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  • Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) Accreditation for BSc(Nursing)
  • Authourised Training Organisation of SSG (Clinical Research)
  • Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) for Certificate in Therapy Services
  • WDA’s Approved Training Organization
  • ITEC’s Registered College

In partnership with University of Dundee

The University of Dundee is an international leader in developing healthcare graduates (nurses) and one of the top-ranking universities in the UK. Their international reputation attracts top-class students and academics from across the world, with well over 100 countries represented in the University community.

This SNB (Singapore Nursing Board) accredited degree in Singapore is 100% taught by flown-in faculty from the University of Dundee, located at the University’s Singapore partner facilities at CSM Academy.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Health (TOP UP)

Are you a Singapore registered nurse or midwife looking to progress further in your career? Well then, this part-time nursing course is for you! Providing you with a solid foundation in evidence-based practice, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Health will enable you to make a difference locally and globally.

As a registered nurse, the ability for critical reflection, critical thinking, problem-solving and implementation of evidence-based practice will enhance your nursing professional and academic skills.

Course objectives

This programme aims to facilitate the development of lifelong learning skills (such as critical reflection, critical thinking, problem solving and the use of evidence- based practice) to enhance your professional and academic skills.

The programme also aims to facilitate the development of practitioners for practice in a culturally diverse, contemporary health service and to contextualise health care within current global, socio-economic and demographic drivers and health care policy.

You will be energised to develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of topics relating to your professional practice. Successful completion of this programme will equip you with the academic skills, attitudes and values required to progress to higher levels of study as well as enhancing the quality of your professional practice, giving you the extra edge.

Course outline

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Health consists of eight modules, including:

Learning and Teaching for Practice

This module aims to enable students to explore the underpinning evidence for learning and teaching in practice and apply this to their clinical setting. The professional and regulatory frameworks inform this module for Singapore, such as the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB).

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

Students reflect upon their own experiences of quality improvement in the context of their nursing practice. And student also consider how they impact patient safety, encouraging them to think about areas of clinical practice for any improvements. Additionally, learn in greater detail about the range of currently established quality improvement methodologies.

Leadership in Practice (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)

This module aims to enable students to explore leadership theories and styles. Furthermore, the degree also develop leadership skills, through critical reflection on theory and practice. Interestingly, students will explore various leadership theories and techniques as they relate to their area of practice. They will develop an understanding of the impact of organizational structure.

Contemporary Practice in Pallitative Care

This module grows the knowledge of national, cultural & professional attitudes to death and dying. We are equipping students with skills to enable them to provide a human-centered approach to palliative & end of life care for patients. The module will explore how early identification of palliative care needs can ensure holistic person-centered care across hospital and community settings.

Understanding Research and Statistics

This module enables students to develop an understanding of evidence-based practice. Also, this module develops qualitative research approaches, quantitative research methods, and statistics to address health priorities in Singapore.

Health and Physical Assessment

This module equips students with knowledge and skills in health and physical assessment of the body systems in the deteriorating adult. It includes a holistic approach, incorporating a structured physical evaluation of the unwell client.

This module also presents acutely or with a long-term health condition, and consideration of the mental health and well-being impact of this.

Healthcare Ethics and Law

This module aims to extend students’ understanding of fundamental concepts in healthcare ethics. The concepts are including how they are applied in practice, and support students understanding of the legal implications of their professional practice.

Managing the Complexities of Older People’s Healthcare

This module enables students to develop the necessary knowledge, attitudes, and skills in promoting successful aging. The study of this module enhance the healthcare experiences of older people with complex co-existing physical, mental health, and social needs across the healthcare sector.


University of Dundee offers distant learning for us nurses in Singapore to take up this degree in nursing and health on a part-time basis so I find it very useful because I am a full-time nurse who come office hours like all the way in the west and I don’t think I can cope with weekend classes or evening classes so with this a distant learning program I find it very very suitable I can juggle work family and study at the same time so it’s brilliant.

Hello everyone I’m Farradilah, I am a nurse since 2005 and I started working in an acute hospital and then followed by GP clinic aesthetics, and assisting in daily surgery procedures, currently I’m working as an occupational nurse in a pharmaceutical company.

I think the lecturers of UOD are very helpful so they are not only there for us during contact time, during workshops but they are there for us anytime so we reach them directly through whatsapp or email, so if we have any questions related or assignment they will provide feedback for us in that way we know which area to improve so we can work better.

Being a nurse is very fruitful and rewarding career so I decided to take up degree in nursing and health because it helps me to widen my knowledge and I believe nursing is a lifelong career and I have a passion in teaching so right now I have been training new nurses who are actually embarking their journey as occupational health nurse so it’s kind of good to stay current and keep myself updated on new things especially in nursing so it helps me with my job.

In my class I’ve made new friends nurses from various hospitals, so exchanged numbers and we have a class group chat that we can reach out to each other, so sometimes I’ll just whatsapp them, like hey is the dateline again, or like hey, are you able to assess this reading materials or something like that, so its good getting to know more people from other areas and we exchange ideas and suggestions so yep its very good to be knowing a lot of people yeah.

University of Dundee offers distant learning for us nurses in Singapore to take up this degree in nursing and health on a part-time basis so I find it very useful because I am a full-time nurse who come office hours like all the way in the west and I don’t think I can cope with weekend classes or evening classes so with this a distant learning program I find it very very suitable I can juggle work family and study at the same time so it’s brilliant.

UOD is in partnership with CSM academy and the staff in CSM Academy they are very helpful so they support us in terms of administration issues and also other questions related to student support particularly school fees, it is very very affordable because we are able to pay on a monthly basis and the instalment plan is very easy on us because most of us are not sponsored by our organization so I think that is one good point about taking our degree with CSM academy yeah.


The main reason why I join University of Dundee, CSM Academy is through a friend who is my colleague at work. When I found out that she tell me about CSM Academy is actually tally with my preference of what is University of Dundee is all about. The University lies with my expectation whereby it’s also more flexible where can study part time & work at the same time. It gives me the opportunity to end my study and reach my goal before 30. That’s one of the main reason why I join University of Dundee.

Muhammed Izzudin

There were a lot of interaction. I was able to do a lot of practical and Oral lessons with my fellow course mates It was easy for the lecture, Ms loke to present and get in touch with us quiet easily as well. Most importantly, I must say that I’m very happy with the conversion from classroom base, learning to 100%, e learning based training, and turn out to be very successful. And coupled with the fact that the entire CSM staff has been very helpful and cooperative in ensuring that this elearning base training is up to the mark I must say kudos to all. Thank you.


About CSM Academy

Our Vision
To be the Premier Educator for Service Excellence

Our Mission
To Inspire Passion for Service and Contribution to Society through Excellence in Continuous Education

Our Values
Responsibility, Integrity, Passion and Excellence (RIPE)

Our Culture
An Open and Conducive Learning Environment, With Mutual Respect and Professionalism to Build A High Performance Organization

Course registration

The duration of this degree is 24 months minimum. Assessments comprise problem-based learning via essays, care studies, classroom discussions, and student presentations.

Course commences in January, May or September with a minimum of 50 registered students to commence. Students will be informed two weeks before the start of class.

Local Students

Application Fees

Application Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Course Fees Per Module

The fees required for each module.


Full Course Fees

The full fees for 8 Modules


  • Above amounts are in Singapore Dollars, and are exclusive of GST.
  • Application Fees refer to the price that the student pays the school for the sole purpose of processing the application and admission requirements.
  • Local Student refers to Singaporean Citizens, Permanent Residents, Employment Pass or Dependant Pass Holders.
  • For course fee refunds policy, please refer to the Student Handbook.

It is possible to use SkillsFuture Credit or education loans to fund your taking of this course.

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