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Need some help in your studies? Look no further, for Indigo is here!

The name 'Indigo' was inspired from the Chinese proverb:


This metaphor, “Indigo blue is brighter than its original shade of blue”, means that well-coached students can surpass even their own teachers.

Inspired by Indigo blue, we wish for all our students to stay in the top 20% of their cohort, excel in their exams and beyond. #GoFurther!

Our Team

Established since 2011, Indigo Education Group is renowned for hardcore quality JC, IP and Express Secondary O and A Level tuition. Our educators are all dynamic and passionate, each serving with distinction to ensure that we give parents and students a peace of mind.

For more than 10 years, Indigo O and A Level cohorts have surpassed average National Distinction rates - leading with over 80% distinction rates across core Secondary and JC level subjects:

English, Science, General Paper, Mathematics, Economics (H1 and H2), Chemistry (H1 and H2), Biology, Physics.

Going above and beyond traditional teaching, our objective is to deliver student-centric, top quality, and performance-oriented tuition for every student to go further in their learning. Every student can graduate from Secondary School or Junior College a better person, well-equipped with strong academic results as well as soft skills and 21st-century competencies needed to succeed in life well beyond school.

Indigo’s Expertise

Established in 2011

and trusted by many

We have a diverse representation across many Junior Colleges and Secondary Schools

Effective teaching 


Developed by a team of education specialists, from top schools with a combined teaching experience of more than a decade

High quality 


Extensive coverage and easy for revision



Our academic team will ensure that your child is fully equipped with the skills needed to excel in their examinations.

Passionate and

driven teachers

Our highly qualified teachers will inspire your child to strive towards distinction



Students will take part in termly assessments that will help us keep track of your child's learning progress.

What our students say

Lessons here are not a mere repetition of school lectures. Each lesson never failed to surprise me with new snippets of information and knowledge. You made Chemistry interesting, insightful and funny despite its complexities. The tutors really made studying Chemistry a joy!



Having joined Indigo IP English since Secondary 1, I would say with certainty that Indigo lessons have been nothing short of fun and a lot of thinking. The tutors are always engaging as they can explain complex ideas using creative methods that allow us to understand the nuances behind important current affairs. Indigo’s extensive GP materials also provide a lot of head knowledge about what’s going on around the world, and this assisted me to draw important links between major events for GP essays. It has effectively prepared me for A Levels by exposing me to view critical issues from various perspectives. Overall, it has been a pleasant journey learning with Indigo!


General Paper

Signing up for Indigo’s Orange lesson plan was the best decision I made! I benefited immensely from the structure and rigour of the lessons which gave me the extra push I needed to improve my GP grades from a D to an A in the A levels. Most of all, I thank Indigo for igniting my passion in general and global affairs!


General Paper

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