What Tunes you IN to study?

Music has long been part of our history and tradition. It is essential to us.

Imagine the whole world without it. Our life may become a lot quieter but it will also be much less interesting.  Our phones won’t have any ring tone. There will be no school song or national anthem. Life will be dull.

all about music

Music not only binds our community but transcends our senses to bring about certain responses that change our mood.

When we listen to our favorite songs, we experience emotional arousal. The pupils in our eyes dilate, our pulse and blood pressure rise, the electrical conductance of our skin is lowered, and the cerebellum, a brain region associated with bodily movement, becomes strangely active.

In short, music makes us feel.  It can trigger and provoke emotions.

Even Plato has something to say about music. According to him, “Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul..”

Well, we all know about the Mozart effect. The classical instrumental music that expecting moms are advised to listen for it will help their babies become more intelligent. It is also said to improve adult’s memory.

But not all students like to listen to that kind of genre. Most of us always prefer what is on the mainstream pop charts.  Good news! You don’t have to confine yourself to just classical music in order to reap the benefits of music for studying.

You can enjoy the music and at the same time, benefit from the melodic effects of it !

Music helps us focus. Any type of music works, as long as you like it. A study published in “Scientific Reports” found that listening to music that you like could help you focus on your own thoughts. There’s really nothing better than finding a motivating song that reaches into our inner depths to give us that power push to flip that book and study.

So here are 5 songs that will keep you focused and motivated to keep studying.
  1. Geronimo by the Sheppard

  • This can be a good pre-studying music to set your mind in the mood.


  1. The Fighter by the Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder

  • Listening to this song just makes you want to study all the hard math subjects! J The song is about fighting-off the hardships in life; in connection with the trials of being in the University.
  1. Superheroes by The Script

  • This song just gives you that extra push to study hard and persevere more because you know that all your sacrifices are worth it in the end.
  1. Don’t stop believing by the Journey (Glee cover)

  • If you ever feel like giving up, just listen to this song and you will find that motivation to step up your game to read the thick books in front of you.
  1. You Gotta Be by Des’ree

  • When you hear this song in the background you will likely feel relaxed and reflective for a second. This will help you gather and refresh your thoughts.

There you go! The top 5 music that acts as the fuel for you to sit down and grind day and night, whether it is for the mid terms or the projects. Some students prefer to study in the quiet while others want to have music on the background.

But really, when you are immersed in studying, any kind of noise, music or annoyance won’t be an issue to you because when you are in that zone, everything will just fade in the background.

Do YOU have any songs that keep you motivated while you study? Feel free to share your comments below!


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