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Has your best friend, sibling, or someone close to you found their first job? That’s definitely something worth celebrating, and if you’ve been looking for a gift or item to commemorate this occasion look no further. We’ve put together some gift ideas that you can check out below; with options ranging from $0 to just under SGD$100, there’s definitely something for every budget and everyone.

These can double up as grad gifts too!

1) Aromatherapy roll-ons

Aromatherapy roll-ons are compact and multifunctional, which is why I recommend them with all my heart! Your gift recipient can use it as perfume or cologne and as a little perk-me-up on the days when even the most robust coffee doesn’t help. A friend gifted me an anti-stress blend roll-on that I instinctively reach for when feeling tired, and it’s easily one of the most used gifts I’ve received to date.

A roll-on can also be used to make mask-wearing less restrictive and dreary. If you’re worried about gifting a scent that your gift recipient would not like, you could gift them an aromatherapy workshop seat instead and let them create their own! You could also be straightforward and check with them what their preferred scent profiles are (woody, floral, citrusy, and spicy).

If you haven’t any ideas on where to start looking, Soaprise has affordable essential oil rollers and essential oil workshops you can check out here!

2) USB Flashdrives

While cloud storage is the go-to these days, don’t underestimate the humble thumb drive! It’s still good to have one on hand for file backup in case something crashes, or if you’re pressed for time and want the assurance that your file has been safely saved/synced.

It’s also a pretty symbolic gift, in my opinion. Add on extra feels by sneakily saving a graduation message on it, or buying a personalised one with the recipient’s name on it. You could also get a quirky looking one to add some colour to the receiver’s day.

3) A mug or thermos

If your gift recipient often forgets to drink water, he/she needs more incentive to do so. Make it easier for them to stay hydrated in the office with a giant mug, or a small flask to keep drinks warm.

The act of fixing up a drink can also be therapeutic, and an excellent way to find some pause during hectic work days. If they already have too many mugs, switch it up to a cute/funky teaspoon instead. Teaspoons are easy to store and inexpensive, for one, and it is a truth universally acknowedged that one can never have too many teaspoons.

4) Handwritten letters or notes

A kind or encouraging word can really go a long way, and letters are a great way to reach out to a friend/close one during this extended period of social distancing. You don’t have to write something super long if that’s too challenging. Tell the recipient that you appreciate them and are sure that they’ll do well, or a simple congratulations, or simply whatever that comes to mind.

Bonus points for surprises if you send it via snail mail. To get into the letter-writing mood, find a quiet place and put on some music. Don’t force things; the words will come!

You can find quality letter paper and letter sets from places like Daiso or Muji. I personally like stationery and often stalk Taobao for stickers to embellish my mail, which adds an extra touch.

5) Gift cards/E-Angbao

Hanger pangs are the worst; why not gift a small amount of money that the recipient can use to fund his or her office snack stash? No amount is too little, and you’ll make it easier for them to purchase that granola or artisanal tea they’ve been wanting to try but cannot bear to spend on.

Alternatively, get a gift card or gift vouchers to make things feel more ceremonious!

6)  Organizer pouches or lunch slings

These are not a need, but they’re certainly good-to-have! Organiser pouches help keep work bags tidy, and prevent them from going out of shape. They’re especially handy for individuals who have a thousand loose items in their bags, and those who have black holes for bags (aka those who can spend minutes rifling around for something).


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The organiser pouch from Mori Official is really roomy, and is able to fit everything from portable chargers to hand sanitiser! Mori Official is a social enterprise whose products are made by disadvantaged mothers in the Philippines, so your gift will be doubly meaningful. There’s a style for everyone!


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If your gift recipient is female and often has her hands full, consider getting the Emma mobile phone bag from Tocco Toscano for lunch breaks or quick meet-ups. It can be used five ways (with accessories), and has multiple compartments to store some cash, cards, a mobile phone, and other little items in. Tocco Toscano is a homegrown brand (support local!) with 30 years of manufacturing expertise, so you can be assured of great workmanship.

The Emma mobile phone bag is made of leather, with seven colours to choose from. The brand currently offers 10% off sitewide and SGD$30 off SGD$300 sitewide, and if you’re a first-time buyer you can sign up for their email list and get 15% off your first purchase through this link!

Organiser pouches and sling bags can be used outside of work too, making them a practical investment. The options above can be monogrammed for extra sparkle too.

We hope you’ve found something suitable from our list, or have gotten some inspiration from our ideas. What would you like to receive, yourself? Let us know in the comments! We can’t wait to hear from you!






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