the best study abroad plan for 50+ colleges and universities



Years of living abroad and industry experience customised study abroad programmes for each student

One-stop service


From the planning stage to the college application, visa processing and enrolment, we provide a comprehensive service package

Professional Services


SagePaths Global Education’s brand: One-click Rental WeChat mini program helps international students start their overseas life with one click. With many quality apartments, student dormitories and homestay families, studying abroad will be smooth and parents do not need to worry!

Pick-up service upon arrival

If you are travelling to Malaysia by yourself, do not worry. Our pick-up driver will provide family-like care the minute you arrive.  We will contact parents and assure them that you are safe, and help you assimilate and adapt to life in Malaysia.

Student Pass

SagePaths Global Education will assist students in the application of their student pass.

School Orientation

New students who arrive at school are unsure of the school’s registration procedures. Being an authorised admissions agency, SagePaths Global Education will accompany students to the school and complete the necessary procedures on the registration day.

What our students say

I am very heartened to have met Lester and his team through my friend’s recommendation, as it has given me the chance to fulfil my dreams. I am impressed with the team’s professionalism and efficiency, during the writing of the personal statement or the interview preparation. Because of Lester and the team’s help, I received an offer from two top universities in Singapore.

Olivia Dong

National University of Singapore

After graduation, I got in touch with SagePaths Global Education through my classmate’s referral. Applying to a public university in Singapore seemed difficult to me as I only had a bachelor’s degree from a private university. With the consultant’s help and guidance, I was successfully admitted to Nanyang Technological University’s International Relations course!

Sophia Peng

Nanyang Technological University

I find SagePaths Global Education to be a highly reliable agency through my personal experience. After learning about my situation, Lester analysed my strengths and weaknesses, and provided advice that enabled me to overcome the obstacles that I faced. With professional guidance and the help of the consultants at SagePaths, I was able to submit my college application with ease and I was successfully admitted to the Master of Management programme at SMU.

Lily Wang

Singapore Management University

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