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Making Sense was featured on Channel NewsAsia to be the best Chemistry tuition in Singapore. We are probably the only Secondary School Chemistry / JC Chemistry tuition centre with a full-fledged team of curriculum specialists, working closely with the team of Chemistry tutors to plan, develop and produce quality curriculum resources.

It is our vision to make the learning of Chemistry and Science dynamic, inspiring and fun. Our curriculum and teaching team has spent countless hours designing pre-lesson interactive videos, flash cards, teaching aids and gamifying quizzes/assessments. We want students to come to class excited and ready to explore the fascinating possibilities that Chemistry and Science can offer to our lives.

Our Team

At Making Sense, it’s all about finding a perfect balance between the passion and joy of teaching and achieving academic excellence. We believe that every student has their unique learning needs that change with time. Over the last 10 years, we have dedicated efforts to refining our curriculum and pedagogy, empowering students to learn effectively while producing the best academic results. As a testimony to our superior education services for Secondary and JC students, we have firmly established ourselves as an award-winning Chemistry tuition centre, serving the needs of Secondary School Chemistry / O Level Chemistry and A Level Chemistry students in Singapore. We have come a long way from our humble beginning with only 32 students in 2011. Today with our vast reserve of teaching experience and dedicated team, we are privileged to have the opportunity to coach close to 1000 students yearly.

Making Sense’s Expertise

Why Making Sense?

You are Far More Likely

to Score ‘A’

Year after year, we have produced exceptional results. Approximately 90% of our students achieve A or B grade for their A-Level and 92% achieved at least a B3 for their O-Level.

Save Half Your Time

With Optimised Learning

Our notes are comprehensive and concise. With a strong emphasis on application, we constantly expose students to common exam questions. You will also learn the best techniques to effectively solve challenging questions. Content heavy topics such as Organic Chemistry will be repackaged and simplified.

Work With Only The Best

& Have A Peace of Mind

We are not a new one-man tuition centre. Over the past decade, we have firmly established ourselves as the leader in Science tuition and Chemistry tuition. Every year, over 800 students flock to Making Sense to be coached by us. We have successfully transformed the grades of over 7000 students.

Support From a Team of Experts

The Making Sense pedagogy is replicated among our tutors. All our Chemistry tutors and Science tutors speak, explain and deliver the same way, ensuring lessons of the highest quality.

Flexible Schedule

With multiple time slots, it will be easy to find a replacement class within the same week. Students can also have a choice of attending either physical or live Zoom lessons.

Strong After-Class Support

Reach out to our tutors whenever necessary. Students enjoy free Telegram consultations and face-to-face consultation sessions. Going the extra mile and providing more value is what we aim for.

Making Sense’s track record

Making Sense by the numbers

Customers served! 1 Students every year
Customers served! 1  Students to date
Customers served! 1 %  of students show improvement in grades
Customers served! 1 %  of students achieved A or B grade for A-Level
Customers served! 1 %  of students achieve at least B3 for O-Level

What our students say

I joined Making Sense right from the start in J1, and Chemistry has not been a problem for me ever since. As the tutors never fail to deliver content in an engaging and dynamic manner, I really looked forward to attending my lessons weekly, albeit Chemistry being an extremely content-heavy and a seemingly dry subject. The lessons are also very application-based which honed my skills to apply learnt concepts to tackle tough questions, giving me the confidence booster that I very much needed. I am also very thankful for the after-class support, where tutors are willing to go well above and beyond outside of lessons to answer all my queries, allowing me to have a better grasp of certain concepts. I have never regretted joining Making Sense, where the welfare of students has always been their top priority. Their devotion to add value to students’ learning and their sincerity in teaching really brings out the best in each student.

Ho Xuen Huei

Dunman High School

Joining Making Sense was the best decision I could ever make to improve my Chemistry results! The lessons here are engaging and I look forward to coming for every lesson. The teaching approach here focuses on higher-level thinking by challenging us with application questions which helped me to improve my results. Within a term, I was able to improve from failing to topping the class! Thank you Making Sense!

Chen Kang Xiang

Raffles Institution

One thing I love about Making Sense is how structured the lessons are. Within one lesson, the teacher can cover a summary of the previous lessons, new content and even practice questions on the new content we learnt. To me, it was extremely effective because it allows me to recall what we have learnt the previous week and also ensure that the new content we have learnt is applied immediately into questions. Furthermore, joining Making Sense allowed me to cut down the amount of time spent on revising so that I can head straight to doing practice questions and examination papers. Just by attending a class every week, it helps me clear up doubts and questions I have on a specific topic after I have learnt it in school because concepts can be quite difficult to grasp in JC. Making Sense challenges us with many integrated questions which are more common in papers in recent years. It prepares me for the variety of questions I can face in exams so that i would know how to tackle them.

Long Wei Lin

Victoria Junior College

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