12 places in Singapore for beginners to learn yoga

Ever considered learning yoga before?

For one, you’ll gain flexibility and become able to stretch your body in a lot of super cool poses. In the meantime, it can also help you to relax and gain a sense of serenity.

By the way, have you ever heard of hot yoga? Do you know what that means?

Now, if you imagined people looking super hot while practising yoga, I think it’s still an understandable though mistaken interpretation. In actual fact, though, hot yoga literally refers to practising yoga under a swelteringly hot environment, with the heater turned way up.

Apparently, it trains your body better and delivers greater results. Whew.

Okay, fun fact over. Here’s something to consider.

Yoga is like martial arts where you must master forms. You can’t just wing it, relying on intuition alone.

Think about it. In ball sports, for example, the goal is controlling the ball and sending it where you want it to go. Even without a proper teacher, you can sort of just look and kind of know how it is supposed to go and wing it. You know when you’ve done it right (from scoring points) and you know when you’ve done it wrong.

Yoga, which involves the continual tempering of your body, provides no clear-cut immediate feedback. You could try and imitate the movements countless times yet you might not even know you’re making proper progress.

Such is the importance of a competent yoga teacher.

And so, the list begins!

1: Hom Yoga

Hom Yoga is based on the principles of transformation and empowerment through high quality yoga teaching.

Through its deep legacy of teaching in Singapore for many years, Hom Yoga brings the highest quality in the teaching of yoga today.

Beginner-friendly classes: Vinyasa Flow, Hot Flow, Hatha, Hot Hatha, Ashtanga, Ashtanga Mysore, Power Vinyasa, Yin Yang, Yin, Yin & Meditation, Anusara, Sivananda

Location: River Valley Road

Prices: $48 for 7 day unlimited introductory trial, $38 for single class, $169 for 5 classes, $309 for 10 classes, $599 for 20+2 classes, $160 for private class

2: Yoga Inc.

Yoga Inc. is a relatively big outfit with several branches at various locations.

Beginner-friendly classes: Basics, Hot 26, Hatha, Stretch, Yin, Yin Yang

Locations: Sims Avenue, Safra Punggol, Our Tampines Hub, The Star Vista (Buona Vista), East Coast Park

Prices: $50 for 3 class intro pass (1 month), $35 for single class (3 months), $280 for 10 classes (6 months), $450 for 20 classes (6 months), $350 for 1 month unlimited, $45 for prenatal single class (3 months), $200 for prenatal 5 classes (6 months), $150 for private class (60 minutes, up to 3 pax)

3: Ziva Yoga

In 2013, a group of yoga enthusiasts came together and Ziva Yoga was born. Their goal is to provide a comfortable place and offer affordable classes as well as to create a friendly environment for people to practice yoga.

Ziva is a Sanskrit word that means “Bliss” and their belief is “Yoga is not just about Asanas. It’s about being at Bliss with oneself. Ziva is Bliss!”

Beginner-friendly classes: Yoga Basics, Yin, Yoga Reset, Yin Yang

Location: Tanjong Pagar

Prices: $30 for 2 trial classes (14 days), $135 for 5 classes (2 months), $250 for 10 classes (4 months), $345 for 15 classes (6 months), $570 for 30 classes (12 months), $300 for 1 month unlimited classes, $1200 for 6 month unlimited classes, $15 for drop in class (virtual class), $60 for 5 virtual classes, $100 for 10 virtual classes

 4: Platinum Yoga

Platinum Yoga is an authentic yoga centre offering all levels and styles of Yoga in Singapore, with hundreds of classes available 7 days a week.

Beginner-friendly classes: Hatha Vinyasa, Hatha Hip Series, Yoga Lates, Yoga Slim, Yoga Tone, Weight Loss Yoga, Yin Yoga, Neck, Back & Shoulders, Basic Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Hot Vinyasa, Hot Flow, Hot Shape, Hot Yoga, Pilates Abs

Locations: AMK Hub, Clementi Avenue 3, Jurong Point, Parkway Centre (Marine Parade), Toa Payoh (near HDB Hub), Westgate Mall, Westgate Tower

Prices: As low as $99 for Membership package (enquire on their website to find out more)

5: Yoga Mala

With an emphasis on breathing techniques and meditation, Yoga Mala practices thoughtful and reflexive yoga to promote both physical and mental well-being. They have studied and now brought together many of the world’s greatest yoga and spiritual traditions, uniting this wisdom into a comprehensive framework within today’s lifestyle contexts.

Beginner-friendly classes: Gentle Yoga, Pilates, Yoga Foundation, Yoga Stretch, Yoga Therapy

Location: Boat Quay, overlooking the Singapore River

Prices: $540 for 3 months unlimited, $150 for 5 class card, $250 for 10 class card, $440 for 20 class card, $623 for 30 class card, $950 for 50 class card, $300 for 1 month unlimited, $50 for 1 week trial, $400 for prenatal 10 class, $250 for prenatal 5 class, $805 for shared 35 class card, $1330 for shared 70 class card, $35 for single class card

6: Freedom Yoga

More than just teachers and staff. Meet the perfectly imperfect humans at the heart of Freedom.

A beautiful mix of personalities tightly bound by a shared passion for yoga, for Freedom, for life.

Beginner-friendly classes: Ebb & Flow, Tranquil, Upside Down, Arm Balance, Backbends, Hips and Hamstrings, Basics, Yoga Therapeutics

Locations: Holland Village, River Valley Road

Prices: $35 for drop in (2 weeks), $165 for 5-class package (1 month), $270 for 10-class package (3 months), $720 for 30-class package (6 months), packages shareable

7: Hale Yoga

Hale is a contemporary yoga studio offering professional guidance to those seeking balance of mind and body.

Beginner-friendly classes: Aerial Stretch, Aerial Silk Stretch, Aerial Silk Hatha, Aerial Spin Flow, Gentle Flow, Hatha, Yin Yang

Locations: Somerset, Tanjong Pagar

Prices: $35 for 1 drop-in class (1 week), $90 for 6 classes (2 months, first-timer only), $130 for 5 classes (5 weeks), $220 for 10 classes (3 months), $380 for 20 classes (6 months), $850 for 50 classes (12 months)

8: Shiva Yoga

Established in 2015, Shiva Yoga Studio aims to allow each individual to progress in his/her own practice.

Beginner-friendly classes: Hot Yoga, Hatha, Yin Yoga, Yoga Basic, Hot Stretch, Deep Stretch, Hot Yoga Basic, Gentle & Soundbath, Pilates Matwork

Location: Arab Street

Prices: $10 for first timer trial 1 class, $35 for first timer trial 4 classes (2 weeks), $35 for single drop in, $128 for 5 classes (1 month), $248 for 10 classes (3 months), $438 for 20 classes (5 months), $928 for 50 classes (12 months)

9: Tirisula Yoga

Tirisula Yoga has more than 160 classes weekly at 4 different locations.

Beginner-friendly classes: Beginners/ Yoga basics, Hatha 1, Hatha (Multi-level) Vinyasa Beginners, Stretch, Slow Flow, Yin/Yin Yang

Locations: Boat Quay, Kovan, Paya Lebar, Smith Street

Prices: $35 for drop-in (2 weeks), $75 for 3 classes (1 month), $220 for 10 classes (4 months), $420 for 20 classes (6 months), $600 for 30 classes (9 months), $925 for 50 classes (1 year), last 3 packages shareable with one person

10: On Good Ground

On Good Ground offers a range of classes focusing on mindful movement, connection with the breath and balance in the present.

Beginner-friendly classes: Yoga Basics, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yang, Yin, Gentle Flow

Location: Joo Chiat Road

Prices: $30 for drop in, $50 for 3 trial classes (10 days), $140 for 5 classes (1 month), $250 for 10 classes (3 months), $450 for 20 classes (6 months), $1000 for 50 classes (12 months), $120 for private class (1-2 pax)

11: Yoga In Common

Make time for self-care, Yoga for Everybody, Be your best self, Find your serenity and A compassionate practice are some of YIC’s slogans.

Beginner-friendly classes: Hatha Flow, Guided Ashtanga, Ashtanga Mysore, Flow By Candlelight, Yin, Stretch, Restorative, Kundalini

Location: Petain Road

Prices: $35 for drop in, $130 for private class (75 min, 1-2 pax), $130 for 5 class package (30 days), $230 for 10 class package (60 days)

12: Yoga Vihara

Yoga Vihara specialises in Hatha Yoga classes, which forms the foundation of yoga therapy.

Beginner-friendly classes: Gentle Flow and Stretch, Hatha Yoga (B), Hatha Yoga Stretch, Yoga Therapy, Hatha Therapy

Location: Yan Kit Road

Prices: $25 for trial class, $45 for drop in, $170 for 5 classes (1 month), $275 for 10 classes (3 months + 2 weeks travel extension), $350 for 10 classes (4 months + 2 weeks travel extension), $480 for 20 classes (4 months + weeks travel extension), $230/month for 3 months unlimited, $180/month for 1 year unlimited


And there you have it! 12 places in Singapore for beginners to learn yoga. Now, something worth noting is that many of these class packages have expiry dates. You’d best attend classes regularly enough during their validity period or it’d really be money down the drain!

As someone who is considering integrating yoga into your lifestyle, you may be spoilt by choice by the vast array of options out there, and rightly so. It is indeed information aplenty! Hence, it is probably necessary for you to narrow down to the type of yoga that you want and match it to the options available.

For instance, do you have a burning desire to do aerial yoga by any chance? Well then, based on the list above, Hale Yoga would probably seem like the most fitting choice for you. Or what if it’s the idea of performing inversions and backbends that intrigues you? Well then, perhaps you could consider Freedom Yoga.

Alright now, please take your time to properly consider the options, finding your best fit class. Namaste!

Brief description of yoga types

Ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a relatively intensive type of yoga that sees one flowing through a series of motions requiring much strength, flexibility and endurance. It is a more physically demanding and dynamic form of hatha yoga.

Hatha yoga

The Sanskrit word Hatha literally means force. It typically involves a sequence of pranayama (breathing techniques) and asana (yoga postures). Hatha yoga often proceeds at a slow pace with an emphasis on proper alignment.


Technically, pilates is not yoga. Indeed, the two are similar in many ways. However, the main difference is that yoga as an ancient Eastern practice is inextricably linked to mindfulness and spirituality whereas pilates is a (relatively) modern Western practice that focuses on body conditioning.

Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa yoga is about stringing a series of poses together effortlessly using breath. It is commonly referred to as ‘flow’ yoga.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slow-paced, meditative style of yoga that targets the deep connective tissues of the body. In contrast, yang yoga like Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga target the muscles.

Yin Yang Yoga

Yin Yang Yoga is simply a combination of yin and yang yoga in a single session. One performs both the fast, dynamic motions of yang yoga and the slow, relaxed motions of yin yoga.



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